Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 661

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“Isn’t it time yet? Damballah Wedo didn’t give me an answer.”
Kamuge lamented. Over the past 5 years, with the support of Gaddafi and Assad, it had steadily increased its power by attracting Ennedi indigenous people, FROLINAT rebels, Sudan refugees, and Eritrea refugees, but it had reached its limit.
The reason why Odam Allied Forces could not increase their forces despite external support was due to insufficient water and food. The desert was a desert because there was no water. If there was water, people and food would come on their own. The main reason the Odam Allied Forces were aiming for Almia Alvarado, heaven flowing with milk and honey, was because of the abundance of water.
The problem was the speed of development of Almia Alvarado. In the meantime, things changed so much quicker than the eyes were spinning. A national system was established and a powerful army was nurtured. It became the status of looking at the roof of a dog chasing chickens.
So the operation that came out was an aerial attack using the Rüppells that lived in large numbers in Ennedi. Why do they covet the achievements that others achieved by shedding blood and sweat? Because they’re human. The history of man, recognized by people like Bansiri, was the history of barbaric looting.
The prosperity of the Western European powers, including Britain and France, was the result of plundering the world, including India and Africa. American prosperity was made above the tears of Native Americans. Japan’s wealth was the result of plundering South-East Asia, including Korea.
Blaming the villain’s immorality and savagery will give the answer, “So what?”. After the fall of the Roman Empire, 700 years was the world of Islam. Europe was an uncivilized region that was keen on witch hunts. History changed and the world progressed even today. While one could get a jar of honey with a little effort, a man releasing his hands was stupid.
“Huh, look at them! The guy who injured his arms is holding a machine gun with his foot and the guy who lost the gun is running with the burnt box. There’s also a guy who covers a child with his body. They’re definitely Tuareg warriors.”
Kikali looked at the shaking screen and admired it.
“The resistance of the Dubaiburupa believers is unexpectedly strong. There is not a single one running away. How can they be like that? Are they under collective hypnosis?”
Bansiri shook his head.
“That Dubaiburupa is definitely Dajjal(Dajjal, Antichrist-like beings in Islamic Eschatology). He must have killed Yorunba.”
Kikali spat out jealous words. Kikali and Bansiri spent half of their lives as soldiers. Although chaos was expected, the Novatopia Army responded in unison. Civilians even carried ammunition and evacuated wounded soldiers. They were afraid and envious.
“Kikali, Dubaiburupa is not Dajjal. Yorunba is not a simple elixir to make. Are you just going to admire it? Rüppells look awesome.”
Kamuge raised his voice. Rüppells did not perform as well as expected and seemed annihilated. Rüppell Ouma would die either if it was repeatedly hit by cannons. If Ouma died, 5,000 Rüppells which it was collecting with effort would become useless.
“Fucking gazelle!”
Kikali grinded his teeth.
“You’re wrong. It looks like you’ll lose only the Rüppell that is precious to you because it endures.”
“Let’s withdraw for now.”
“Let’s do.”
When Kikali and Bansiri agreed, Kamuge pulled out the child’s hands from his arms. To send long-distance telepathy to the tamer Rüppell Ouma, an amplifier, a mennang, was needed.
“…Wadau Ubale Kadingo Wanga Ouma!”
Kwak, kwak! Ouma screamed. A flock of Rüppells, rushing towards the helicopter like garden tiger months, turned in unison. The helicopter chased the fleeing Rüppells. Shoot them! Rüppells soared. Pat! The screen disappeared.
“Hah, it’s hard!”
Kamuge wiped the sweat off his forehead.
“Wait a minute. If Rüppells come back here…”
“Don’t worry. The maximum ascent altitude of the gazelle is 4,500 m, and even with the auxiliary fuel tank, the combat range is only 400 km. It is impossible to catch up with Rüppells. If you don’t want to crash because of running out of fuel, I’ll turn around.”
Bansiri stopped Kikali’s words and asked him back.
“Kikali, didn’t you say they had five helicopters? It is said that the number mobilized urgently is eighteen. Considering the reserve aircraft, the helicopters they have are at least battalion-level. How did you collect the information?”
Bansiri’s voice was slightly elevated. Bansiri and Kikali were of the same Islam but of different denominations. That meant that each one was takfir(apostate, heretic death target). Islam loathes takfir more than kapir (unbelievers).
Conflicts between denominations often led to the sectarian holocaust, and it could be said that the takfir culture was the ground for nurturing terrorist groups. They held hands out of necessity, but the relationship between the Sunni fundamentalist Bansiri and Shi’ites Kikali was not good. Here, even a heterogeneous Voodoo intervened and creaked from time to time. A fertile prey called Novatopia and a common enemy called the Black Mamba were holding the three together.
“Almia Alvarado is the worst for slipper action. You should have requested Assad for a manpaz.”
Kikali made a rebuke.
“Even if you don’t, your Excellency promised 30 new styles of an eagle (ex-Soviet portable missile) and 50 sarin bottles. ”
Bansiri gave an answer with a confident attitude.
Kikali kept his mouth shut. About the loss of aid from Gaddafi, he had nothing to say with even ten mouths. After Reagan publicly accused him of being a mad dog in the Middle East, Gaddafi had taken a step back. It was because of an assassination threat.
“Well, it’s going to be difficult over time…”
Kamuge snorted.
“Let’s put the Gori and Leela in and stir it up.”
“If you can’t handle the helicopter, it’s useless. Gori and Leela can’t stand if gazelle hits it with cannons or hits with HOT anti-tank missiles. Above all else, there is a tremendous presence in their camp.”
Kamuge shook his head.
“Is that stronger than Gori and Leela?”
“Perhaps! It must be Dubaiburupa.”
“You mean we have to wait until we get eagles?”
“We don’t have another choice. Their power far outstrips us. Three full-scale special warfare brigades, four brigade-level special warfare regiments, 300,000 National Guard, and 50,000 reserve forces; their weapons are faithful and troops are ten times larger than ours. Besides, they’re crazy about heretic Dubaiburupa.”
Kikali shuddered. When the refugees gathered, they were a mere chance crowd. The results they tried to touch were unexpected. Soldiers and civilians alike fought frantically as if they were possessed by Dajjal. That was why it was wrong to induce confusion by targeting soft targets (civilians). There was also a high risk of being tracked down for slippers that were put in. People who came together in a religion, not a religion called Dubaiburupa, were worse than Israel, the troublemaker in the Middle East.
“The power is superior over there, but we hold asymmetric power that they don’t know. It’s worth a try.”
The two nodded at Kamuge’s words. If the side with the predominance of troops and weapons won unconditionally, Israel had already become soy flour.
“When can we get eagle and sarin?”
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“On the next full moon, the An12 (Soviet Union transport aircraft) will be airdropped.”
“Let’s make them frightened one time properly.”
“Houngan, how many percent Deflector (Deflector, Ouma enhancing Death Stalker) group have progressed?”
“The conversion is over. Only the upper ripening remained.”
“Heh-heh, it’s a deflector that emits sarin! It must be worth seeing.”
Bansiri sniggered. A chemical bomb attack was best on flat land like Novatopia. Humans, who were spouting blood bubbles and falling down, were portrayed in front of their eyes. The day had come to show the true value of Abu Bansiri, the master of using chemical and biological weapons.
“I swear by the Day of the Resurrection, I swear by the soul called Rebuke… God will gather the bones of men.”
“On that day, the tongues, hands, and feet of men will testify for what they have done. And on that day, God will reward them due.”
When Bansiri recited the “Book of Warriors”, Kikali took the lead. In Bachilkile Valley, 420 km from Zipundari, the conspiracy of the losers was ripe.
The atmosphere of the National Emergency Council was gloomy. Novatopia Cabinet and General sat at the meeting table without expecting even a single person. On the left of the table, Seven Sages of Dubaiburupa, Minister of Education Bakri Jadir, Minister of National Territory Hawk Orifice, Minister of Industry Bopal Shernion, Minister of Health and Welfare Loren Giz, Minister of Agriculture Vallé Afwerki, General Minister Michelle Mulsoli, Minister of Information Mohammed Jadir sat down.
On the other side, Dubaiburupa’s cruel hammer the Head of the Royal Army Ssamdi Burupa, Minister of National Defense Abdul Ibrahim, 1st Brigade (Pesumer) Commander Ahmmad Marwan, 2nd Brigade (Rainbow) Commander Sun WooHyun, 3rd Brigade (Saladin) Commander Aishe Burupa, 4th Brigade (Intipada) Commander Jamal Amud, and Military Police Commander Nejema Burupa sat down.
They kept their mouths shut and looked at the man who was sitting across the table as if having a snowball fight. A silence heavier than Dino’s ass pressed down on each of them.
“First Company Leader, where is the lady?”
“She is under the treat now.”
“Phew, it is necessary to stop her so that she won’t listen, either. Bodyguards?”
“Dino is near her.”
Ombuti nodded. Further terrorism was concerned, but it was relieved if Dino was near her. The attack that Dino couldn’t stop was useless even with a thousand bodyguards.
“Minister of Information, report the damage.”
From the Ombuti’s mouth cam a shrill voice full of anger and irritation.
“Governors are fully aware of our responsibility. It is Brother Paul working in Djibouti…”
“Mohammed, are apologies and excuses first? Or are reporting and case processing first?”
Samdi growled.
“I apologize, Sir. The casualties were 120 non-combatants dead and 780 wounded, 380 combatants including the National Guard dead, 1,300 wounded, 25 royals killed and 75 wounded, as the total of 525 dead and 2,155 wounded.”
“Damn it!”
Screams and swear words erupted.
“The main building of the Palace did not see any other damage. The terrace has been propagated and part the Eastern Palace has been partially destroyed. The roof is a mess, but it didn’t break through. The annex has been partially destroyed, three guard towns and the substation has propagated, but thanks to the dual system, the power supply is no problem. Identified Rüppells dead body number is 1,500. Taking into account crushed carcasses, they killed about 2,000. Estimating according to Rüppells dead bodies number of dropped bombs is 4,000. Gunpowder and terpene were filled inside a crude metal container, and 700 iron beads were filled. The performance is equivalent to the RPG7 high explosive fragmentation projectile. Given the number of bombs and the power of the explosion, it can be said to they have given relatively minor damage. We will omit damage to other facilities and constructions.”
“Phew, minor damage… Minister of Health and Welfare, report the status of the wounded.”
Ombuti sighed and looked back at Prof. Giz. Soldiers exist with death as collateral, but what are civilians guilty of?!
“Non-combatants have many minor injuries and combatants have many serious injuries. The number of life-threatening injured people is about 275 people and seriously injured people is 500 people. The number of death might rise maximum up to 300 people.”
Silence descended.
“First Company Leader, is this possible?”
“It’s possible. The Fangge you received from Dubaiburupa is the tooth of Ouma that I beat in the Ituri jungle. Rüppells moved under the command of a witchcraft creature called Ouma. Yankee bastards make Chimera by cultivating tissues that have manipulated DNA, but Shaman strengthens existing creatures with magic and drugs and creates super-creatures by possessing spirits. Super-creatures that are possessed by spirits are telepathically linked to Shaman. Shaman controls the same kind of creatures through Ouma.”
“As the Head of the Royal Army said, Ouma is a huge red Rüppell. The main building fired five shots, but it avoided all of them.”
“Ha, it can’t be!”
The civil servants sighed. Jamal said that it was not he couldn’t catch it, but he avoided it. It was hard to believe even though Dubaiburupa existed, and mysterious beings called Ssamdi and Dino were in front of them. There was no rule that there were no psychic creatures, but it couldn’t be thought there was one who avoided the sniping of Barrett’s master Jamal!
“First Company Leader, how are the tracking results?”
“I apologize, Sir. We shot down some of them, but we missed them. We could not keep up with the rising altitude.”
“It’s a mechanical limit, there is nothing to be sorry about. Guess the mastermind behind this?”
Ombuti looked back at Mohammed.
“The only place where thousands of Rüppells live is Ennedi Plateau. For the past two years, we have detected and dispatched secret agents to the armed forces, but we didn’t get any significant results. Bachilkile Valley, located in the middle east of the plateau, is suspicious. Agents were deployed several times, but each time the news broke, Bachilkile Valley has been a place of frequent disappearances in the past, enough to be called Deathhole.”
“If it’s Bachilkile Valley, I know it well. It is a huge sandstone valley in the direction of Darfur in Sudan. The entrance is narrow in the form of a Calabash, but there’s a wide basin inside the valley. Water and food must be insufficient.”
Ombuti shook his head. Bachilkile Valley was a natural fortress, but even with external help, it was not an environment conducive to growing a large force.
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Pat! Sun Woo-Hyun lowered the table.
“You don’t go this far with a good fist. Let’s break it down and discuss it.”
“Company Leader 3 is right.”
“Let’s deploy tanks and helicopters right now.”
Ahmad and Jamal, who were impatient, agreed.
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