Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 662

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“Did you forget the reason for the existence of the Seven Hammers? Did you create the Mobile Army to plant trees? The Lord said to repay kindness tenfold and take revenge a hundredfold. If you get hit on the left cheek, you’re told to grind the ssadagu on both sides. We need to smash the mastermind immediately.”
Ibrahim hurried as if he had run out of the meeting room.
“Kissas (Arabic isomorphic revenge) for the mean enemy!”
Nejema yelled out.
The Hammers of Dubaiburupa, except Samdi, responded. Violent anger ignited the fighting spirit that had been dormant. Samdi raised his hand.
“Did you forget why we were beaten? Gaddafi and Dahab(Chairman of the Sudan Transitional Military Commission), suffered from an unexpected dark force while only looking out for Habre(President of Chad). Revenge is natural, but the problem is the lack of information. We were obviously exposed and the dark forces were hiding. We need to get information about the guy who sent Rüppells to get into action. When I entered the Ituri Jungle to rescue Wakil and the hostage…”
Samdi briefly talked about the power of the Great Shaman Houngan and the dangers of Ouma.
“If the mastermind who sent Rüppells is Houngan Kamuge, as I’ve guessed, universal military tactics would not work. You shouldn’t underestimate Kamuge just because you’ve been sloppy with Wakil. He has the ability to wield all kinds of magical creatures. Sarcosuchus Ouma, who fought in the Ituri Jungle, was tough even on me. Rüppell is nothing. What do you think will happen if they release tens of thousands of wasps that are ten times stronger? What will you do if tens of thousands of death stalkers fly like locusts?”
Sun Woo-Hyun and others became honey-eaten dumb.
“That is a reasonable statement. You can’t fight without information. We will immediately dispatch an agent to gather information.”
“Minister of Information, did you hear me through your asshole? Houngan communicates with spirits. Gil Jim-Seung, insects as well as flying beasts can be the eyes and ears of a shaman. Are you going to drive your subordinates into a dangerous place again? Don’t you know if it is crap or soybean paste when you ate?”
“I apologies, Sir.”
Mohammed, who had been mercilessly dismissed, went inside. Dozens of agents had already been sacrificed. There was a lot to say, but it was nothing as an excuse. It was his own fault for failing to build SIGINT by clinging to traditional HUMINT activities.
“If Bachilkile Valley is home to Kamuge, the only ones who will fight and survive are Dino and me. As you know, Dino has to protect the Lady. I’ll see how much he dares so that he could touch Nova, the land of Wakil.”
Samdi pushed the chair and stood up.
“Who’s going to stop First Company Leader.”
Everyone nodded at the Ombuti’s words. Who can touch Dongjang Chulgol Ssamdi, except the Lord!
“I’ll go, too.”
Sun Woo-Hyun stood up suddenly.
“Damn, you couldn’t beat Ahmad, you know. If you don’t want to turn into Ouma shit, run hard with the Mobile Army.”
Sun Woo-Hyun, whose face was rotten, sat quietly. Even though he wanted to be temperamental, just thinking about the balle (shovel) flying at the speed of sound made his stomach ache.
“Okay, fix the accident and get ready to go by the time I get back. I’ll go and turn.”
Samdi walked out of the conference room in a whoosh.
“Oh no!”
Everyone opened their mouths. Although they knew his personality was in a hurry, they didn’t know he would leave during the meeting.
“Governor, don’t you have to report it?”
Bakri, who was listening in silence, opened his mouth. The target left, but no one didn’t know who the target was.
“What do you mean? Seven Hammers and 7 brigades of the Mobile Army and 300,000 National Guards are hot bars, aren’t they? It’s disloyal if you trouble your Lord with these things.”
Sun Woo-Hyun was upset.
“That’s true. Our power is at a level that scares Gaddafi. Even if a cat is bitten by mice, a cat is a cat and a mouse is a mouse. Moreover, the Lord found Empress Dowager, who was lost a while ago. We can’t disturb with the peace of the Lord with what we can handle.”
Jamal helped.
“Nonsense! The Lord does not rule, but he reigns. While thousands of our people have been killed and injured, do you say let’s do an ex post facto report? Why are you like this while knowing how much the Lord values life?”
Bakri, who was usually speechless, muttered.
“I agree with the Minister of Education. We have to report whether the Lord intervene or not.”
Ibrahim heard Bakri’s favoritism.
“We need to report it. But how long will we rely on Wakil? I don’t want to disturb Wakil’s peace.”
Nejema insisted on a preliminary report. The conference room became noisy. The older ones insisted on taking action after reporting, and the younger ones insisted on reporting after taking precautions. The eyes of the council members all landed on the mouth of Ombuti. The decision must be made by the Governor, the substitute of Wakil.
“Well! We need to report it but…”
Ombuti couldn’t make an easy decision as well. Whether the report would come first or the case would be closed and then reported, only the order was different, but they were the remarks from the loyalty. He felt sorry for disturbing the peace of the Lord, who was spending happy days after finding his mother, whom he had separated from when he was young.
Tak! The door of the conference room was opened. Edel, dressed in a surgical gown, entered. Dark circles could be seen under the eyes and the surgical gown was so blood-soaked that it was impossible to distinguish whether it was green or black. She wasn’t Edel who was always full of energy. The fur of Dino, who was behind, was soaked in blood as well.
“Ah, Lady!”
The vassals who were sitting at the table woke up in unison.
“Lady, please, sit down.”
“There’s no gap to sit down.”
Ombuti recommended a seat, but Edel shook hands.
“Mister, did you ask Bonipas for medical help?”
“Yes, I also requested medicines and medical personnel for Chairman Michel Margerie.”
“Well done. Dr. Giz, hands are insufficient.”
The tone was cold unlike usual. It was full of meaning not to be crushed and to help the hand that was lacking.
“Yes, lady, all right.”
Dr. Giz stood up and went out in a rush.
“Did you report it to Dubai?”
Edel looked straight at Ombuti.
“We’re discussing whether to report it or not. Because it’s something we can handle on our own…”
Ombuti stuttered.
“Mister, thousands of Dubai’s people have been killed and injured at the hands of a vicious terrorist. Even now, someone’s father, mother, husband, wife, son, or daughter is dying. I can’t forgive even the conspirator Reagan. Dubai-nim is the owner of Novatopia and the owner of us. Report it immediately. Whether he comes or not, Dubai-nim will decide.”
Nova Chevaliers opened their mouths together. Eyes briskly burning, lips that are bitten until they bleed, trembling cheeks, was the face of an angry angel. It was so different from the usual kind and friendly appearance.
“Aiko! We’ll report it. Please don’t get angry.”
Ombuti, who was surprised, was speechless.
“What are you going to do if bigger disasters happen? Are you going to cling to Dubai too late?”
Everyone was silent and looked at Edel’s eyes.
“Mister, those who claim to ex post facto report while talking about the pride of a man should be chased away to the Windbreak Forest Management Office. ”
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Edel threw a sharp word and went out.
“It’s scary!”
Everyone sighed. Edel was not just a pretty, lovely woman. Rulers reigned while leaders shared. Rulers raged for themselves, while leaders raged for others. The Chevaliers realized what Ombuti meant by saying Edel was a true leader.
In the general’s office, Mohammed straightened his neck and sat like a heron that had starved for three days.
“Mohammed, there is no way a dense human like you can get a punch in his head. Tell me what you were trying to say earlier.”
“Actually, I got a call from Brother Paul, who works in Djibouti, two months ago. He said that a U.S. geological expedition trying to enter the Ituri Jungle was halfway to Djibouti, and there was a Korean lady named Hae Young in the company.”
“Hae Young?”
It was a memorable name. Ombuti traced his memory. It was definitely a name he had heard of.
“According to Brother Paul, she’s the master’s woman…”
“Hah! That’s right.”
Ombuti ran suddenly. Wakil’s first woman; sadly, she’s the lady whom one couldn’t forget.
“She was still in love with the Lord. Brother Paul was worried about unnecessary trouble.”
“This is something that should be worried about.”
Ombuti nodded. When the woman who had left came back, there was nothing but a noisier situation.
“After a lot of worries about…”
Mohammed blurred his words.
“Tsk-tsk. You took out the agents from Jipoon Dari and Ennedi Axis and sent them to East Africa. Did you intend to bury it without a trace?”
“Yes, Brother Bonipas agreed as well.”
“Uh-huh, with people! Do you still not know the Lord? The Lord is weak emotionally, but he’s a wise man. If you leave it alone, the Lord will take care of it, but Gabiten and you have made work in advance. Why don’t you know that over-loyalty is actually poison?”
“I apologize, Sir. It’s all my responsibility.”
“It’s your fault to send Hitman away, but it’s not your fault for the Rüppell attack. Rüppell travels on the jet stream for long distances. How do humans detect those flying 9,000 meters high? And you’re a Nova Chevalier, who serves the master of souls. You threw a scrap of paper into like this and now saying you don’t know me?”
Ombuti tore the resignation letter.
“I apologize, Sir. I have no face to see my brothers…”
“If you have no face to see, it is okay to not face them. Is Deputy Chief Gosler useful?”
“He is a competent man, Sir. I am an older generation who operates HUMINT on a satellite information station. New wine must be put in new bottles.”
“I didn’t mean that. You can’t be a Nova Chevalier just because you’re competent. First, leave the job to Gosler, and you meet Paul Gabiten and figure out what kind of woman she is. If she is a woman who suits the Lord, let’s leave it to fate.”
“Thank you for giving me an opportunity, Sir. We’ll depart immediately.”
“Figure out the food situation in East Africa on the way. Professor Orifice has developed a great new variety of Cassava (a tuberous plant of Yucatan origin, an important food in Africa).”
“Oh! He was making something that is resistant to ticks and bacteria, so he succeeded.”
“20 tons were produced in the three-hectare test area. The yield is twice the amount of rice per unit area. Now the food worries are over.”
“So that went well. I’ll look at the yield market.”
Mohammed’s face, which had been shriveled up, brightened.
“Mohammed, keep in mind that the Lord is Novatopia himself. This is your chance to regain the aspect you lost.”
“Aklan Kuru, thank you.”
Mohammed’s voice trembled. Market research was nominal. He headed down the Governor General’s consideration and affection.
“Depart immediately.”
Ombuti smiled brightly. Aklan Kuru was not a position that anyone could do. When Ssamdi took a desert bike to Ennedi, Mohammed headed for Jipun Dari airfield alone.
Mu Ssang with a red handset listened to the report in silence. The time delay occurred because the transfer converted the voice into an encryption file and transmitted it, and the receiver converted the encryption file back to voice and listened in encrypted communication. The voice of Ombuti, which had been modulated twice around half the globe, buzzed like a low-level loudspeaker, resounding in an empty auditorium.
“Did you say casualties are 2,155?”
“Yes, the number of death continues to rise.”
“Life takes precedence over punishment. Chevaliers visit the casualties’ houses in person to comfort them, disburse the emergency prepayment and pay the consolation immediately.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“If Rüppells were aiming at the palace at the correct time, there were slippers. Declare an emergency martial law and catch misery. Did you say Samdi left for the Ennedi Plateau?”
“Yes Sir, he said it was likely that the mastermind was a shaman named Kamuge.”
“Hmm, if it is a level of taming thousands of Rüppells, he’s the Great Shaman. When Kamuge escaped, he picked up an immature shell called Rousseloufe and bounced around. It would be nice to play a game, but Ssamdi might be beaten.”
“Is First Company Leader in danger? What are Rousseloufe and immature shells?”
“It takes three or four days to explain. It is a pity for the people who died, but it was something that had to be experienced at least once. Novatopia should be guarded by Novatopians. This is a good opportunity to check your overall competencies.”
“Even this person thinks so, the problem is that the opponent is not human.”
Ombuti guessed the Lord’s inner feelings. The Lord was a person who reigned but did not rule. It meant that someone took care of it, whether supported it or fried it. But like Rüppell, asymmetric power was difficult to deal with.
“It would be hard to deal with Kamuge’s incantation. Humans deal with humans. I’ll send a feature to deal with him. If the pest crawls out, report it immediately. I’ll send you a pesticide spreader.”
“Thank you, Sir.”
His voice brightened. Monsters were frightening, humans were not.
“Mister, be careful with your health…”
“Wakil, Lady Edel is waiting so…”
Ombuti spoke in a hurry and then blurred his words. Last time, he was looking forward to the meeting but was very disappointed. To bind the Lord to Novatopia, the Prince must be delivered safely.
“I’m going soon.”
Click! Mu Ssang quickly hung up the phone before Ombuti could give an editorial.
“Pesticide spreader! Isn’t it Dimanc?”
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Ombuti shook his head. There was no way the Lord, who knew Ouma better than anyone, to send a real pesticide spreader.
“The Lord will take care of it. I’ll do my job.”
Ombuti was as comfortable as it always was. It only hurts heads when humans try to know the actions of God.
“But what should I say to the Lady?”
When the public burden was lifted, private concerns were put on the line.
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