Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 645

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The Garuda crushed Nureonna’s head with its beak and stepped on its abdomen with its feet. It was the perfect parterre position. Nureonna, who had activated Nureonna’s viciousness with the Garuda’s beak, resisted like crazy. It swung its four legs, scratching and tearing the Garuda’s leg and abdomen. Crackle-Crackle- Even with the claws that were harder than steel and sharper than a sushi knife, it was not enough to penetrate the microlattice outerskin and slipped.
The Predator was a biological weapon produced by culturing paladin tissue in Area 51. Although with incredible combating power and agility, the Garuda was a complete Baphomet. The overall combat power was as different as a matchlock gun versus vulcan cannon. Fainted Gaeda woke up from terrible friction sound on its eardrums.
“The Garuda!”
Gaera murmured blankly. Legend of the Garuda, one of eight Gods, had been proved. How could the terrifying Nureonna be crushed like that! I was amazed at the power and majestic posture of the monstrous creature standing tall while stepping on the immortal biological weapon Nureonna.
“Oh, no!”
Gaera became alert. Nureonna was a biological weapon of Great Japan to bring the glory back again. If the lost controller was found at the dump site, I could be the owner of the most powerful weapon. The astronomical amount of money and effort from the past 18 months may be all lost.
“Nureonna, don’t give up!”
Gaeda clenched the fists and shouted. The only thing a gullible human can do was just cheer. The Garuda glanced around. TuTuTu- Scouter analyzed a human. Combat force 1 MF, it was just a simple life form based on carbon, consisting of large amounts of water and protein.
[Was it a human specie gone bad?]
If a weak being meets a stronger being, he must choose either to run away and save his life or simply be eaten. You shouldn’t eat spoiled food. The Garuda lost interest and turned its head away. Squeek – Metal grinding sounded.
Nureonna, who had gained a momentary break, bit the Garuda’s neck and drooped. The Garuda did not budge. ZuZuZu-two horns flamed with discharged power. Zap- Ultra-high voltage current hit Nureonna. Ak-A miserable scream shook the night sky.
Nureonna’s eyeballs turned white and his mouth gave out white fumes. His head slumped to the ground helplessly. There was a pungent smell of burning protein. Nureonna, whose nerve and brain tissues were burned by the ultra-high voltage, was nothing more than a hearty whole crocodile.
[Almost cooked?]
The Garuda raised its toenails and scratched. It was split from the chest to the groin. Hot steam erupted and the intestines poured out. When a hawk catches a rabbit, it splits the abdomen and eats the intestines first. The Garuda’s behavior was no different. The beast world has no referee and no rules. A stronger was the supreme.
Its gigantic beak devoured the protruding intestines. The Garuda, who ate the intestines cleanly, tore apart Nureonna like a pig plucking from a butcher. Buuk-Buuk-Crack-Crack-The limbs fell apart and the bones were shattered. The blue body fluid poured out like a waterfall.
The regenerative power of the Predator was beyond imagination. Fragmented living tissue was rejoined. The head that fell off rolled over and ran away. The Garuda swallowed the wriggling flesh without mercy. There was no other elk sitting in the bean field like it.
It was very different from the appearance of a purple chicken from Ungshimje’s master bedroom, who was trembling in cuteness. The original Garuda was a pest exterminating agricultural machine. There was no master, and there were no master’s females who had to look pretty, so there was no reason to flinch.
The Predator obtained by the Office of Investigation vanished without leaving a single bone fragment. All that was left was the muddy blue bodily fluid on the ground. The ending of the Predator, who was known to be fearful, was too bland.
Kaooo-Full and satisfied, the Garuda pulled his head long and cried. It ate a Predator barbeque weighing 50t, so it was obviously very full. Poossss-a white and black airframe came out of the body. They were unnecessary moisture and elements.
The Garuda emerged without preliminary action. Suaak-A huge body flew over 1,000m to the sky like it teleported. The unusual maneuver was because the gravitational field engine and the ion engine are responsible for takeoff, descent, and acceleration. The wing was for energy charging and defense, and only serves as an assistant to the directional rapid acceleration when maneuvering.
The Garuda spread its huge wings. Shaaa- The radioactive material released into the atmosphere was violently sucked in. Still, it wasn’t enough. Kaoo- The ultra-high-level ELF hit the reactor No. 2 directly. Clank- The storage container was broken.
Coolant and moderator poured out, and exposed nuclear fuel spewed out massive amounts of iodine, cesium and strontium. Radioactive material rushed to the Garuda like a tornado. The energy tank filled up rapidly.
Tutatata- A helicopter squadron flew in from the east. It was an AH-1S attack helicopter that urgently launched from the Itazuma 34th Regiment, which received a request for support.
Japan, merely abundant with money, did not care about the astronomical cost of production from this limited amount of product. Fighters and helicopters were no different. Based on the F16, the F2 was independently developed, and the AH-1G Huey Cobra was used as a base to develop the Japanese Cobra attack helicopter AH-1S Cobra.
The biggest drawback of the Cobra attack helicopter was the optical aiming fire control system. In other words, night operations are challenging. Fuji Heavy Industries has converted the AH-1S into an all-weather attack aircraft by adding thermal imaging equipment and linking it with the Helmet Control System (HHS).
The lead helicopter approaching the Hamaoka nuclear power plant slowed its speed. The ground conditions reflected in the thermal image looked serious.
-Alpha, the nuclear power plant was burning. The reactor was emitting water vapor. Roger.
-Lower the altitude to 300 m. Landing after close inspection. Roger.
-Copy. Roger
“Oh my, what was that?”
The gigantic object rapidly magnified. It almost would have collided. The lead helicopter pilot, who was lowering the altitude, pushed the control stick and stepped on the paddle hard. Wowwoong- the helicopter made a roaring sound, changed direction, and inclined rapidly. The two helicopters that followed also turned rapidly.
“Hirosi, did you fall asleep?”
The pilot, who stabilized the aircraft, complained. The co-pilot’s duties are fire control and radar detection. It was a dizzying situation that would have crashed without a chance to avoid if it wasn’t for the cobra with good mobility.
“I…I’m sorry. The thermal image was clear and the radar was clear…”
The co-pilot stuttered.
“Chikshow, do you want to die?”
“I’m not lying. Check out for yourself.”
The co-pilot re-buttled.
“Huh, how can this be!”
The pilot rolled his eyes and looked at the radar screen. The screen was as clean as if it had been washed with water. So was the thermal imaging screen.
“Does a mirage appear at night?”
The bizarre creature visible to the naked eye was not caught by the equipment. The pilot rubbed his eyes. When you are tired, you experience the Liborik phenomenon, in which the sky and the earth are reversed, and when blood rushes to your head due to a sudden maneuver, you may see a mirage.
No matter how advanced the radar was, it was useless without reflected waves. There were 2 types of technology involved in modern stealth. ‘Radar Spike’ which deceived the radar through a shape design that reduced reflected waves, and the attachment of absorbent materials(paints, rubber, etc.) that absorbed radar radio waves.
Bio-weapon, the Garuda, was the plasma wrapped around the microwatts body, called bio-weapon powder, absorbing radio waves and replacing them with thermal energy. The outer shell absorbs the substituted thermal energy. There was no reason to be caught on thermal imaging equipment and radar. Perfect stealth, Ghost.
“First, let’s report.”
Communication came in before the pilot could call out.
-Bravo, what happened??
-Unidentified flying object. Wish for commend.
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-Hold, Roger.
First Class Yamamoto, the rear squadron pilot, turned his head. The squadron should be in the lead, but the VIP was on board so Bravo was in the lead. A fit elderly man in his 70s who occupied the co-pilot’s seat was a VIP that Yamamoto would not dare to look at. Oku Hidoshi, President of Chubu Electric Power and President of Keidanren. The hidden identity was the President of the Daejung Ikchan Society.
“What’s going on?”
“Sir, please look at your nine o’clock.”
“What was that?”
Hitoshi’s eyes grew larger. A dark object floating above the nuclear power plant came into sight.
-Un…known. It’s not an airplane…..”
Yamamoto voice slowed down. The only objects that can be stopped are helicopters and airplanes. The object was too large to be called a helicopter, and too speedy to be called an airplane. Besides, it wasn’t caught on the radar. If it had been caught on the radar, it would have already been noticed.
-Ah, Changed direction. I want instructions.
-Stupid, that’s the one. The reactor will not be damaged in an earthquake.”
Hitoshi was excited after hearing the communication.
“Should I attack?”
“Shoot him down right now. Crush it.”
-Bravo, Charlie Fire. Roger.
The two cobras increased their speed, and Yamamoto crossed and opened the distance. If you see any damage done by the VIP on board, it will be a big issue.
-Charlie, attack. Roger.
-Copy, Roger.
-Weapon Selection
The fire controller chose a 20mm castling machine gun. Bravo and Charlie sprinted side by side. Puf-Puf-dozens of rounds of machine guns knocked the body of The Garuda. Kwangkwangkwang- A firecracker feast took place in the thin air.
-Bravo, it didn’t hit.
-Change weapon, Roger.
-Copy, Roger.
Bravo and Charlie weapon controler changed weapon to rocket guns. Puwak-Puwak- Left and right pods vomited flames. Four 70mm rocket guns split the space.
Tututu- Scouter analyzed the momentum of an approaching object. Zuzuzu-A powerful hush enveloped the body. It didn’t seem like it caused damage, but it looked like it should be in pain. Bang-bang- Reddish flame embroidered the night sky.
-Continuous fire, Roger.
-Copy, Roger.
Flames erupted from the left and right pods. Dozens of rocket guns knocked The Garuda. A deafening glow and foggy smoke enveloped the target.
[A measly pest was challenging and now a metal fly, too.]
The Garuda who was disturbed(?) when eating went into pest extermination mode. Mutt also revealed its teeth when it touched it when eating. If you stay still, you know, the bales, and the flying flies continue to provoke you. The Garuda sprang from the foggy smoke and flame.
-What, retrieve, retrieve.
-Copy, Roger.
Tutututu- Two helicopters sped away rapidly. The Lycoming turbo engine powered the engine and pushed the body up. The pilot didn’t know of The Garuda. He should put the harness right away and abandon the helicopter. The AH-1S can accelerate to 250km and the Garuda can accelerate to 50,000km.
The distance was 500m. Wiing-the Garuda, who overtook Bravo at instant, swung its tail. Bang-in one strike, the helicopter was scattered and fragmented. It was like a fly struck by a fly catcher. The pilot and co-pilot were dismembered without time to scream.
-Oh no, Bravo, Bravo!
A frightened Charlie dived to the ground as if to hit the bottom. Hsing-shadows covered Charlie.
-Oh, No~
A scream rang the communicator. Kwaang- Charlie’s fate, struck by the Garuda’s feet, was no different from Bravo’s. The body burst like a firecracker. The wreckage fell to the ground.
“Huh, how could this be!”
Yamamoto’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out in surprise. What could it be that attacks helicopter like it’s catching a fly Yamamoto immediately turned around?
“Attack, I said attack. “Ignorant President yelled. Kauuu-The Garuda opened its mouth. The ELF, twisted like a thread, split space at five times the speed of sound.
“Can’t. It’s an ULF (Unknown life forms).”
President Hitoshi could not hear the answer. Puck-a not so loud noise rang. The helicopter, which was struck directly, was scattered as powder without a sound. President Yamamoto and Hitoshi evaporated without a trace.
President Hitoshi Oku sought a donor to replace his granddaughter’s heart through a grand dinner. Hitoshi, who held power and wealth in one hand and dreamed of recreating the public spirit of Daedong-A, who considered the life of others as light as a feather, was decomposed into a molecule units.
[The master told me not to leave food.]
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Wooung-Nuclear fusion reactor started. Squeeze- two horns got struck by a voltage of one hundred thousand Kw. Puwak-A thick light stream hit Reactor No. 2 directly. Puss-the reactor was decomposed in atomic units. There was not a handful of ashes left in the place where Unit 2 was.
Kauuu- The Garuda, who finished the job, disappeared into the black sky. Only Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station, which became armageddon, and soulless humans remained on the ground. Plutonium and tritium, secretly accumulated by the Japanese government, disappeared clean into the Garuda’s stomach. Nureonna, which was scheduled to enter the Dokdo, also entered the stomach of The Garuda.
It was up to the Japanese government to decide what to do after the nuclear accident, how to explain the Predator’s existence, and how seriously the Garuda’s existence would be taken.
Perhaps the Garuda was a Japanese benefactor. The damage from the earthquake in Shizuoka was not so great. The coast subsided, old buildings and constructions that were not earthquake-resistant collapsed, and roads twisted. There were only hundreds of people killed. If the tectonic stress had not been relieved, the Great Tokai Earthquake would have swept Shizuoka and Yokohama, as well as Tokyo. In addition, it prevented the meltdown disaster and solved the Predator, which lost control.
The Japanese are a people who look up to the strong, whether they are bad or good. When they find out the truth, they will bring the Garuda to Yasukuni Shrine, worship, and will pay tribute. Past and present, fact and truth are confused and human alienated from the truth and adheres to the fact.
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