Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 663

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The most concern was Edel’s whining or hysteria. She often complained about her body, such as– wrinkles on her eyes, rough skin like sand, a falling bunch of hairs, and fat stomach.
Whatever she said was all lie. Edel’s skin was as tight as Korean traditional window paper, bright and smooth as white porcelain. Her blonde hair shined as taken out of the gold, and her body was as perfect as a modal. She had a perfect shape body that could surprise the world if she became a fashion model. He thought she could not be supposed to itemize dissatisfaction with her body and beauty.
It would be just a hysteria from the night Dino kicked out all the Yoa’s house employees. The victim of that hysteria was Dino and Ombouti, himself. Ombouti and Dino had to run down Royal Street. Dino carried Edel on his back by tearing his feather apart and hitting the back of his head. Ombouti became agonizing.
Of course, Ombouti knew how to heal. Since ancient, hysteria has been the exclusive character of women. ‘Hysteria’ is derived from the old Greek word ”Hystera,’ which means uterus. Hysteria is an expression of dissatisfaction when the uterus should have filled in, but it didn’t. In other words, the spinster cannot help having hysteria physiologically.
The existence of females and males separately is God’s will to live in harmony with each other. The symptom caused by not being satisfied sexually could cure by filling them with masculine elements. The absolute and only treatment was Wakil himself. However, it could not be possible to drag Wakil, who is currently having a good time with JinSoon, by the collar. Ombouti’s concerns have deepened.
The Novatopia already worked on processing the battle. Governor Ombouti declared martial law. The provost marshal Nejema found Slipper, who was camouflaged, and Seven-Hammer monitored the battle position. The Novatopia’s day had been broken by gunfire, gunshot, and shouts.
The seventh wise man personally visited the deceased’s family. Then, he comforted and delivered a large amount of consolation money to them. He also gave them benefits of granting the status of special recruitment for public officials, and the privilege of suspension of sentences only to those first-time offenders, up to third generations of direct descendants. Patriotism does not arise from coercion. Novatopia had become more cohesive despite the unprecedented shock of being called the Full-moon festival disaster.
Three days after the incident, Falcon landed at Jipoon Dari airfield. A woman wore colorful shaman’s clothes, and an ornamental hairpin that was as large as an arm on a bun hair landed the trap. She held a large straw cutter on her magnificent and strong-looking back.
“Madam, who are you?”
Sun WooHyun’s, who went there to welcome the guest, eyes opened widely. He couldn’t believe that an old Korean woman, who looked very insane, was a special guest.
“Me? Sun Woo Ma Go!”
Sun Woo Ma Go laughed after she skimmed over him.
“Do you think you can deal with a sorcerer?”
Sun WooHyun also skimmed Sun Woo Ma Go with suspecting eyes.
“A foolish humankind who should have died seven years ago saved his miserable life by your ancestors’ good karma. Since your foundation is imprudent and the faith weak, you will push your parent and brothers into the hell of fire hell and enjoy wealth and prosperity alone. Come on, man! Do you think you are smart enough to earn that rich? You just met a good master. You’re nothing if you are out of your master’s region!”
“God Damn! Why are all the weirdos gathering around the boss?”
Sun WooHyun was devastated. Her outspokenness and editorial that pointed out his history as if she had seen it with her eyes made him exhausted.
Sun Woo Ma Go, a Dudu Custom transmitter that the great God Mu Ssang ordered, appeared in Novatopia. It remains to be seen whether Sun Woo Ma Go, who mastered the monk’s spirit and martial arts, can handle the voodoo witchcraft.
Hae Young pressed her bouncing chest with her palm. The small object that was about her hand’s size was so meaningful. Ooparts was classified into two categories. Frist species was related to human history, and the second species were prehistoric.
The object in her hand was not a first species Antikythera (an ancient Greek machine recognized as an Ooparts), but the second Ooparts. No one can know if the Ooparts fell from space in remote antiquity or whether another Atlantis culture existed in the dinosaur era. The reality was that Ooparts exist with us now.
Cupidity was aroused. If she analyzes Ooparts and presents them, she could receive a Ph.D. easily. The wealth and honor will flow into her also. However, her advisor was an egoistic and greedy person. If she hands in Ooparts to him, he will end up praising her but monopolize all the credits.
A forceful academy, her academy advisor and Robert, who are on the same side with the academy; she suddenly had a rebellious spirit. The desire for honor and rebellious spirit filled up her head. The ambition she lost three months ago aroused her mind again.
If she loses this last chance, Samuel’s name will cover all of the media and newspaper, and the position of chair-professor and research grant will be his. She will lose a chance to study the Ooparts closely and need to lick her thumb. At best, she has to satisfy with a bundle of dollars from Samuel if he feels he wants to give a bundle to her.
“I can’t do that.”
Hae Young bit her lips. She pushed Ooparts into the backpack and looked around. The Marines were working in sectors F and E, which she designated. The cyborg net was located under the rock below 200m. Cyborgs made no progress on the search for four months, and they lost focus.
Hae Young, who was about to leave, flinched. The ice in the stream has not melted yet. She found the compass she threw away and tapped the glass cover with the corner of Oopart. The strained glass broke at once with a slight tapping. Without any doubt, she put the needle on the spike and explored the stream.
After specifying the site, excavation work began with drills and pickaxes. The needle spun hardly 1.5 meters away from the point where the excavated the Oopart. Twenty minutes later, she found another Oopart that looked different but had the same material. The milky-white metal emitted cold air and was an oval plate with a long diameter of 200 mm, a minor diameter of 100 mm, and a thickness of 20 mm.
The light blue metal in the shape of human eyes located in the center of the oval was cracked horizontally and vertically. It was only reasonable to withstand hundreds of millions of years of high and high pressure underground. An elaborated square groove and a round groove were seen below the edge of the oval Oopart.
“Is this a key and this a lock?”
Hae Young inserted the cylindrical Oopart held in her left hand into the round hole of the oval Oopart. It was a perfect fit. Click- The elliptical Oopart vibrated with a tiny sound. Beez– Blue-colored light rose. The atmosphere cooled down.
“Oh, wow”
Hae Young looked at the fluttering crowd of lights as if possessed. It was a pity. If she could find the Oopart that would fit in the square groove, something would change a lot. However, only invisible lights ruffled like the Arctic aurora, and nothing was changed.
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Kablam– gunshots rang out. Howl— A Sharpy scream rang out in the air. Flapping– a black shadow fell. A giant green snake, freed from the crowned eagle’s claws, raised its head.
“Oh my gosh!”
The frightened Hae Young screamed. Kablam– another shot rang again just in a second. The head of the green mamba(giant green snake), which was running away, was smashed. Hae Young stared blankly at the dead body of the crowned eagle and the snake with a broken head.
“Lady, is there a problem?”
Two cyborgs climbed the slope.
“No, you don’t have to come.”
Hae Young waved her hands violently. Cyborgs, who were climbing the slope, returned to their original position.
“Those punks! there was no surprise if you let it go.”
Hae Young grumbled. The crowned eagle was only carrying its prey to its nest. Because the Cyborg shot unnecessarily, my liver almost dropped, and the eagle cubs starved to death.
“Oh, my!”
Hae Young realized it was not the time to hold onto her curiosity and hesitate. She quickly disassembled the Ooparts. Pot- the flickering light disappeared. Thank goodness that Cyborg did not notice. She looked for a place to hide Ooparts. It was too big to carry an oval Oopart. Hae Young climbed the cliff that remained about 20 m after failing several times.
She unconsciously admired. There was a black forest on the right and a distant cliff on the left. At its feet, the East African Flat Plateau led to the horizon. Green flood waters, river streams flowing through the flood waters, and sparkling lakes filled the view.
The 500 m high cliff, Monkey cliff, was when Mu Ssang had to climb to track the missing Areva S.A hostages. Harsh fate met on the African soil, but grumpy Kronos, king of the Titanes and the god of time from Greek, twisted the time zone.
Hae Young hesitated. She wanted to hide all Ooparts but was not confident about returning by herself. The jungle of Ituri was a dead place where even the U.S. military suffered numerous casualties. Ituri jungle’s topography changes continuously and won’t be the same as today. If she couldn’t find it again after hiding, there is no point in getting Ooparts.
Which one should she hide if she need to hide one? Of course, it will be an oval Oopart that is inconvenient to carry. Hae Young looked at the old limbali tree at the entrance to the black forest. Limbali is a bean family plant that grows up to 150 meters high. The developed roots support the heavy stem, and the old tree creates a space for people to enter and remain between the roots and the stem.
Hae Young went into the space between roots and pushed the oval Oopart deep into the inner gap. Hae Young unconsciously typed in her location on GPS, but she deleted it immediately. Cyborg is a human species that investigates underwear when in doubt. You never know what will happen if you get caught.
Despite the simple work, she sweated and breathed out hardly as if she was running a 100 m marathon. She went down the cliff after memorizing the surrounding terrain. It was nervousness, but cyborgs did not react when she got there. Humvee, which gave her a ride on its back, ran to the camp.
Some would blame Hae Young for being foolish, but it was not. Everyone wants to be Cinderella. No one wants to be a pumpkin carriage with Cinderella.
In an empty laboratory, Hae Young was the only one who focused on the experiment alone when everyone was asleep. Even when lying down, excessive adrenaline hindered sleep. The body was tired, but the mind was sharpy as a needle. The rough physical experiment was done just now.
Oopart was a non-existent substance in the periodic table. She tried to do all kinds of experiments as much as possible but couldn’t find out much. She couldn’t take the sample off and couldn’t see the inside with a magnetic resonance device. It was a solid substance as she couldn’t evaluate the hardness; a substance that cooled itself once the environmental temperature reached 32℃; a substance that induced a magnetic field. Hae Young was most shocked since the first night she spent with Mu Ssang.
“Room temperature superconductor!”
It was an unimaginable substance. The superconductor remained at a lower temperature after Dutch physicist Kamerlingh Onnes discovered it, even though a century had passed. The scientific community has raised only 40 degrees from the absolute temperature of 4.2K (-268.8℃) obtained by Onnes over 75 years. Even that has reached its limit.
What are the benefits of a room temperature superconductor? There are numerous possibilities. A complete superconducting object has zero electrical resistance. Without resistance, no power loss occurs during transmission. If copper transmission lines are replaced with superconductors, the power currently in operation can be reduced to less than half.
Without resistance, heat is not generated. A semiconductor revolution takes place, and a new era of precise electronic device production opens. Medical devices such as ultrasonic diagnostics and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging devices can also be innovatively made. The paradigm of the electronic industry could be changeable.
A superconductor has zero internal magnetism. This is called the Meissner(Mei/beta ner) effect and repels all surrounding magnetic fields. As a result, people could make magnetic levitation trains cheaply and easily and could drive a car that flew in the sky.
A high-purity superconducting substance that the critical current value converged to zero could lift the ultra-high-temperature plasma by generating an intense magnetic field pressure. Controlling plasma enables continuous fusion. A room temperature fusion reactor becomes a reality.
In addition, the use of room temperature superconductors is endless. If a coil gun or rail gun is mounted on a destroyer, there is no need for artillery. And, if it is mounted on an aircraft, there is no need to load missiles and ammunition. The paradigm of military strategy could change, and the world would change.
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“I got it! This was it.”
She understood an incomprehensible instruction from the control center. The real purpose of the conference was to acquire Ooparts. It made sense why soldiers, who did not even know the basics of geology, were sent to the field and why they managed the site with a high-security system. Their activities were only related to acquiring the basic information about Ooparts and lithium exploration but nothing else.
“What will happen if we put the rest of the parts together? Will the wormhole open?”
Hae Young stared at the dimly lit Ooparts under the fluorescent light. She remembered a haze of blue light. If the light component were an energic wave containing mass, the world would be turned on its head. No, the world could be changing with just the thing in front.
Did God give a mission to her? She suddenly remembered the moment she left her country. It was a poor country that suffered from aggression from a greedy continent and a cunning island country, a hungry country that had finally escaped the period of famine, a country that is still reading strong countries countenance even now, Korea.
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