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Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 653

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“What’s the content level?”
“The reaction to sodium phosphate (Na2HPO4) is encouraging. The average is 2.8% and the average for the sample of Ungpanwaza is 8%.”
Professor Mac answered without taking his eyes off the vacuum evaporator.
“8%! That’s where it is.”
Samuel’s eyes grew bigger and his voice grew louder.
“Lithiophilite (Li(FeII, MnII)[PO4], the rock with the highest lithium content) is nothing in terms of extraction efficiency. Why would we be digging into a layer of Uyuni salt that has a content of only 0.5%, while abandoning the zinnwaldite (zinnwaldite, K(Li,Fe,Al)3[(Al,Si)4O10](F,OH)2 lithium-containing glassy mica, called glacial-phosphorus mica) with 3% content levels?”
“I’m not even jealous of China’s rare lands with this jackpot. Even if you quit Pandora and dig up lithium, this business will still be profitable.”
“We don’t know yet. It’ll probably be used for high-performance batteries or medical use at the moment. Exon will make money by adding it to high-quality lubricants. Anyway, you should hurry up. The data distribution map needs to come out quickly to report to the committee. Please just fill in the analysis staff quickly. But is there even a possibility that Pandora’s case will come out?”
Mac lowered his voice. Lithium was important, but there was another truly important thing.
“Not yet… It’s possible if you look at the abnormal lithium content. Even if we apply the existing theory that the first creatures appeared 550 million years ago and early humans appeared 3 million years ago, the pace of human evolution does not make sense. If dinosaurs went extinct 60 million years ago and mammals gained power, there’s no way humans would not end up that way”
Samuel’s eyes flashed. Carr was alive and well in Freemason’s history. Australopithecus was nothing but the leftover of an ancient civilization.
“Well, it’s possible that mammalian humans have emerged after the extinction of reptilian humans. Does the assistant know the hidden purpose?”
“How can we know when McKinley has blocked communication between the security team and the researchers? I didn’t mean to hide it until the end, but I think they did assume lithium. They’re pouting because it’s a commercial expedition. We are short-staffed, not just for the analysis team but in general as a whole. I need to request to recruit more staff at the conference.”
“We’re short of analytical equipment and reagents as well.”
“I see. The progress has been slowed down while worrying so much about security.”
“Isn’t the assistant temporary anyway?”
“You’re too aggressive. If they aren’t aware of Pandora’s box, there’s no reason to use Gamma to dispose of high-end personnel.”
“Hmm, you’re in charge. I’m sure you got it.”
Professor Mac smirked. The physiological differences could be detected between different ethnic groups, whether explicitly or implicitly. The difference was the innate difference between evolutionary inheritance. People of color, whether black or yellow, had no choice but to fall behind. Professor Samuel’s words were only a crocodile’s tears.
Three days later, 10 researchers and 20 assistant researchers were supplemented. Additional equipment was also supplied. Samuel could feel the committee’s profound power. Considering traveling time, it meant that they selected and deployed personnel within 12 hours after receiving a request for support.
The sample throughput, which was only 100kg per day, increased to 300kg. The air conditioner in the Corset research building also worked very well. Researchers who had been overworked and were tired of the heat cheered up. Shallow focus earthquakes shook the ground, and they suffered from predators, poison, and mosquito flies daily, but the exploration team carried out their tasks without stopping.
15th day of exploration, 3 a.m.,
Explosive sounds shook the campgrounds. Sirens wailed like crazy, and all lights on the outskirts of the camp were switched on. BANG! BANG! Loud sounds of gunfire echoed. A black shadow ran out of the Corset barracks that were located on the outskirts of the camp. Armored cars and Humvees roared into action.
“Ntaganda took the bait. Potty, how many people are here?”
McKinley, dressed in a full-dress uniform, remained calm. Sound detectors that were scattered three kilometers outside the camp informed the movement of the rebels in real-time. Signs of the attack were identified an hour ago.
“It’s more than I expected. 150 people at the Charlie branch and 250 people at the Delta branch. They must have been itching to do so.”
The deputy Major Potty was also irreproachably armed.
“Hahaha. It’d be weird if you aren’t itching when you’re getting blindsided and getting your jar of honey taken away. Is Shadow on the move?
“Yes, he should have arrived at the perimeter fence by now.”
Bang! Bang! As if the deputy’s answer was the beginning, there was a loud explosive sound from a 40mm high-speed grenade and a heavy shooting noise from a heavy machine gun. McKinley listened.
“The ADS is working properly. Do we even need to use Shadow?”
McKinley looked like a teenage boy enjoying a game. Even if Shadow and the security company weren’t on the scene, there was zero possibility that a sloppy guerrilla would penetrate the ADS defense system. The Mai-Mai believed in darkness, but they were mistaken. Computers linked to infrared detectors automatically recognized targets. It wasn’t even necessary to fire a flare.
The camp defense line was equipped with electric barbed wire, two layers of circular barbed wire, a booby trap, mines, and ADS. At best, guerrillas armed with RPGs, grenades, and rifles were not even in the right place to deal with Shadow and Marine Corps guards armed with anti-tank guns, high-speed grenades, heavy machine guns, mortars, and infantry fighting armored vehicles (LAV25).
“A guard at Charlie Guard Post has been shot. You have to get revenge.”
“He would be proud of himself for sacrificing himself for a cause. What happened to the re-supply of air compressors?”
McKinley didn’t budge. If one got Mambasa with the life of one Marine, it’s a profitable business. The ADS system was great, but the real thing was Agrippina Shield. A Hercules, which was carrying an air compressor, crashed, so the electromagnetic glass fibers, which were the core of the Agrippina shield, were sealed and decaying.
“It will take ten days. If we spray it ourselves in a dustproof suit…”
“No way!”
McKinley cut off the deputy. Cantarella applied to electromagnetic glass fibers was not just some simple poison.
“Reduce the supply period by whatever means necessary.”
“Yes, sir.”
“I’ll be watching the situation in the command room. You should reassure frightened researchers and private engineers.”
“Yes, sir!”
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The deputy rushed out. Less than 10 minutes after Potty left, the booming sounds of gunfire died down. There was not even a chance for McKinley to observe or anything. The intermittent sounds of gunshots were cut off. The camp returned to its peace as if it was a lie.
Shadow, who joined with the Marines, wiped out the guerrillas that were at a standstill between the booby-trap and ADS cross-fire, with dot artillery and machine gun fire nets. The losses suffered by the sector were only a few bullet holes on a barrack and a food container box hit by an RPG stray bullet that was smashed. The only casualties were two workers at the guard posts.
At Kinshasha Presidential Palace, the Capital of Zaire, Mobutu, who was welcoming the U.S. ambassador Kandinsky, was restless. Less than an hour after receiving a report about a group of militants raiding a U.S. mineral exploration camp, a creditor rushed in. Mobutu, who had experienced the Areva incident, was terrified. He had to hand out two large feeds to appease the angry French government officials. The United States was much more of a fierce predator than France.
“Your Excellency, there are approximately ten casualties of researchers, two security guards fallen, and about twenty wounded. High-ticketed research equipment was destroyed and valuable research materials were lost. The president is very concerned about this.”
Kandinsky lied nonchalantly. Fatal human damage was only two deaths, one food container, and 100m of barbed wire loss, but Mobutu could not come forward to confirm himself and there was no way to confirm. The method of exaggerating the damage and pressing the opponent was a typical skill of a U.S. diplomat.
“I apologize, Ambassador Kandinsky.”
Mobutu just rubbed his forehead with a troubled face. He handed over the right to develop underground resources and geological surveys of 200 square kilometers northeast of Mambasa, Ituri Province, and received 20,000 tons of Texas wheat and 30,000 tons of Oregon corn. Both sides were in excellent deals with justification and benefits.
The United States disposed of overproduced grain, whereas Zaire lent useless land beyond administrative power and obtained food for the relief of the poor. It was a common transaction between developed and underdeveloped countries, but the problem was that an unofficial transaction of $1 billion to a secret Swiss account was done. He felt like he had ants in his pants. He couldn’t play innocent when he had swallowed one billion dollars.
“As you know, the political situation between Rwanda and Uganda is also unstable. There are more than a dozen armed groups along the border from Lake Tanganyika to Lake Albert. How would Zaire be able to promise the safety of the expedition team in this situation?”
Highly spirited Kandinsky pushed Mobutu.
“I will immediately send a battalion of the Revolutionary People’s Army to Mambasa.”
To appease the angry beast, he had to feed, but he resisted to save face.
“You mean the Zaire army? Kinshasha and Mombasa are 2,200 kilometers straight. It’s not going to be easy to control.”
Kandinsky’s remark was sardonic.
“Don’t worry, Ambassador. There’s a loyal Revolutionary People’s Army regiment in North Kiv. If we take a battalion out and deploy it, it’s no problem.”
Mobutu was choked up, but he couldn’t express anger. A newly emerging nation in Africa, which was unstable in political affairs, had a vague border between governmental forces and rebels. There was also an absurd situation in which the troops dispatched as the suppression forces join the rebels. It was due to deep-rooted tribalism.
The target of loyalty was not the president but the leader of the tribe, and the target to be protected was not the citizens but the people of the tribe. It was often the case that the gun was turned around after sending troops.
“Your Excellency, Moise Tshombe is being reorganized with the support of Angola and Uganda. If we take the troops out of North Kiv, the trouble will be Moise Tshombe.”
Kandinsky did not budge. Mobutu’s pride was hurt, but he had no choice but to show the white flag. He had been trying to boost his military strength in his own way for the past decade, but things haven’t improved a bit. The bottom line was revealed trying to save face against Kandinsky, who knew everything about Zaire’s situation.
“What would you like me to do?”
Kandinsky pushed right away.
“The United States protects its citizens by its own military. We need a Marine regiment to defend our camp against vicious rebels and greedy guerrillas. Please, approve the presence of the Strike Regiment and the establishment of a no-fly zone.”
Mobutu uttered a deep moan. He established a one-party dictatorship of the People’s Revolutionary Party, but he did not know when a traitor would pop out. He himself pushed the prime minister of Lumumba and the president of Cassa through a coup d’état and acquired power. A government that lacked authenticity should always be mindful of being betrayed.
There’s no way another person couldn’t do what he did. A jerk named Ntaganta had already betrayed, and Moise Chombe was also looking for a chance. The problem was Cassa. Allowing the U.S. military presence would increase the possibility of political maneuvering by Ilpa, former President Cassa, who was behind the Mai-Mai rebels.
“Your Excellency, you don’t have to worry about Cassa. There’s been a lot of information about poor health these days.”
Kandinsky scratched Mobutu’s back at the right time. Cassa was anti-American. The CIA had launched a removal plan. There was no way that an old fox, Mobutu, didn’t know what Kandinsky was implying. His expression brightened.
“All right. I’ll approve the station of troops and the establishment of no-fly zones. However, the garrison will be limited to a battalion, and the no-fly zone will be limited to the triangle connecting Brina-Buni-Mambasa.”
“In that case, please extend the geological survey and resource development rights to 50 years.”
Kandinsky pushed for the real objective he had hidden.
Mobutu didn’t know the value of the treasure in his hand. He readily agreed. 20 years or 50 years, no difference!
“Of course, sir,”
Kandinsky’s face brightened to have achieved the purpose of the visit. The U.S. had well-filled the price of lost food containers and two Marines who had fallen in action. The business relationship between the countries was steeper than individuals or social groups. If you had the power, you could steal the candy right out of your opponent’s mouth.
On the 45th day of the expedition, 580 additional troops from one U.S. Marine Corps Rapid Task Force were deployed to the camp. Half of them were assigned to the research support team and half were placed to defend the camp. There’s this, so there’s that, and if it’s gone, that’s gone, correlation to everything. The introduction of the rapid maneuvering force was a trigger to change Hae Young’s fate.
Hae Young, as usual, dragged her tired body and returned back. The tight schedule of working hard during the day and studying hard at night; no, working hard day and night, continued on. Dark circles stretched long and her white face was covered with freckles and red spots.
“Lynn, your skin on your face is a hot mess. You’re fed up, aren’t you?
Samuel looked at Hae Yung with pitying eyes. The mission of the organization was important and the national interest was important, but he did not feel comfortable pushing his beautiful, innocent, and smart disciples into danger.
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“If you want to save your skin, you have to stop being a mole. I am tired of it, though.”
Hae Young made her reply sound sulky.
“Hahaha, get your hands off the work. Put that pouting mouth back. Starting tomorrow, you and Keri are going back to the main business.”
“Really? I guess St. Gabriel must have come down to you, professor.”
Hae Young rejoiced. It was as good news as when the air conditioner was installed.
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