Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 660

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“Nooo!” Samdi, who turned pale, wailed. The black hail was not an eagle. It was a bomb.
Dino instinctively sensed danger and pulled Edel into his arms. Ombuti, who realized something unusual, hid themselves using Dino as a cover.
Pat! Pat! Pat!
Hundreds of meters above, Rüppells’ dead bodies were shattered, and the impact fuze of the bombs attached to their necks was activated.
Bang! Bang!
A roar reverberated through the sky and flashes of light covered the ground. The power of one bomb was equivalent to 200,000 joules, which was the level of an RPG7 high explosive, but the number was a problem. All of a sudden, covered by hundreds of bombs, the Dubai Palace was in chaos.
Buildings and construction were smashed while large trees were uprooted.
A firestorm swept through the earth and the atmosphere sizzled. Civilians who failed to escape beforehand and the National Army, who fired anti-aircraft shots, were struck by lightning.
The square, which received the blessing of Dubaiburupa and rejoiced in Blue Day, had turned into a chlorinated hell. A desperate scream erupted from various places, and torn limbs and intestines were scattered. The roof of the main building and the terrace canopy, which used ten layers of 10-millimeter titanium plates as shingles, survived the explosion, but the roofs of the annex and the guard building were punctured and the walls had collapsed, not to mention fountains and statuary-like structures. Ombuti and Ssamdi were captivated by the disaster, which was unbearable to see.
“Cover, cover!”
“Cover up and shoot!”
Commanders let out yells. The Royal Palace Garrison and the National Army, who tasted the bitter experience firmly, ran in search of cover.
“Defend our land!”
“Protect Lady Edel!”
The National Army burned the fighting spirit despite the outpouring of bombs. The people of Novatopia, regardless of soldiers and civilians, were influenced by Mu Ssang’s forage ritual. Rather than retreating to save their lives, there was a thought that, even if killed and fatally wounded while fighting with a comrade, one had to kill the enemy and then die.
Unable to find a cover, the soldiers ran frantically to avoid the falling eagles and fired anti-aircraft shots. There was a battle that did not back down even an inch between eagles and humans.
Jamal, wearing a heavy Barrett, frantically jumped up the steeple stairs. Jamal, who kicked and ran through the rooftop iron gate, placed the Barrett on the railing and put his eyes on the scope. An elongated bomb attached to the Rüppell’s neck was caught in the aim line.
A large 12.7-millimeter bullet soared at the speed of sound.
A flashy fireworks show took place 500 meters above.
Boom! Boom!
In a single stroke, Jamal’s ability, called the master of Barrett, was fully demonstrated. The sniper platoon, noticing the situation, assisted. A series of blasts exploded in the air, and the Rüppell, caught in the explosion, was torn to shreds.
“Nice shot!”
A shout broke out.
A deafening scream rang out.
The Rüppell increased its altitude. The Rüppell had risen so high that it could not be seen by the naked eye. It dropped the bomb it was holding, and a clump of something dark and black fell to the ground like hail.
“Cover up!” Ombuti picked up the walkie-talkie and shouted frantically.
Boom! Boom!
The ground had overturned. Bombs that dropped at a high altitude had a low hit rate, but there were too many. The National Army that was fighting back exploded in a heap.
The Rüppell trine flew from the east. Finally, the confrontation between 30,000 humans on the ground and 2,000 Rüppells in the air became increasingly tense.
“Damn it!”
Ombuti grinned his teeth and blamed him for his arrogance. He couldn’t have imagined that he’d get this type of extraordinary surprise. He assured that he had nurtured a military force capable of crushing the challenges of any force, but there was no way to deal with it. Even if it was shot down, it was a problem and a nasty situation that could not be left alone.
Ombuti clenched his teeth. Rüppells were gliding from a height outside the effective range of the rifle. Even at the risk of grenade fragments, the damage could be reduced by inducing an aerial explosion.
“Hey Samdi, anti-aircraft guns.”
Samdi turned on the walkie-talkie even before Ombuti was done talking.
“Hard Pea, the use of large-caliber anti-aircraft guns is permitted. Attack immediately.”
“Got it, sir.”
“Ah, what should we do? What should we do?”
Edel hit her chest.
“Dino, the anti-aircraft fire begins. Lady is in danger.”
“No. While the people are dying, I can’t escape.”
Edel was stubborn. She wanted to call Dubai immediately, but Dubai’s words “Novatopia is in the hand of Novatopians” stopped her.
Samdi let out a groan and grabbed the microphone. The loss of life was too great. It wasn’t the time to be stubborn.
“The anti-aircraft fire begins in camp. The National Army and Reserve Army retreat immediately. It’s an order. The National Army and Reserve Army retreat immediately.”
The National Army, which had been covering buildings and structures and firing anti-aircraft shots, ebbed away. Then, as the resistance on the ground weakened, Rüppells lowered their altitude, glided freely, and dropped the bomb.
Dozens of bombs soared from the outskirts. The anti-aircraft fire began in the Peshmer 1 Brigade’s camp.
The high-explosive delayed fuze bomb engulfed the Royal Palace in flames. 88-millimeter large-caliber shells flew in nonstop and set off fireworks in the air.
A high-sounding howl echoed through the noise. Hundreds of clumps of dark black fell like hail from a distant height. It was the bombs dropped by a trine flock of Rüppells that joined later.
Hundreds of Rüppells, which dropped heavy bombs, raised the altitude in unison.
A firestorm swept the ground.
“It is Dubaiburupa!”
Shouts erupted everywhere. Trees were pulled out of their roots and part of the roof of the main building, which had come under heavy fire, was blown away. The two security buildings that were hit by heavy blows were completely destroyed. The beautiful Dubaiburupa Palace had been turned into a fiery hell.
Ombuti opened his mouth widely. When the ground attack was weak, Rüppells were lowering the altitude, then dropped the bomb they were holding, and they increased the altitude when the ground attack was intense. How could an eagle be so clever! Fortunately, the roof of the main building was covered with 100-millimeter titanium. Ssamdi glared at the red Rüppell, which was hovering at a high altitude. It was ten times larger than an adult male and an attacking commander.
Rumble! The terrace canopy shook violently.
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The canopy collapsed, unable to withstand the constant explosion. Dozens of tons of metal and concrete poured down.
Ombuti’s face turned black.
Samdi swung the Squeaker like a storm. A 40-kilogram, 2.4-meter long weapon encircled a 5-meter radius thoroughly.
Bang! Bang!
Building debris and bombs were blown away by wind pressure. Dino hugged Edel to his chest and brought her indoors.
“Jamal, where are you?”
“The eastern spire, sir.”
“Did you see a strongly-built, red one?”
“Yes, sir. I can see it through the scope.”
“Shoot it down!”
“Yes, sir”
Immediately, a heavy firing sound rang out.
“Huh, have you seen such a newborn like that bastard!”
Samdi sighed. The redhead stood upright and fired a bullet.
Bang! Bang!
Jamal fired consecutive shots. The redhead moved back and forth, dodging bullets, and ascended to a high altitude.
Samdi groaned. A Rüppell with such a huge built, amazing reflexes—such a monster could not exist in nature. If it was Ouma that Kamuge created with magic, Jamal’s demon-like shooting skills would become useless.
“It’s going to rot. Should I call brother Kamdoong? No. I have pride.”
When Samdi grunted, a black dot appeared in the northern sky.
The black dot rapidly enlarged. The SA-342 Gazelle with an absurd booster on the back of the main body was the Rainbow Brigade Helibon Battalion under Ahmmad’s command.
“They came!”
Samdi’s and Ombuti’s faces turned distorted. The Rainbow Helibon Battalion had a 3-3-3 structure. Three units were a squadron, three squadrons were a company, and three companies were a battalion. Since the total number of holdings was 30 units, maintenance was to be carried out. So 27 units could be moved at once if fully operated.
Two companies and 18 units attacked the Rüppells.
20-millimeter machine guns and heavy machine guns opened fire.
Bang! Bang!
The Rüppells equipped with bombs exploded in heaps and fell in a flurry.
The redhead Rüppell screamed.
Hundreds of Rüppells rushed toward the helicopter. They were like Rüppell Kamikaze.
Rip! Rip!
Those who rushed in ignorantly were torn to pieces by the wind pressure of the blade. The pheasant catcher was hanging. The light attack aircraft Gazelle had a short turning radius and was able to fly high-level flights such as rollback and hooking. It was qualified to deal with Rüppells.
Shriek! Shriek!
The leader of the Rüppells let out a long cry.
The surviving flock of Rüppells was driven to the east.
The Helibon Battalion followed and opened fire. The escaping Rüppells and the chasing Gazelle disappeared into the eastern sky.
The unexpected eagle air strike had ended. The battle lasted less than ten minutes, but the loss was severe. The main building was partially destroyed, while the annex building and guard building, and the Royal Palace Garrison camp were fully destroyed. Fire erupted everywhere, and the cries of the wounded echoed through the sky.
“Damn it, fucking things!”
Samdi, who was fully pissed off, kicked the railing. Even if he had the power to turn the world upside down, he had no way of dealing with the guy who beat and disappeared in the far air. It could be said that this was the influence of asymmetric power.
Ombuti lost his soul. The burning royal palace, the piled up corpses of humans and eagles, the howling wounded, the soldiers rolling on the ground to put out the fires on their bodies, and the place where they promised blessings and a new start had turned into Armageddon.
“Protect those who wear the human bridle and fight those who wear the beast bridle.”
Ombuti ground his teeth.
The Ennedi Plateau in the western Sahara was a trapezoid with a length of 380 kilometers east-west and 450 kilometers north-south. Sandstone layers from 400 to 500 million years ago were placed on a granite base that had formed 1 billion years ago. The sandstone layer was eroded by water and wind over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, creating an alien planet-like landscape.
The Ennedi Plateau would be pleasing to the eye of tourists, but it was too sterile for humans to settle down. Only 5,000 residents lived on the 90,000-square-kilometer land, similar to South Korea. In deep valleys where rivers had flowed in ancient times, only thin streams remained, and the flat land where the dinosaurs used to play was washed away with only red bedrock.
It was said that when the mountains are deep, tigers live, and when the water is deep, dragons live. However, all was not as it seemed. Who would know all the secrets that the huge earth holds? The Ennedi Plateau also had clear water, and wooded areas were not only one or two. Located in the northwestern, central part of the Ennedi Plateau, the Bachilkile Valley was also an unknown part of the area.
Bachilkile Valley entrance stood on the sheer sandstone cliffs on both sides and was blocked by a large waterhole. When one entered 20 kilometers from the entrance, the width of the valley suddenly widened to 2,000 meters. The basin hidden in the gourd-shaped bottle-formed valley was the home of the Odam Allied Forces.
The Odam Allied Forces was a coalition of Houngan Kamuge, Abu Nidal Org’s third-in-command, Major General Aloadin Bansiri, and FROLINAT Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Kikali. Although each villain had distinct personalities, the common denominator of being attacked by the Black Mamba became the centripetal force.
Kamuge and Bansiri had a shared history of losing all their bases at the hands of the Black Mamba, barely saving their lives. The two men, whose resentment was in the depth of their hearts, held hands easily. Kikali was a person who dreamed of becoming the leader of the Sahel by taking advantage of the collapse of FROLINAT.
After he called forces rapidly in Kel Air, because of Ombuti, they had bad luck. Amenokal’s new weapon, Tasenzoter, was the final blow. After the Elderly Council of Kel Air recognized the Ombuti as the owner of the Tasenzoter, he was suddenly dismissed.
He, who was the tribal chief of Kel Air Tawshet, having extensive history, could not bow down to the camel peddler. So Kikali left to lead the tribe that followed him. While marching east, he had a head-to-head battle with Bansiri’s forces at Ennedi and sank to his knees.
In a stone house made of red sandstone, a middle-aged man covered with a crocodile skull was chanting a spell with a long staff in his right hand. It was Kamuge, who escaped with the incomplete Gori and Leela. Two middle-aged men with strong impressions looked at Kamuge with a nervous expression.
“…Papai Legba Paeumo Papa Letonuen Lewa Nyorita Abri Wadau Ubale Kadingo Wanga Wamba Legba Ansaru Tuwap!”
Kamuge had completed a long spell. A transparent stream of air flowed from the skull that adorned the head of the mardu (magic wand) in his hand. Airflow diameter formed a 500-millimeter oval.
A vivid monitor having an oval screen was opened.
Descending, dropping bombs, and ascending Rüppell, falling from helicopter gunfire Rüppell, burning ground, and the battle scene at the Dubaiburupa Palace was appearing on the monitor.
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Kamuge was sweating like he was struggling with his strength. It was simple to demonstrate clairvoyance, but it was a service for Bansiri and Kikali. No, two people, who were experts in military operations, must see the site to establish an after-the-fact operation.
“Huh, that’s amazing. It’s amazing.”
Bansiri was constantly admiring. 2,500 Rüppells, half of the trained Rüppells, were used in this operation. Bombing and suicide attacks using Rüppells were a godsend.
The tactic of applying Kamuge’s tamer ability to Rüppells and using it as a torpedo bomber was Kikali’s idea. Aiming for the Full Moon Festival, he planned to destroy the Royal Palace and wipe out the Novatopia Army that lost its next head by inserting Rüppells and ground forces.
Respectively, Barrett object sniper gun, the entrance to the Bachilkile Valley, and the Ennedi Plateau landscape
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