Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 665

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The act of honor refers to Freemason’s world domination, and the holy soul refers to the leadership who gained superpowers through a sense of vision. A holy soul is a Freemasonian dream. McKinley and others, who took the opportunity, turned red with excitement.
“Attention! Today is the bolded day that our long-cherished dream comes true. At midnight today, I’ll invoke the level of gamma 1,2 and 3. You all have to spend your energy to secure everything inside and outside. Michelle, you, as the senior assistant researcher of the research team, need to monitor the security officers thoroughly. Hammer, you need to strengthen the security level and report all outside intrusion and provocation after taking precautions. Two professors, please should closely check assistant trends and speed up your works.”
Gamma law was much stricter actions than martial law. The faces of the conference participants hardened. They had to think about the resistance of the researchers.
“Do I need to preliminary report for the insiders?”
Lt. Col. Hammer, the guard captain, asked.
“Dispose of red atoms immediately, and report gray ones after arrest and detention. Those who leave the operational zone shall search the body without exception, and those who leave the exploration zone without permission shall be killed.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Professors, please encourage the other researchers. The executioner is looking forward to your work. If you fart a lot, you can get the poop at least. Please, I would be grateful if you could find Paladin, not even Baphomet, and Ark.”
“Yes, sir. Please bring more researchers for us. I’m going crazy because the ignorant Marines are bringing a bunch of useless fossils, crystals, or even carbonized animal bones.”
“Hahaha, the Marines are soldiers, not geographers. We’ll fill up the shortfall immediately.”
Mckinley, who is super excited, agreed briskly.
“For the glory of the deed!”
Samuel and Mc bowed out toward the symbol of the exhibition.
“Michelle, how many percent of Agrippina shield have you built?”
“50% progressed.”
“Colonel Michelle, hurry up. The annoying rat and the boars are killing me. I caught 12 wild boars on the outskirts yesterday. I’ve been attached 15 times this month. I’m going crazy because they cannot judge me after they experienced me.”
Lt.Col. Hammer was horrified. The camp security team was handled by the shadow team led by Lt. Col. Michelle, and defense and security were taken by the DIA Strike Corps and Marine Corps led by Lt. Col. Hammer. Lt. Col. Hammer couldn’t take a rest because of the unknown provocation of Maimai rebels and unidentified militants.
“Michelle, you’ve overdosed. Because you sprinkled the gold ore(tellurium) on Hutu rebels, all the miscellaneous rats jumped in like tiger moths.”
Mckinley blamed him seriously.
“It’s because of their xenophobia and ignorance. Their judgment and standards of conduct are insufficient. I don’t care about contracts with the Zaire government. The gold mine found in their land belongs to them. They think we’re the robbers who came into the primary bedroom.”
“Okay, I won’t blame you because I earned Eldorado because of them. We can smash that pigs as soon as they come. The problem is the rats.”
Brigadier Mckinley grumbled. Lt. Col. Michelle was the inspector and security team leader dispatched by the enforcement officer. Because of his position and background, he couldn’t cut or yell at him as much as he wanted.
“Hammer, didn’t you catch anyone last night?”
Mckinley switched the target.
“I’m sorry, sir, they were so fast…”
Hammer dragged his word. He defeated the intruder, but he couldn’t catch any of them, but killing two batters and injured three others. The deceased was a member wearing only bulletproof clothing.
“Has the poison been analyzed?”
“It was mixed venom of a poisonous amanita virosa and Southern black widow spider. The security team synthesized the antidote.”
Lt. Col. Michel replied. Hammers took a plastic pack out of the briefcase. He wore the leather gloves and took the contents out of the bag. A sharpy star-shaped dagger came out.
“It was a dagger they used. It pierced Kevlar and Aramid combined bulletproof suits. According to the report of the third team leader, they couldn’t hold the target because they were fast as a leopard.”
“But, how come two strike teams miss all five of them? How did they get over the high-pressure fence?”
“That was… one of the intruders threw the other four over the fence, and individuals flew over like a bird. According to the crew, it was a female figure.”
“You meant a woman threw an adult over a 5-meter fence? Well, it could be possible if they transplant artificial muscles or wear a stencil. Were they Japs? Ryubanka doesn’t use this type of memorization.”
“We assumpted to be a Jap ninja.”
“Wow, now we have a Jab. Ryubanka and Jab they both experts in backstabbing. This is legitimate land that the United States got at a fair price, and they are terrorists who broke in without permission. According to Gamma law regulation, eliminate all of them properly. If it’s hard to catch with a rifle, use the automatic grenade launcher and a mini-gun to get them.”
“Yes, Sir.”
Hammer couldn’t entirely agree that the place was ‘legitimate land,’ but he was willing to accept his order. It was not the right thing to say who stole Zaire’s future with a few bags of corn, but the one who was being attacked was a fool. Justice was up to the influential side. A powerful and selfish country can guarantee the prosperity of the nation. That is Freemason and America.
“Michelle, you better hurry up and build Agrippina Shield. Change the place of Major Wadden’s team to analysis and sample security room.”
Mckinley ordered the instructions and left the conference room. Michelle and Hammer opened up a camp layout map. The triangular area connecting Kokorea, Irumu, and Mambasa, which took over resource development rights from Mobutu, reaches 6,500 square kilometers. The Ituri River originated in the Great District, and the Semuliki River, which forms from Lake Albert, was wide enough to flow through the green zone.
One hundred ten people from 10 shadow teams, 300 people from 20 DIA strike teams, and 1,050 people from two Marine Corps battalions from the Rapid Maneuver Army should protect the large area. The area where the exploration needed to be done was about 20 square kilometers. We did not have a small number of laborers, but the sector was too broad.
“Colonel Michelle, we need to increase our hydrophones and switch the explorer teams to the defense team.”
“Is it because of the rat?”
“Yes, I didn’t want to make excuses, so I didn’t say it earlier. But, they flew after being beaten by two or three bullets. The guy who threw her colleague over the high-pressure fence got five shots.”
“Is it a mechanical hunter?”
“They were pretty much flexible in looking as Hunters.”
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“Well, I will suggest putting hunters in. Let’s reduce the protection line first. Twenty Bradley and the Marines mobilized for the OOPArt collection would be placed on the perimeter fence. Also, we need to return 30 Humvees equipped with machine guns and automatic grenade launchers to the boundary between the lab and the accommodation.”
“I agree. But, pulling out infantry fighting vehicles will narrow the range of reconnaissance squadrons…”
“When the Agrippina Shield is complete, they can’t set it up. I’ll supply liquid metal bulletproofs to the reconnaissance company.”
“Ha, the Marines are enjoying themselves.”
“You can print money but can’t print your life.”
Michelle smirked. The two men were racking their brains overnight by trying to re-organize and deploy essential protection areas. The camp, which the Higashi Honjanji Ninja team attacked, was tense.
The security level has increased. The security team checked every move of the researchers and secretly searched their lockers. Researchers had to pass through security checkpoints when they left and came in. As a result, complaints between security teams and researchers were often issued.
A man was not a pig, and the Ituri jungle was not Detroit. Money wasn’t everything at a time when life was changing. Dangerous work environments may die at any time. Coercive control, near-work work, and blatant monitoring have raised the stress scale.
The complaints were everywhere, but the leaders didn’t care. It was semi-compulsory to researchers, but they have signed an extended contract. They have paid twice more than GM workers, famous for their highest salaries. What would matter if they get paid separately for risk and remote area allowance?
But still, some people complained.
Scientists who protested collectively suffered in the punishment room for three days. Also, professor Samuel made the assistants shut their mouths by providing a contract they signed when they got the scholar from the academy. Hae Young was shocked by the brutal atmosphere. She didn’t even dare to hide OOPArt from the outside. Her OOPArt stayed deep inside her tote bag in her laboratory drawer.
“You’re a filthy sensitive woman!”
Helen looked at Hae Young, who threw the sample pack into the trash can sideway. It was easy to find a Korean female researcher who used a strange first-name Lynn, even though she did not use it. It could be her ethnic characteristics, but she was sensitive and picky compared to other researchers. She could recognize immediately if the direction of the spectroscope used changed or the location of the sample changed by an inch.
Bauer Helen was a member of the security team’s counterintelligence unit. Her main job was to monitor researchers, but her official position was to assist researchers. Helen was responsible for carrying heavy specimens, hammering impurities attached to fossils, and cleaning them with chemicals.
She was sick of the place here. Regardless of their ages, the researchers had strong pride and individualistic tendencies and were stiff like rubber tree leaves. If she needed to marry, the geologists were her last choice. In particular, the sensitive researcher, like Lynn, tasted Borsch(Russia’s traditional soup) without meat.
“Lynn, what’s for dinner tonight?”
“Ugali(a.k.a. Sigma), do you want to go with me?”
Hae Young g asked soullessly.
“No, I don’t want to. I will have a hamburger. African food is too unhygienic. Just thinking about it makes me sick.”
Helen pretended to be neat. It was not a word for her who dug up the frozen ground in Irkutsk, dug up roots of trees, and lived as lizards and caterpillars in the Colombian jungle.
“Corn starch, meat, and vegetables mixed well together. I think it was a unique flavor and a hundred times better than junk food.”
Hae Young recommended one more time out of courtesy. Ugali was an East African staple food steamed corn or cassava powder like white rice cake. The Ugali served by the camp restaurant was a fusion style made like Korean Millet pancake (Bukkumi) and changed to either beef or vegetable to wrap up.
“It’s early, but shall we go? If it doesn’t taste good, you should take responsibility.”
Helen put down the milk she was drinking on the table and followed Hae Young.
‘This bitch! So annoying in many ways.”
Hae Young swallowed a protruding curse. This jerk has no speaking manner. Why is someone else taking responsibility for her taste buds? Hae Young pretended not to know, but she already knew that Helen was a watcher.
Having a meal together is accompanied by memories. There is much wrap-style food in Korea like Lettuce Wrap, cabbage wrap, pumpkin leaf wrap, tofu wrap, etc. Mussang had a good appetite. When his cheeks were bulged by the lettuce wrap as it burst, it automatically revived my desire to eat. Helen, who sat across the table, chatted, but Hae Young replied absentmindedly. Her mind was full of the longing for homeland and Mussang. The pretentious Helen’s chat didn’t go last long.
Kerry felt complicated after receiving a cut-out contact for notification of action commencement. It has been more than five years since he became a slipper(spy), but he had never been given a command. He was about to forget that he was a slipper.
His liver was about to fall when Lynn found a yellow tower on the cliff. S was a code to start. When he dipped the mark in the cocoa juice, a command appeared. It was an order to find out the purpose of U.S. exploration.
Green Zone wasn’t just a geological exploration area. There is no way to secure the site this seriously just for exploring lithium. As a spy, the sense was not good enough, but he could know it was unusual. He could depict himself being arrested for treason without even trying to confront Lynn.
“Damn, I met a good girl. Of course, I have no luck in meeting a good girl.”
Kerry headed to Lynn’s lab. He wanted to talk with her.
“Where she go?”
The air conditioner turned off in the laboratory, and was hot inside. Hae Young always stayed in the lab as soon as she ate dinner. Kerry looked up at the table, and the cup of milk on the table attracted his view. It was the milk provided by the camp by operating its sterilizer and lactose separator.
He wanted to drink the milk Lynn used to drink even if the black window spider swam. Kerry, without hesitation, picked up a cup of milk and licked the pale lipstick marks on the edge. It was thrilling, as if he was kissing Lynn.
“What is this?”
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Kerry swallowed a sip and frowned. The thin ice was crunchy. His mouth was cold as if he had drunk an iced cocktail. Kerry glared at the milk cup. The air conditioner turned off. There was no reason for thin ice to get stuck in the milk cup remaining in the hot room.
“No way?”
Kerry came to his sense. He majored in geology and physics and was a trained spy.
[Look inside Uncle Sam’s stomach]
He understood the command delivered by the cut-out. There is something in here. He immediately opened the drawer under the table where the glass cup was placed. Lynn’s tote bag was in it. Here was provided to the senior research team members and only a place where out of the eyes of the security team.
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