Novel Name : Mercenary Black Mamba

Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 666

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‘Lynn, I’m sorry. I need to pay for my meal.’
Kerry turned the bag over without hesitation. Square plastic emergency box, pouches with underwear, anti-poison spray, photos coated with acrylic resin, and small tools to trim fossils poured out from the bag.
Kerry stared at the picture frame, which was half size of his palm. There was a young Asian who had just passed puberty. He was a handsome man with a slender face like a woman, innocent-looking eyes, a toll nose, a tight mouth, and smooth skin like porcelain. Intuitively, he could know that he was a special guy, the male servant.
“Damn, she was a shotakon?”
Kerry burned with his jealousy. He flicked an acrylic frame. Drop– The frame fell into a cleaning tray that contains sulfuric acid.
‘Wasn’t this it?’
Kerry tilted his head and shook the tote bag. A rolled tower fell on the table. He grabbed the tip of the towel quickly and loosened it up. Thud– a milky-white cylindrical object fell on the table. The cold air climbed up his fingertips as soon as he picked it up.
“Oh, My God!”
Kerry groaned unconsciously. An object that emits cold air by itself without batteries or external power, he intuitively recognized that it was an object that society wanted. It was an object that the DGSE directive meant. Beverly Hill’s mansion and Lamborghini were illuminated in front of him.
“Lynn, I’m sorry! But, you betrayed me!”
Kerry rationalized his actions for ridiculous reasons. He had a crush on Lynn, but not as much as the Lamborghini and Beverly Hills mansions. It was the end of an unrequited love that was just a cheap feeling instead.
Kerry turned the cuff button on his shirt and pressed it down as instructed. It was an object acquisition signal. When the cutout receives a short wavelength signal, they will take action whether they open the retreat or sends a person.
Helen came out of the shower and wiped the water. She suddenly titled her head because something was not neat. The spy’s senses catch even slight deviations. She checked her movement by point.
“A-ha, the milk!”
Helen figured out the identity of the misalignment. She forgot the leftover milk that she put on the lab table. Milk quickly ferments and decomposes in the equatorial, hot and humid climate. If the air conditioner was off in the lab, the laboratory becomes a steamer at once.
“That bitch will nag me again.”
Helen headed to Lynn’s lab again because she didn’t want to hear the nagging from the neat yellow monkey, and she needed to be faithful to her role as the Mole(Camouflaged spy).
The excited Kerry did not notice the icy glare that gleamed violently through the open door. It was the moment when Kerry, who had forgotten his senses as a spy agent, dragged his Hae Young into hell, not only himself.
“Kerry put your things on the table and back off!”
It was a low but sharp warning.
“Oh, gash.”
Kerry was stunned to the point as much as his liver popped out. He snapped at the door. Helen, the research assistant, and a black gun like the entrance to hell were there. Kerry was astonished to the point where his soul was scattered.
‘Why is she here?’
Kerry’s sight got gloomy. Helen was under the security team. He could draw the back of a handsome guy heading to Qantanamo after being sentenced to 20 years for treason.
“He, Helen!”
Kerry stuttered. The gun remained steady. Her eyes were undisturbed, too. Helen had a good understanding of what she had to do. Also, she had a better experience of what she had to do as a different status.
“Hellen! What’s wrong?”
“You must know the reason well.”
Blue eyes gleamed violently. The gun pointed to the forehead. Kerry’s face was rotten and tarnished. He could feel Hellen’s will that she would kill him with a shot on his head.
“Oh, no, it’s dangerous. What will you do with something that doesn’t fit a beautiful woman’s hand?”
The Walter PPK, wearing a blunt silencer, looked like a small toy but a self-defense pistol that exerted enough killing power at close range. It would be time to say bye to the world if it hits a vital point.
“Shut up! This is the best thing for me. Don’t make a fuss and put the stuff down.”
Helen laughed.
“Okay, All right!”
Kerry’s eyes were chilling. She had a gun but was still a woman. He made a motion pretending to put down the OOPArt but threw a fossil-collecting boat.
“God Damn!”
Splat– blood spattered.
Helen blamed the wrong sensation. The target missed while trying to avoid the affection that flew toward the chest. Kerry ignored the pain that felt like burning fire and threw himself like a batter who hit an infield grounder. Bang– The second bullet grazed the ball and slammed into the wall.
Slap– Helen got a low kick by him and staggered. Surprisingly, a woman’s tenacity to withstand the fierce attack with Sabate martial art, but there was no time to continue to admire. Helen’s arms wrapped around his neck when he hugged her lower body and lifted her after removing the pistol.
Clatter-Those two rolled up the lab as a chunk. It was a dogfight between man and woman. They both hit and kicked each other but couldn’t make a decisive hit. Kerry was ahead in strength, but Helen covered her weakness with flexibility.
Baam– eventually, Kerry could hit her face because he positioned the mount position. Blood spattered, but Helen didn’t scream. Kerry threw back his shoulders, trying to hit a powerful pound again. Splat– Helen spat blood in her mouth at his face. Something glittered in the light. Kerry instinctively raised his forearm and caught the blood.
The forearm was paralyzed in an instant. Kerry didn’t hesitate to bite the part of his arm where his saliva was inserted with his teeth. Black blood poured out from the spot where the flesh fell sharply. Kerry, whose shoulder muscles were injured by the bullet and his forearm was paralyzed, gritted his teeth.
“You fucking ruder!”
Helen grinned and laughed.
“Fucking Bitch!”
Kerry put his fist down. Baam– Helen picked up her upper body, punched in the top of his head, and used a recoil to raise her pelvis. The mounting position was out of order. Her knee rose.
Kerry curled his upper body like a shrimp. Helen came out like a loach and pulled OOPArt out of his hand.
“No way!”
This time, Helen made a mistake. Kerry, whose hands were free by losing OOPArt, wound Helen’s neck. Helen, whose face turned red, grabbed his forearm with her fingernails and tore it apart.
“Son of Bitch, what are you?”
Kerry couldn’t believe that a woman could be this much strong and fight so well!
“A fucker who hits a girl’s face.”
Helen cursed in the midst of it. Kerry twisted Helen’s wrist and pulled out the OOPArt. At that moment, Helen pushed her hips deeply and grabbed his shoulder collar. Thud– Kerry was thrown around in the air. It was a clean slap on the back.
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Helen threw her body to grab the pistol. Kerry jumped up and flung himself through the window without looking back. There will be Lamborghini and Beverly Hills once he lives. Slat– Slat– Blood splashed on Kerry’s back.
“Holy fuck..”
Kerry flipped over. Helen was a master of practice who had completed the special battle training of Ryubanka over the world. Kerry woke up but was not a match for her.
“Thank you, stupid!”
Helen calmly pulled the OOPArt out of Kerry’s hand. He had a good physique and fighting skills, so she was almost got beaten by him.
“Who are you? You are not under the security team, are you?”
Kerry stammerd by blood bubles.
“Not your business!”
Helen kicked Kerry hard. He was about to die soon. Baam– Kerry was drooped after being kicked by her. Helen held a delicate object that was shining and milky in front of her eyes. A thing smaller than a hot dog shone with a roaring light. The cold air came up in her hands as if she was holding a piece of ice.
“Thank you, anyway!”
Helen put a cylindrical rod into her bra. The E-cup sports bra was enough to hold objects slightly longer than the fingers.
Nipple stood by the cold air. The breast was about to freeze. Helen wrapped the stick around a sports towel and pushed it into a bra. Then, she picked up a mirror lying around the table and looked at her face. Her lips swelled after being brushed. If she didn’t turn her face reflectively, her nose, bone, and teeth were also not in good shape. She pulled out a kleenex and wiped the blood off her nose and lips.
“Stupid, Walter is a good fit for a beauty like me.”
Her anger didn’t go away. She kicked the side of dead Kerry and spitted her blood. Because Kerry rebelled, he massed up the work rather than confiscated OOPArt.
It’s time to say goodbye to the DIA counterintelligence agent. There is no reason to act as an assistant to a picky woman. She had to leave the camp and join the GRU(information management department of the Soviet military staff, overseeing overseas information) immediately.
Knock- Knock- someone knocked on the door.
Before Helen answered, the door opened. The local hired cleaner bowed his head in front of the door.
“Mademoiselle, can I clean up?”
Put- the answer was a bullet. The black youth faltered away. Splat- blood streamed. His eye, which grew to the fullest, turned to his left chest. Flap- his knee was bent. Helen threw away Walter, which ran out of bullets.
‘Only needs was one more cow for Daham’s dowry….’
It was the last thought of Waris, a Sukuma youth with a bullet in his heart while trying to clean up. An innocent life has disappeared. It was a blood-calling overture.
In a prayer position, Helen glanced at the fallen black man and straightened her dress. She lowered the raised bra and removed the decoration on the hook connecting the cups. There was no time to lose because she killed Kerry and a cleaner.
She had to send a signal right away and leave the camp. She pressed the jewel in the center of the ornament for three seconds and spat. Fire- The decoration flared up. It soon became ashes by reaction of calcium mixed and saliva.
Helen threw off her blood-soaked work clothes and put on Hae Young’s gown. The gown was tight. After that, she cut the bottom of the gown with scissors. The upper body revealed sensuous volume, and then she exposed her white-leg lines. Helen slammed the door and left the research building calmly.
Bauer Helen grew up in a middle-class American family but joined KGB because of drugs. American parents, who lived in the panic of the 1930s, were determined not to cause their children to suffer.
Because of their parent’s determination, the next generation couldn’t learn how to overcome hardships, and they were easily indulged in pleasure, swayed by temptation, and frustrated. She was the case of the called ‘immature category’ among the KGB target.
Having encountered drugs in adolescence, she could not resist intense ecstasy. Conservative parents stopped to support her financially. Then, a handsome man reached out to her after she fell into trouble.
He saved her from the drug swamp by supporting her with a combination of neutralizer and psychotherapy. She falls in love with a devoted man; that was how she went through the Marines and the Navy Seal as the man wanted to enter the DIA counterpart.
Helen knew he was an agent of the KGB but didn’t know that he was a human talent investor manipulating people’s minds. Manipulating people’s minds was one of the common tricks used by the KGB. The problem was that people manipulated while they knew it was it.
Helen raised her hand to the DIA batter. The crew’s eyes stayed on Helen’s giant chest and legs for a while.
“Helen, are you going to a fashion show?”
“Yes, I have to go to sector H base camp.”
“No, it’s sunset time.”
“Oh, no! Lynn left an important specimen at the base camp.”
“No! You know the rules.”
The crew did not overlook the situation. Helen was frustrated. If someone found the dead body in the lab, it’s over.
“Otto, do I have to listen to a yellow woman’s nagging to hurt my pride?”
“You made a thing difficult…”
The crew murmured while skimming Helen’s body. The provocative chest and sexy leg dazzled his eyes. Helen nodded slightly. The two guards were flustered. Helen was a colleague and sensual enough. It would be regretful if she were free to him.
“All right, I’ll go with you.”
They found a compromise. The crew radioed for a substitute for the position and escorted Helen to the outskirts.
The urgent sound of military fire rang the laboratory. Major Johnson, the team leader on duty who received the report, rushed like a thunderbolt. It was less than five minutes after Helen got out.
“The African-American is dead, and Kerry’s pulse is still alive.”
The low-destructive Walter PPK-I bullet couldn’t wholly cut Kerry’s breath.
“Boss Lewis, stab Digosin and morphine right now.”
Major Johnson was cool-headed. It was a 100% chance of a heart attack, but he was wrong to live anyway.
Kerry opened his eyes.
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“Helen, this bitch!”
Kerry muttered a word and broke his neck. He was also a man with an intense grudge holder.
“Urgent, hand on the security position to strike team and all shadow teams track down Helen.”
The sirens rang the camp. The camp lit up like daytime, and Humvees poured out one after another. A blood storm started to blow in Novatopia, 2,200 kilometers away. A war called Blood Shower in the distant future began.
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