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Mercenary Black Mamba - Chapter 667

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“Oh my god! Are you serious? It was a mole! A mole?”
Lt. Col. Michelle repeated the same words over and over. He was holding the cuffs buttons that Kerry threw away and burned decoration. Even though they were burned and could not be recognized, there is no way they didn’t know the purpose of these items. He has been working in this field for more than 20 years old.
There is a limitation to collecting the information by wiretapping and surveillance. The valuable information comes from the Human organization, and the Human organization’s top resource is the mole. Several times, the camp had been attacked by a foreign or outside the cooperative organization, but it was the first time that the base was embedded by a mole, Helen. Michelle clenched his fist and trembled.
Here was not CIA but DIA, which department finds down the spy, and we are the agents who looked for the spy. If this happens that one of our agents was a spy is known to the outside, it will be super embarrassing. It was unknown if Helen was a spy on purpose from the beginning or not. There are no changes that she was a spy.
The point was it is still in question mark how Helen permeated the DIA. It was famous that DIA’s was hard to pass the background check. They filtered uncertain identified people by a triple background check. The checking system returns to the third generation, investigating the sixth cousin. They also check surrounding people yearly and belief/thought monitoring under an aptitude test every two years.
Helen was a typical American middle-class child who stepped the elite path and went through the Marine Corps and the Green Beret. Her father works for the State Department, and her mother is a high school teacher. There was no reason that she became a mole.
“Damn it, Ryubanka!”
KGB messed up all of his beliefs. They made a spy who cannot be a spy. He had to re-examine the line and system immediately. He was freaking out.
Beep– beep– The radio indicator glittered.
-Boss, Helen has left the camp.
“Fuck you! Get her! Catch her no matter what! You can burn the jungle.”
Michelle’s face turned red and was about to burst.
“Boss, we need to figure out what Helen was targeted first. When such a cold-hearted person made the incident….”
The deputy called Michelle’s attention.
“Oh, yeah!”
Michelle hit his forehead. His face quickly became cold.
“Bring the researcher Lynn right now!”
“Yes, sir!”
Shadow rushed to the accommodation.
“But, why this guy was dead here?”
Michelle kicked Kerry, but the dead one was silent. No, he left the clue that Helen was a culprit. DGSE’s slipper, Jim Kerry, was simply unlucky. If he weren’t involved with Helen, he would have become a hero, and Hae Young’s fate would have changed. If there is one, the other thing is following up. If that one is not in here, there is also nothing. Fate works like this.
“Boss, this is a picture from the cleaner tray.”
The deputy brought a half-melted acrylic resin frame. The resin dissolved in the sulfuric acid solution stuck to the picture and could not distinguish the shape.
“This bitch tried to destroy the evidence?”
“I don’t know.”
“Send it to the headquarters for restoration.”
Michelle’s misunderstanding led to a situation in which Mussang’s identification was revealed.
“What is it?
An unexpected happen occurred in front of sleeping Hae Young. She watched the security team members storm into the bedroom with sleepy eyes. Shadows grabbed her hair without answering or explaining, pressed her on the bed, and handcuffed her.
“Who are you guys?”
The question was answered by a palm that was big as a bear’s paw.
There was no mercy. Hae Young was slapped in her face by Shadows and flew like s straw and hit her head on the wall. Her mouth brushed, and her nose was bleeding. She felt her eyes would pop up because she got beaten so hard. Hae Young was dragged helplessly away like a dog.
‘Who is this? Where am I? Please, someone helps me out! Mussang!’
She started to deny the reality and couldn’t distinguish what was what. And then, she looked for the Mussang, who always protected her like a knight. Shadow threw Hae Young to the front of Lt. Col. Michelle.
A huge Africa-American sergeant stepped up at Michelle’s call. Michelle folded his arms in silence. It meant to do as you please. Sergeant Evans grabbed the break of her with his big hand like a pot lid.
Hae Young struggled with shame and pain.
“Lynn, what was in the lab?”
Hae Young was distracted by the pain that her breast was about to fall off. Sergeant’s red eyes were scared as they popped from his face and hit her face. It was horrifying. She lost the energy to protest.
“What do you mean?”
Evans flicked the tote bag.
“What was in here? What did Helen steal?”
“It hurts! It hurts!”
When Evans grabbed her harder, Hae Young struggled as much as she couldn’t breathe. Evans loosened his grip.
“Kerry died, and Helen disappeared.”
“Kerry was dead?”
Hae Young stared blankly at the empty tote bag. She was so confused at that moment. She soon murmured frantically.
“Cold metal, OOPArt!”
Michelle, who was just watching, opened his mouth.
“Researcher Lynn, you committed treason. YOu conspired with Helen to kill Kerry and take out important national assets. You were sentenced according to Gamma law.”
Michelle deliberately stopped talking and glared at the pale woman.
“I don’t even know about Helen very well. She was an agent who watched me. What are you trying to say?”
Of course, Michelle had no intention of listening to Hae Young’s counterargument. He declared in a dry voice as if reading a book.
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“All of the resources excavated here are under U.S. property. You deliberately concealed and carried out the U.S. property. Treason carries a minimum sentence of 20 years. I’ll account if you confess frankly. If your statement is not sincere…”
Michelle glanced back at Evans. This gesture meant was obvious. Her mind went blank. The ruthless hands of a man like a goblin were fear itself.
“No… NO way!”
It was not a situation that an ordinary girl who only studied could handle. The ruthless hands and words of at least 20 years in a prison filled her head. Hae Young rambled on about the OOPArt and room temperature superconductors. The prison was scary, but the ruthless hand was scarier.
“This bitch!”
Michelle gritted his teeth. He wanted to shoot a gun in her head. The missing object was an important component of the fusion reactor discussed at the conference. Because of an idiot woman, the Prometheus’ fire turned over KGB’s hands.
“This is why Korean monkeys are not working! An inferior race worse than a Jap!”
Evans chewed it out. Ironically, many people of color have more racial prejudice than white people. This can be said to be another aspect of
Urbach-Wiethe syndrome. It could be a case where a child raised in a violent family and hates his father resembles him.
“Son of bitch!”
Michelle triggered the gun and aimed it at Hae Young’s forehead. The authority to dispose of Gamma regulation was under Michelle, the head of the security team. He could receive the camp commander’s signature after death as a formal procedure.
Hae Young stared blankly at the gun aimed at her. She felt the back hole getting bigger and sucking her body into the weapon. Her mouth opened widely, and her eyes relaxed too much. Michelle became weak when he saw a beautiful woman’s sad appearance. He put his pistol in and spoke again like chewing something.
“Lady, from this point on, we apply treason to the state and deprive your freedom. Attorneys are not allowed at this point. You must be executed here or spend the rest of your life in Guantanamo.”
“No way! I found the OOPArt. What’s wrong with you guys? Kerry died trying to steal, and Helen ran away with it, so why me!”
Hae Young came back to her sense. Unaccustomed words were spoken by Michelle, such as treason, execution, and Guantanamo swirled in her head. She was so frustrated and felt she had received excessive punishment.
“Evans, drag her and put her in prison.”
Michelle ordered coldly. Hae Young struggled as much as she could, but there was no way that she could get out from the ruthless hands that grabbed her shoulder.
The death of Kerry, who is believed to be a spy, the betrayal and escape of Helen, who is believed to be a KGB mole, and the presence of OOPArt, which Hae Young found made the whole base camp panic. Brigadier Mckinley was on the rampage, and crypto-correspondence was immediately sent to the committee.
The Ethos was 3Km away in the direction of Marburg from Omfanwaja, where the green camp base was located. The ground, the size of a man-hole cover, was jolted. The lid moved away silently, and a green helmet, not a mole, popped out.
The green helmet carefully looked around and pulled out his upper body. The leopard, hiding in Abyssinia outside of Ethos, fell. He had a sense like a superhuman. The man pulled out the dragon head of the watch slightly and tapped the lid of the tempered glass—three times long and three times short.
The robust men in heavy armed popped out of the ground. The 30 people who escaped from three different peats wore military uniforms with gray stripes on a green background, reinforced glass goggles, and green full-face helmets. It was the same outfit as the U.S. Marine Corps. The mini-gun, MP5, and PAW-20 seven-time semi-automatic grenade launchers were also U.S. Marine Corps weapons.
“Comrades, our Helen made it.”
The man with the MP5 lowered his voice. The men showed their teeth and waved their weapons in unison.
“Let’s go. Helen is being chased.”
Lt. Col. Milovich, the leader of the 7th division of the KGB’s first General Bureau, led the green group and crossed the jungle like a leopard.
Helen tore off a disturbing part of the gown and tied it to her chest. She passed the jungle fast as possible. It was ridiculous looking with rolled up the lab gown on her upper body and wearing only a panty on her lower body. However, non of the people was there to watch her, and if so, she did not care. She did not have time to see her injuries that were scratched by strong stems and thorns.
She ran toward the center of Ituri, avoiding the direction of the sapropel where the Agrippina shield was installed. Thankfully, she knew the alert system already because she worked under the security team. She was confident enough about getting out even though hydrophones and infrared cameras were swarming over the area. Unfortunately, the animals in the Ituri jungle were unusual. Every day, they damaged the camera and pulled out the devices. Humans trusted in machines, but machines were not very efficient.
“Damn it! They are already here.”
Helen faltered and hid. It was a surprisingly quick response. The Marine Corps deployed the military personnel in an internal area, not an external one. She never thought that Kerry had tricked her somehow.
Boom- Boom- Boom- Boom- Boom- Boom- Boom- Boom-
When Helen considered breaking through the defense line, gunfire and gunfire fired out.
“It’s the enemy!”
The raid was blitzed and powerful. The ancient forest was in chaos. The old trees burst, pouring debris, and clumps of dirt interrupted the sight. Marine officers who were attacked behind the scenes spewed blood.
“It’s outside. Be focused on them!”
The Marines resisted fiercely, with weapons and numerical superiority. Shots and gunshots rang everywhere, and angry cries and pathetic screams were mixed and filled up the air. The boundary line has collapsed.
“Damn bitch, I’ll peel you off.”
Shadow 3 team leader Major Johnson grinds his teeth. Two agents who escorted Helen turned into cold bodies. Sergeant Moore was decapitated, and Sergeant Robin was stabbed in the heart. It’s a sign of being caught when they were off guard.
“Hey, isn’t there any call from a listening post?”
Before she got the answer, the sound of a heavy machine gun fire and a grenade rupture interrupted their conversation.
“Let’s go!”
The Shadow teams on board motorcycles and Humvees drove to the outer guard where the battle took place.
“Thank you, Milovich!”
Helen smiled triumphantly. The disposable transmitter worked adequately. The assistance of First General Bureau’s Seventh division agents had begun. Helen tilted her head when she tried to escape from the borderline like a loach. She was unsure, but the outfit of the raid team was different. Milovich’s team dressed up as the U.S. Marine Corps. The raiding group dressed in green outdoor clothes.
“Well, whatever, it’s good for me.”
Helen squeezed through a gap between the U.S. Marine Corps and the French counterterrorism team.
“What’s that?”
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Rub Deng team leader Fabius witnessed Helen on the borderline. It was a woman, not Kerry, who sneaked out. He instinctively realized that something was wrong. In other words, he used the wolf’s teeth in the wrong place to scratch someone else’s legs.
“Stop! Stop firing. Look up at nine o’clock. chase that woman.”
Fabius gnashed his teeth. He sacrificed his men to help the wrong person. Loop Deng, who received the order through the headset, quickly left the battlefield. Two other local employees disappeared as well.
The Milovich team, which arrived late, had a fierce batting battle with the Shadow team, which tracked wolf teeth without knowing why, but the Milovich team, which belatedly noticed Helen’s escape, also retreated quickly. Shadow, who looked full of anger, tracked them down. Only more than a hundred corpses were left at the violent battle scene.
American, Soviet, and French spies began bloody hide-and-seek, intertwined. The Rwandan Liberation Democratic Forces, which obtained information from local sources who fled the camp, also intervened in the Chao.
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