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Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 658

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Since the beginning of history, there has never been a place where the proverb “Every cloud has a silver lining” has been applied as well as Novatopia. The hopes thrown by Dubaiburupa were embodied by a group of talented people with strong beliefs and clear goals. The refugees who caught straw in a dead-end alley worked a miracle.
The Blue Art Project, embodied by five wise men, was not simply a business of planting trees and creating grassland. Instead, it was the construction of a “natural infrastructure” that integrated facility infrastructure, education infrastructure, tourism infrastructure, and defense infrastructure based on environmental and nature conservation.
Natural infrastructure is a term that corresponds to gray infrastructure, represented by concrete. There is a so-called free rider in the background of the conflicts in development. There is also a free rider in the background that says environmental projects and nature conservation are recognized as charitable projects. If there is someone who spends money and someone who enjoys it separately, there is no choice but to have a conflict. In reverse, if investors and beneficiaries coincide, development is bound to be faster. This was the reason that the five wise men focused on building natural infrastructure.
The best development and investment is a structure in which clean water, clean air, and the establishment of a resting space form a virtuous cycle with industrial production, including clean agricultural products and clean energy production. For instance, an asphalt-covered road is just a travel passageway, but a canal becomes a tourist attraction, a fish farm in itself, and can provide moisture to the city. Although natural infrastructure is challenging to build initially, over time, it generates unparalleled returns compared to gray infrastructure.
Ironically, the reason that the Blue Art Project was able to build a natural infrastructure was because it started from nothing. Novatopia was a white paper with no power to hold back and no complex interests that could cause conflict.
Mussang and Nova members succeeded in The Blue Art Project based on the power of money poured by European powers reluctant to the influx of refugees and the skilled and resourceful workforce supported by Bonifas.
The beginning of Blue Art was water. A water pipe connected to 30 super-sized wells covered the entire country like a spider’s web. Five hundred million liters of water per day were supplied to key cities, energy belts, agricultural belts, and tourist districts. Five hundred large and small lakes were built, and canals, connected with main roads, linked one lake to another. The land of sand and rock was turned into the land of canals and lakes. Novatopia was called Almia Alvarado (Country of Water).
Essential conditions for plant growth are sunlight, water, air, and nutrition (inorganic and organic substance). Soil is not only a prerequisite to mechanically supporting the roots of plants and transferring nutrition. When enough water and fertilizer were supplied, Novatopia was transformed into a green land in a short period.
A 100 to 300-meter wide windbreak forest surrounded the 750-kilometer border, and the 25,580 square kilometer desert covered with yellow sand and dark red rocks had been turned into greenery. The area of artificial reforestation alone reached 12,000 square kilometers, which was half of the country.
The remaining desert areas were Lake Yoa, Serir Lakes, and the Ennedi Plateau, which were developed as tourist areas. Professor Orifice and Professor Mulsori assured that their own climate, like the rainforest, would form within ten years. It was the sound of rain pouring into the desert.
Bonifas and President Marzuri supported the afforestation industry actively. Clonal afforestation, in which seedling experts select elite seeds and plant clones uniformly, was crucial. Capital Mera of Indonesian origin, planted in Wakil Company using the low-fat stewed method, grew to a height of 10 meters in a year, and Poplars of Burmese origin grew faster than that.
The afforestation business has evolved beyond simply creating forests into an industry that obtains commercial products, including timber. In just three years, Novatopia had reached the stage of obtaining wood for plywood, processing wood pellets, securing diesel oil, and harvesting pharmaceutical ingredients and tropical fruits. Almia Alvarado had transformed into Almia Blue Art (Blue Country).
The energy industry has also progressed based on natural infrastructure. Thermal power plants use turbines powered by steam generated by boiling fresh water. Even if coal, fuel, and gas were abundant, electricity could not be generated without water. Large amounts of water were also required to remove antioxidants in exhaust gases and prevent fuel oxidation. The 800MWp super-large thermal power plant, which was gifted by the French government, was consuming 30 million liters of water per day.
Professor Shenion launched an eco-friendly microgrid (a small independent power grid) project. A 1MWp class Jatropha curcas diesel power plant, a 0.5MWp wood chip power plant, and a 0.1~0.3MW class solar power plant were built one after another throughout Novatopia. Although the Jipoon Dari thermal power plant supplied sufficient electricity, its purpose was to prevent environmental pollution and efficiently distribute electricity.
The total length of the road crossing Novatopia was over 2,000 kilometers. Except for the 320-kilometer longitudinal road, all roads were paved with a composite material that mixed white clay and sand, cotton shavings, and wood fragments instead of asphalt. As a result, composite roads were absorbing noise and significantly reducing fine dust scattering.
Despair and pain make humans strong. “Let’s live like human beings,” “Let’s live well” was the aspiration of the Novatopians. As the basic infrastructure, energy, housing, and food were solved, various industries arose like fire.
Manufacturing plants were not an exception to the natural infrastructure policy, either. Strict standards were applied to the emission of soot, noise, vibration, and wastewater. Business owners created swamps to collect factory wastewater, and management was obliged to put fish grown in the swamps on the table. No one wanted to eat heavy metal-contaminated dishes.
Novatopia, where the Blue Art Project was closed, was not about just changing the sea but a bigger change. The road was full of vehicles and cargo ships transporting materials that filled the canal. Tourists flocked to the streets, and the streets were full of people of all races. It took less than five years for Chad’s useless desert to turn into a pearl of the Sahara.
Jipoon Dari, the capital of Novatopia, belongs to the Lake Yoa County Tourist District. Professor Muulsori and Professor Orifice built Jipoon Dari as a natural ecological city. The 200-square-kilometer city covered with lakes, canals, and forests northwest of the city was preserved with a barren rocky desert (Reg) and a tan sandy desert (Erg) in the southeast. The desert was a tourist attraction and a base for the Kurdish Peshmer (Fighters to Death) brigade garrisoning the capital.
The Blue Palace was built on the hill east of Lake Yoa, on the dark red sandstone hill that stood in front of the crowd by walking across Mussang Lake. This was Dubaiburupa Palace, which was built with the motif of Hellbrunn Palace, Austria by Shenion and Mulsori.
Edel chose harmony and freedom over authority and domination. The Dubaiburupa Palace, built on a million square meters of land, had no fences or gates. The building consisted of the outer guard building, the main building on the fifth floor, and the annex on the third floor.
The one-million-square-meter land, decorated with 20 large and small lakes and 15 gardens, was not a symbol of authority but a resting place for the citizens. The people of Novatopia could treat the Royal Palace like a park. Edel only separated the main building and the annex from the grass square by a 20-meter wide Ixorachinensis tunnel.
Citizens could go through the Ixorachinensis Tunnel, called The Passage of Love, to enter Dubai Palace, called Yoa House, with a simple inspection of their belongings. Although the five wise men and hammers, including Ombuti, ran away, Edel was defeated with the word of Lord Dubaiburupa.
There were five-meter-high standing stones and obsidian steles on the left and right of the entrance to Dubaiburupa Palace. It was the place where the Full Moon Festival took place.
The standing stone was a Rahula Stone (nuisance stone) that was cut and used as a platform when Mussang made the ‘open conversation on Lake Yoa.’ The following words were written on the Rahula Stone.
[Dubaiburupa, dressed in divine brilliance, stepped on the waves of Lake Yoa and revealed himself in front of the citizens. Unfortunately, he cut the Rahula Stone with a single gesture and had to pay a fine of 1,000 francs.]
It was a symbol of Dubaiburupa’s great dance and protection of nature.
On the right obsidian stele, long inscriptions were deeply engraved.
[God has come to become a human being, so it is Dubaiburupa. Dubaiburupa said: The owners of Novatopia are the citizens. Novatopia is a country without discrimination and privilege, and Novatopians are dignified. One has the right to be treated as a human being, the right to pursue happiness, and the right to live freely.
Our citizens, the people of Dubaiburupa, and owners of Novatopia promise the following. Citizens who do not keep their promises are not owners of Novatopia and do not assert the rights of the people.
First, all citizens are to defend their country.
Second, all citizens must work.
Third, all citizens must pay taxes.
Fourth, all citizens must be educated.
Fifth, all citizens must conserve the environment.
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Novatopians, dream when you are awake. The flowers bloomed with sweat will bear fruit, and your sons and daughters will reap the fruit. We’re too busy to love, but do we have time to hate? Love yourself, your family, your neighbors, and your country.
These are the words of the one and only being, the one who exists but does not exist, Dubaiburupa.]
Before the sun could even raise its head, a large crowd had gathered at Dubaiburupa Palace. It was to receive Dubaiburupa’s blessing on Novatopia’s founding day and the Full Moon Festival.
“Dad, will Lord Dubaiburupa give us a blessing this year?” A mature lady asked a middle-aged man.
“Well, Lady Edel may do the blessing instead. Since he did not appear after delivering Yoah’s Sermon ….”
The man curled his horsetail.
“I love Lady Edel so much. I met Lady Edel in the water garden last weekend.”
“Hey, what did you talk about?”
“I asked him to make the school toilets separate for men and women.”
“Oh no! You may make a petition to the Department of Administrative Facilities, but you said indecent words to an honorable man.”
The man had a serious look on his face.
“Dad thinks like that in vain. How sweet Lady Edel was. Construction must have started yesterday.”
“Well, Edel is an angel indeed. Amelia, but still, you shouldn’t say things like this yourself. Lady Edel is a busy person.”
“All right. I love Lady Edel more than Lord Dubaiburupa.”
“Hahaha, it is because you can’t see Lord Dubaiburupa. He is a God. However, he is also full of human charm. Lord Dubaiburupa is the Sun, and Lady Edel is the one who shines with the light of the sun. Our family also lives comfortably with His grace. Look at him.” The man laughed outright and pointed to the old man with his head bowed in front of the stele.
“Lord Dubaiburupa, Our Father! I want to see you.”
A white-haired old man stroked the stele and began to tear. ‘That old man is happy?’ The words of God, who crossed the lake with brilliance, were vivid as if they were yesterday. Before I die, I want to feel that emotion once more. The old man was Wazai Abdul, who was blessed when Mussang had an open conversation with the crowd.
Abdul took his ten family members across the western Sahara and the Ennedy Plateau for over a month to escape the Darfur massacre. Recognized as a refugee, he was able to settle in Novatopia. Last year, he reached the retirement age of 65 and entered a state-run nursing home.
He, whose body was healthy, grew cranberries (North American Fruits) on a nursing home farm and provided them to the military. The nursing home was state-funded. However, most of the elderly continued to work like themselves. He wanted to pay a little of the grace he had received from Lord Dubaiburupa.
“Grandfather, go on quickly. You have to sit in the front seat so you can see Lady Edel.”
“Did you come? Let’s go quickly.”
Abdul took his granddaughter’s hand and entered the Royal Palace. The crowd of men and women gathered endlessly. Citizens were no different from Abdul. At the entrance to the Royal Palace, they bowed or passed by stroking the steles.
Most of the men wore work clothes, but the women’s clothes were free-spirited. A woman in hot pants and a sleeveless T-shirt, a woman in a bodysuit and a blue jacket known as national clothes, a woman in jeans, a woman in a miniskirt… There was not a single woman wearing a niqab or chador.
“Look at that. If it weren’t for Lady Edel, I’d be covering my face with a niqab and sweating continuously,” Amelie complained.
“Hahaha, that’s right. I couldn’t even imagine seeing my daughter wrapped in black cloth. Let’s go in quickly.”
The middle-aged man entered the square holding his daughter’s hand. In Syria, it was unthinkable.
About 200,000 people gathered in the grass square of the main building around the time the red mine sphere was slightly reflected on the horizon. The guards put up a white flag on the terrace on the third floor of the palace. The eyes of the crowd turned to the third floor of the terrace at once. Radiant beauty appeared on the terrace.
“Lady Edel!”
“Angel of Novatopia!”
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Shouts broke out. Golden blonde hair, hot pants, a T-shirt, and a bright red Ixorachinensis in his hair—these were Edel’s symbols. The rising sun shone brightly. Edel was not a human being but an angel who descended.
To the left and right of Edel, the reception guards called the Queen’s Guard, Ssamdi and Dino stood up. Three or four steps behind, a wrinkled Arabian followed. An Ombuti prefers to be called Aklan Crew (Servant) rather than by the title of Visgowa (Governor).
Edel raised his hand. Shouts died down, and the crowd held their breath.
It was Ixorachinensis.
The scent of flowers had aphrodisiac properties, and the berries were highly toxic.
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