Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 650

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Like a natural disaster, the effect of Black Mamba was attributed to Chairman Javer. As highly qualified nuclear scientists and engineers returned to the company, he could keep the Benny Uranium mine, which had an estimated value of 5 billion. Furthermore, he took care of the morality and loyalty of his employees. It was the same as Black Mamba sowed and Javert reaped.
“There should be a reason why Yankee made a fuss… I am also concerned about Novatopia. I don’t want to call the Master,” Bonipas murmured.
Yankee’s intentions were also suspicious, but Benny mine would be in danger if pressured armed rebels advanced to the Ituri jungle.
Armed groups in the southeastern part of the Ennedi Plateau, which expanded their scope of activities, were also concerning. It would be okay if they were the Sudanese rebels, who targeted the remnants of Frolinat or Darfur. But what if they were targeting Novatopia with milk and honey?
He believed in the cruel hammer of Ssamdi, Dino, and Tubaiburpa, but no one knew the future. Novatopia couldn’t rely on the Master’s force and charisma forever. If the group that nurtured its power in Ennedi was against Novatopia, then it had to be eradicated on its own at some sacrifice. That was Nova’s duty.
If Master came forward, it would solve with no harshness. However, he did not want to call the Master, like the soul’s owner and his child, into a bloody battlefield. Ombutti and seven hammer’s idea was not different. The point was that there was no suitable agent to go into the Ituri jungle.
Beep! Beep! The interphone rang.
“Your Excellency, Gloxmann has arrived.”
“Let him in!”
A middle-aged man with a stylish Kaiser beard entered. It’s Gloxmann, a new intelligence chief. Gloxmann frowned involuntarily. Although it had been more than a year since he started to work in the office as the head of the department, the general director’s smoking taste which smelled like a fish rotting and full of smoke, was still disgusting.
“Director, what if you change your taste?”
“What’s wrong with Gauloises?” Bonipas refuted.
“Shouldn’t you at least be up to Svard Gulbeig’s level of standards?”
Gloxmann took a flat case of cigarettes out of his coat pocket. A savory smell spread throughout the room when he opened the case lid. Ten reddish-brown cigars with an intact pattern of tobacco leaves appeared. A thick cigar coated with the pure golden thin film was a premium Cohiba Gigolo called Bolivar. Bonipas’s nose fluttered.
“Is this a bribe?”
“Yes! It is about 200 dollars. You should try it.”
Gloxmann grinned and cut off the end with a cutter.
“I appreciate the bribe; however, it is not a time to discuss my taste.”
Bonipas picked up his cigarette without any facial expression.
“Ha, such a serpent in a pool. It should be hard to get dinner.”
Gloxmann clicked his tongue inside. The DGSE staff seemed to keep suffering from a fish rot smell.
“Landed at 12:30.”
Gloxmann reported without a subject or object.
“How many?”
“Three shadow teams and 15 civilians were seen on the expedition.”
“Hmm, is it the advanced team? What’s the point of Yankee renting a runway and Hercules?”
“It would be a threat to not ask for a free ride.”
Gloxmann had a bitter smile.
“Well, it’s not lithium. We’d taken credit and information, but we still couldn’t find a clue about what they’re looking for.”
Bonipas made a rough guess, but he didn’t show his true intentions like a Serpent.
“They might be looking for an Excalibur.”
“I don’t care if they are looking for Excalibur or the Holy Grail, but our property is the point.”
“It’s going to happen soon. The triangular points connecting Lake Albert, Lake Edward, and Vnia is a red zone that Mobutu has given up. A good appetizing snakehead jumped into a puddle full of hungry catfish and piranhas. There is a good chance that Yankee and local armed forces will clash. When a collision occurs, useful information can be obtained.”
“What’s the status of Black Beans?”
“The Mai-Mai militia is estimated at 5,300, and the Rwandan FDLR is estimated at 2,000. There are more than a dozen minor armed forces of hundreds of men. The rugged mountainous and sky-clad jungles are also the best conditions for guerrillas to live in.”
“Of course, it will not be a human being if you are not jealous of El Dorado, which is full of Gold, Uranium, copper, Bauxite, and Nickel. I feel I would like to step in too.”
Bonipas showed his self-interest. Novatopia solved the food and water problem but lacked underground resources.
“We have great France and 15,000 loyal men.”
Gloxmann responded.
“I’m just kidding. Mitterrand will kick my butt if there’s a kidnapping like last time or if the Benny mine is occupied. I will be in big trouble if I get fired. My wife’s spending is too much, and I still have open tabs from Ovidul (A premium wine bar in Champs Elysees).”
Bonipas spun the rotating chair from side to side and tapped the chair’s handle with a fountain pen in his hand. This performance demonstrated a helpful opinion.
“Black Mamba, I mean, Mr. Svard Gulbeig will be summoned.”
“What did you say? Black Mamba?”
Bonipas opened his eyes.
“If you send your troops little by little, it will be hard to survive in the Ituri jungle. It will also lead to a nightmare of Indochina.”
“So, you need a superman?”
“You don’t need to bring the nightmare from 40 years ago. The Areva situation smashed our entire time. It’s hard to guarantee results if we send a squadron of courtship to the Airborne Brigade.”
“Black Mamba is a freelancer. We cannot force him.”
“He is still a French citizen.”
“Have you checked on him?”
Bonipas asked, pretending not to know.
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“According to reports, he went to college. He has recently acquired a small textile company. He seems to be spending time to the point I become jealous.”
“Ha, that’s Black Mamba. The Korean Government still doesn’t seem to know about him.”
“We had little trouble with intelligence, but it’s all fine now.”
“Huh, there is a reason why they are still in an underdeveloped country. They don’t recognize and can’t use talented people. The Black Mamba is a double-edged sword. He is quite expensive.”
Bonipas chuckled. An intelligence agent was staying at the embassy. Gloxmann could not know the Master’s route, but he did not know anything.
“However, he is worth it. Nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons are our pride. If there is something wrong with the Areva, there is a strong possibility that Greenpeace will take it over like a tick. A clumsy response will recreate the Rainbow incident (the DGSE agent blew up a nuclear-resistant Greenpeace vessel). The best way is moving Svard Gulbeig with the Yankee as an anvil.”
Gloxmann insisted firmly. Bonipas fully understood. There were tweezers, but no one could mobilize a dull drill. Ironically, France, one of the best countries of nuclear power, had no uranium mines on its territory. When the second Areva crisis broke out, the leftist party gained strength and public opinion on nuclear energy deteriorated. Gloxmann’s concern was not a quirk.
“Hey, Boss, no matter how much you catch a cockroach, it keeps crawling out. I wiped them out in my house and then the next cockroaches moved in. For whom should I wipe out the rebels?”
Gloxmann’s neck shrunk up at a subtle rebuke. When Serpent was calling someone by their title, his feeling was offended.
“Should we send an agent, Sector?”
“No. If Black Mamba is the Richelieu’s cannon (the largest battleship in French built-in 1940. It has a 14-inches main gun with a load of 47,500 tons), Lup Deng is a firecracker.”
“If you play it well, the firecracker is also a good gun. We inserted a slipper in the Yankee’s exploration team. If we wake our slippers up in proper time and support them from the outside, we will get some unexpected results.”
“Great. The manager won’t play anymore. First, tie the exploration team’s feet to Djibouti and put Lup Deng in.”
“Yes, sir. Aircraft will not allow having minor maintenance problems.”
Gloxmann grinned.
“Hurry up. Black Mamba summons is on hold.”
Bonipas did not allow Black Mamba’s summons even though he was the only answer. Master was no longer the evil of the battlefield but the king of a country. And Novatopia was a hundred times more precious than Areva.
“Yes, Sir.”
Bonipas lit the cigarette with Cohiba Gigolo in his mouth after Gloxmann left.
“Damn it. Master took all the good things. I need to ask after him. It would not be bad to get some fresh air for a while. Miss Edel is still waiting tho…”
Bonipas sneaked out his intention by self-justification.
The next day, the counter-terrorism sector under the DGSE operations department dispatched 20 agents called Lup Deng to Benny. It was a supporting team. There were signs that blood storms had been revealed in the Ruwenzori area in eastern Zaire. Also, there were signs of aspiration for luck in the Sahel.
The Galaxy loaded 70 tons of cargo and 48 passengers in its stomach, then flew 11,000 Kilometers in 13 hours. Kyuuung! Unexpectedly, the point where the heavy body was lowered was the runway of Djibouti 13th Foreign Brigade.
The mid-term arrival in Djibouti was due to the committee’s hard work. Buchan Airfield had a short runway and a terrible road surface for the Galaxy to land. Uganda’s Kampala Airport and Nairobi Airport were eye-catching with Lubanka (KGB). The strategic transport route was enough to issue for the Soviet Union to get on its nerves. The Commission, which did not want to provoke the Soviet Union, chose Djibouti as a desperate measure.
Hae Young stopped breathing urgently. As she left the aircraft, extreme and dry heat burned her lungs. How could she believe this was winter weather! She checked a thermometer that was attached as a bonus to the altimeter on the wrist. It’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 32 degrees Celsius. It was well known that Djibouti was one of the hottest places on Earth, but knowing and the first-hand experience were pretty different.
Skrr! The nose cone reclined, and the armored car and the humbug roared out.
“It’s like the head of a ten-necked fish with a sheath!” Hae Young murmured.
The raised nose cone resembled the head of a ten-necked fish with a sheath. The Christmas holiday in Morning Garigol was achingly squeezing her heart. The monsoons broke a bone of ice in the valley and caught ten herds with their bare hands. The young fish was pulled out, gills were immediately picked, and blood was drained. It tasted better when blood was lost. She said she’d forget, but the memory burned. Paradise! Heaven had become a paradise that cannot be found again.
“Lady, where is Professor Samuel?”
Hae Young glanced back at a man in a black uniform. She didn’t know if he was in charge of shadow Major. She was annoyed by his dry and rude way of speaking. No, she was upset because her memories were disturbed. Without giving an answer, she pointed to a palm tree at the corner of the building with her hand.
Major Hammer’s eyes followed the end of her fingertips. Then he saw a middle-aged man squatting under the shade of a palm tree.
He was wearing a wide-brimmed bunny, and his hands were holding a coffee cup that was steaming. Hammer was unhappy for no reason. He had such a weak body, but he cared about his posture.
“Professor, the departure has been postponed.”
Samuel raised his eyes and looked up at Major Hammer. His eyes showed the reason for this incident. Major Hammer felt so offended and raised his helmet. The eerie pale blue eyes appeared. The two glared at each other for no reason. It’s a fight between males.
“We faced some trouble in Hercules,” Major Hammer spat out.
“What’s wrong with that?”
Samuel forced himself. The nine-foot-thick salt deposits produced in the Precambrian period strongly stimulated pure scholarly curiosity, regardless of their hidden purpose. If an additional landslide occurred, the exposed rock formations would be covered. Though having no desire to imagine it, it was a terrible disaster that he kept throwing a monkey wrench into the plans even though it needed to be in a hurry.
“Hercules is not a taxi that can fill a puncture and run. It’s more than the lift key. The risk is expected when thrust rises,” explained Hammer.
Hammer’s voice was quite gentle. If someone didn’t want to lose his reputation due to the crash, he must not talk nonsense.
“Phew. That’s what Frog does!”
Samuel sighed. What’s the use of opiates if die in a hurry? It was 2,200 kilometers from Djibouti to Buchav Airfield. Africa was not the United States of America. The French Hercules was the only taxi. The trouble occurred anywhere, anytime.
“Lean, the departure has been postponed. Let your team know.”
Samuel turned his eyes away and drank hot coffee while saying it. Older people were better than young people because they knew how to persevere. The steaming exploration team flocked to the foreign unit’s restaurant. The truth that eating was left behind, was different for Asians or Westerners.
“Mademoiselle or Corean?”
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Hae Young, distracted by the indigo sea of the Straits of Babel-Mandeb, was surprised.
“How do you know?”
Hae Young turned around. A major in a sand-colored military uniform, unique to the foreign unit, was staring with his murky gray eyes. He was a soldier reminiscent of a wolf in the wilderness because his wrinkled face was like an old tree, and his left ear, where half of it disappeared, matched with gloomy eyes.
“I’m sorry to surprise you. It’s Major Jean-Paul. Are you Korean?”
The mercenary was polite, contrary to his stark impression.
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