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Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 664

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There is a saying that if you cross the sea, you become a patriot. If you live as a stranger among various people, you will realize the preciousness of your country with a similar culture and humans.
Apartheid was not the only term in the South African dictionary. Discrimination and contempt were also common in California, where racial discrimination was relatively low. It would be a noble man who shouts “Yellow” and “Monkey” on the street, shaking his pelvis back and forth and staring at the private parts with wicked eyes. Spitting, swearing, and throwing cans or ketchup bottles were also common.
When you visit luxurious restaurants in Westwood, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Pasadena, you can often see signs saying, [Black people and dogs are not allowed]. You can also often see the signs of [Yellow monkeys and dogs are not allowed]. There was a time when I felt terrible all week in Montana when I saw signs saying, [Yellow monkeys and Negroes are not allowed, except for Japanese]. Stranger ratings were equal to the strength of the motherland.
“Should I hand over the OOPArt to Korea?”
Korea is a backward country with no concept and no technology to reverse design a room temperature superconductor. However, it is a huge difference between a possibility and not even a possibility. It was good to say that it was a reaction regarding having a traitor father or behaving childishly. I wanted to give strength to my fragile country.
Hae Young tried to contact her father first, but she changed her mind. Her father was an opportunist who siphoned off all sweet things from the military government and jumped to the U.S. when he was at a disadvantage. Even if she handed it over to Korea, her father was not the right choice.
Her father and mother, who did not have a good relationship with Hae Young, worked hard to make his only daughter a ruling party’s daughter-in-law. He also escaped to L.A. to sell the regime as if he were a grassroots activist. Lastly, he was a blackmailer since he used the pain of his country as a political foothold. Thus, it was the obvious path where the OOPArt would flow.
She also drew another image that popped into her head: What if she gathered all ABC, NBC, CBS, and other Korean broadcasts, and then she appeared splendidly. There were many cheering crowds, and Mussang was in the middle of the population. He pushed and rushed through the crowd with great force and hugged her as if he could smash on her.
“No, No, no.”
She suddenly felt down. She knew Mussang was not the guy to do that. Also, the academic society won’t let me do that. The intellectual organization used double tricks to deceive civilian scientists and assistants. Lithium was investigated under the guise of geological investigation, but the final purpose was OOPArts. The interview will be silently removed.
She repeatedly built and removed the dozen of scenarios as she felt dizzy. OOPArts could be a seed of anguish thrown by the devil, not a gift from God.
“Lynn, you’ve been up all night.”
“Oh, my gosh! You scared me.”
She couldn’t realize that Kerry had come into the lab. Suprised, Hae Young pushed the towel on the table to cover the OOPArt.
“Lynn, take it easy. Who are you ringing the bell for?”
“Kerry, did you forget the knock while you played with the monkey?”
Hae Young flared up.
“Oh, sorry! Even if you’re crazy, eat and go crazy.”
Kerry pulled up the blackout curtains. The blue light before sunrise poured in.
“Breakfast? Oh, it’s dawn.”
Hae Young looked out of the window with empty eyes. Outside the camp, gross vapors like when you open the pot’s lid while boiling the beans in the deep green ocean are sucked up into the sky like a whirlwind. It was always a unique and majestic scene. Hae Young couldn’t take her eye off of it.
“You’re gone. You’re entirely gone. Well, it could be possible because you’ve been three months in that damn jungle.”
“Fuck up. Did you have breakfast?”
“No, I’m here to eat with you.”
Kerry sniffed.
“Oh, my God! You haven’t even taken a shower yet. A beautiful woman smells of sweat if she doesn’t take a shower.”
“Shut up. Look for Lucy(the first discovered ancestor with female characteristics in Ethiopia) in the jungle if you want to come at her. She will be quite fit with you.”
Hae Young, whose face turned red, shook her fist. There are no women who will be happy to hear that even a joke smells sour.
“Let’s go. Whether it’s sapiens or afarensis, you need to eat first.”
Kerry lowered his posture and raised his arms. He looked like a chimpanzee in Yeongpan who raised his arms and waved them with his legs.
“You punk!”
Hae Young grumbled in Korean. How can I only see a man who’s not that far off? Hye-Yong did not recognize that she had started seeing any man like a nerd after Mussang filled her mind.
In the independent building of the Green camp command, the spacious commander’s room was cool enough to cause condensation on the windows. At the conference table overlooking Horus’ exhibition on the wall, an officer in a military uniform with a gray dot pattern on a green background and a researcher in an all-in-one yellow work suit were seated.
Security Lt. Col. Michelle, the chief security officer Hammer, Professor Samuel, and Professor Mac are the prominent Green Camp leaders and members of the Freemason organization. All commanders who are not members of the organization, such as the Marine Corps regiment commander and the engineering battalion commander, were excluded.
The door snapped open. The participants stood up.
“Ah-ah- have a seat, please. I’m sorry I’m late.”
A soldier with a strong impression sat in the top seat without an expression of apology. Brigadier Ron Mckinley, who has several hidden identities, was currently positioned as a Green Camp commander and project manager. Mckinley looked around the military commander and the responsible scientist with dark gray eyes.
“Professor Samuel, have you completed the roadmap for the new exploration area?”
“There is still continuous landslides aftershock. The exposed salt mine is buried, and there are three newly found sectors. Of course, the point was pinned where the lithium content is completed on the GPS. It doesn’t matter if it’s buried.”
“Professor Samuel, please explain.”
“The Mambasa Nupanwaza area is even more amazing. It is distributed from a minimum of 3% to a maximum of 8%. The average is 5.2%. For your information, the highest content of Uyuni Salt Desert is 1.3%. If we set the average thickness of the salt layer at 3.5 meters, we can extract $100 billion from the current international market.”
“That’s still worth it.”
Mckinley’s eyes curled like a half moon.
“We already got our money’s worth. And, the show will start from now.”
Professor Mac burst in.
“Did you find a clue?”
McKinley raised his butt halfway.
“Ah, it’s far from the commander’s imagination. The results of the first round of exploration conducted by the committee have been confirmed.”
“Ah, It’s still working on. We just confirmed the first exploration conducted by the committee.”
Professor Mac took the coconut in front of him and gulped it down. From now on, what he says can be shocking. Of course, it will be surprising to only those who can understand. The only consolation in Damn Ituri was that you could enjoy fresh fruit indefinitely.
“Okay! Explain.”
Slightly disappointed, Mckinley buried his upper body in the chair.
“Lithium in its natural state is 92.6% for mass 7 lithium and 6.4% for mass 6 lithium.”
Professor Mac wrote [Natural isotope 7LI=92.6% and 6LI=6.4%] on the whiteboard with a dry marker.
“I am a soldier. I don’t know chemistry or physics and don’t want to study it again.”
Brigadier General McKinley snapped disapprovingly. Professor Mac continued to explain what he had heard.
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“An isotope is an element with the same atomic number but different mass. The chemical properties of the two elements are the same. The atomic weight of lithium, the number of protons, is three. So 7LI has four neutrons, and 6LI has three neutrons. Differences in neutron counts make mass differences.”
“Do you mean that 7 lithium mass is heavier than 6 lithium mass?”
Professor Mac scratched his head embarrassingly at Mckinley’s question. It was frustrating to hold and explain a stupid soldier who couldn’t distinguish between mass and weight.
“If it’s the Earth, it is. Mass is the sum of the number of protons and neutrons in an element. Weight is the gravitational value that acts on a mass. So the mass is constant unless there’s nuclear fission or fusion, and the weight is relative. Where there’s no gravity, there’s no concept of weight.”
“I understand. I’m sorry to interrupt.”
Professor Mack glanced at Brigadier McKinley with his eyes at the obedient student and posted a route map on the screen.
“The route map on the screen is a map of the H and G sectors in the Mombasa Npanwaza area, written by assistant researchers Miss Lin and Kerry. Here and here are the late Mesozoic strata.”
Professor Mac took two points with a laser pointer. It was near the place where Hae Young found the OOPArts.
“Lithium has changed out of common sense here.”
Professor Mac drew an arrow with a marker and marked [7LI=75.5%, 6LI=24.5%⁷LI].
“That’s how the ratio changed.”
Professor Samuel, who had been silent, jumped up.
There was a spark in Samuel’s eyes. Mac hid the critical things and reported them directly to the senior. He was skipping Samuel as the head of the academic research team. No matter how much they fought for the position, it was a despicable act.
“The meeting was called at the moment I was going to discuss it with you. We could save our time by making a presentation when the people in charge are gathered. It’s not that bad.”
Mac glanced at Samuel and acted like it was not a big deal.
‘You greedy pig!’
Samuel gritted his teeth and sat down.
‘You stupid cunning jerk. Am I the chicken head?”
Professor Mac laughed at Samuel. Samuel is a man who is known for stealing others’ achievements. No wonder his nickname was Sturi in the academic research field. Mac had no intention of putting all of his accomplishments of 100 days into his mouth.
“Is it important to change the isotope ratio?”
McKinley asked again.
“It’s important. It’s a fusion reaction. Or they artificially refined lithium.”
“Oh, fusion!”
Mckinley jumped up. And Lt. Col. Michelle and the chief security officer Hammer’s eyes were wide open, while Samuel’s face was rotten and tarnished.
“Is the fusion reaction you mentioned the fusion reaction that I think it is?”
“Don’t be surprised it’s not a hydrogen bomb. It’s more surprising than a hydrogen bomb, but….”
“What are you talking about?”
Professor Mac wrote something on the board without answering.
“To put it simply, we created tritium by colliding lithium with neutrons. The helium residue from tritium will disappear into the atmosphere. Then, Plasma control would increase the 7LI reaction. In a word, this is a trace of an ancient fusion reactor. There is no other way to explain it. Do you understand what I mean?”
Professor Mac raised his chin like a deer in the palm of his hand that kicked out the challenger.
“Well… it’s not an S.F. movie… This would be one that you said the executioner will be surprised!”
Brigadier Mckinley was silent. He even did not think that it was the ancient fusion reactor that appeared in the Mesozoic strata.
“So.. a human existed during the Dinosaur’s era?”
“I don’t know. For your information, there were only fossils of invertebrates like ammonite and arachnids in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland.”
“Then, what?”
“It means we should throw away the knowledge of the geological age that we know in the trash. Maybe Australopithecus is a degenerative form of the super-modern human race. Ha! Ha! Ha!”
Professor Mac smiled cynically. How surprised he was!
“Ha, ha! Oh my goodness. Is this the Planet of the Apes starring Charlton Heston? I was surprised to hear that there was spontaneous nuclear fission in the Ochlorium mine, which is a million times more surprising. Should I believe this?”
Mckinley sighed.
“Nuclear fusion is a reaction that produces elements with small atomic weights and large atomic weights. Of course, it’s a million times harder than fission. Nuclear fusion can never happen on Earth. The pressure and high temperature of the inner core of the Earth’s core are jawless.”
As a scholar, Professor Mac thoughtfully adapted a rhetorical ‘million times’ into a scientific ‘million times.’
“So I don’t know if it’s tens of millions or hundreds of millions of years, but there were old fusion reactors or tritium generators here, and the earthquake showed signs of it. The OOPArt search was the reason for collecting all sorts of junk. If you’d told me the truth from the start, wouldn’t you have done anything wrong and made quick progress?”
Lt. Col. Michelle spat out her cheek. Professor Samuel stepped up.
“I didn’t know that Professor Mac would get confirmation so soon. If I were to look for traces of a fusion reactor from the beginning, I would have treated him like a madman. We have lithium that the United States will use for a hundred years. Of course, the organization got its share. You can think of OOPArts as a bonus as much as you paid. I have another good news. We found a uranium ore body while working on a stratigraphic route map. The content is 6%. We’ll see the reserves after a month of work.”
“Huh! Even uranium……. It’s a three-stroke blow!”
Brigadier McKinley’s mouth was torn. Unknowingly, words learned from the Korean military during the Vietnam War popped out. It was more realistic about uranium than lithium, and lithium was more realistic than the traces of nuclear fusion.
“We have a clue to the realization of the real Pax Americana. I’m proud of myself for working on the project with General McKinley.”
Samuel glanced back at the exhibition and raised his voice.
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“We became American heroes and heroes who marked the end of the 20th century.”
“For the glory of the deed!”
McKinley picked up a can of coke in front of him.
“For the Holy Soul!”
Samuel, Mac, Michelle, and Hammers responded with coconuts.
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