Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 7.2

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I focused on the book. 
I could hear my brother’s tongue clicking in distaste behind me, but I pretended not to notice it.
I heard the door shut. Mikhail left the room, and I tried to concentrate on my book, but it didn’t work out.
Then, when I was barely starting to focus, I turned my head toward the tapping sound, and something black was knocking on the window.
I tried to concentrate on the book again without paying attention, but something the shadow kept whacking on the window.
I gave up trying to focus as the noise scratched my nerves.
Fed up, I got up from my seat and went all the way to the window.
What is this? It was a creature that could not be seen clearly on the other side of the glass. Is it even alive?
I opened the window and grabbed it.
Its body was the size of my palm, so I had no difficulty holding it in one hand.
Looking closely, something black was wearing a bird’s skin. It seemed like a bat or not, so it was ambiguous to define it. The eyeballs melted down. It was a grotesque figure in which the bones were twisted.
I’m holding my breath without thinking. The black thing smelled of a decaying carcass. I looked around, wondering from which direction this creature came from.
The dark red beak opened.
“Bad girl! A cold woman! Bastard! You’re a man!”
‘Is that Mikhail?’
Mikhail often experimented with dead creatures.
I don’t know what kind of experiment this creature is, but I don’t think it’s a success.
“Mikhail Oravany, can you hear me? Turn this off if you can hear me. Shut up.”
“No! Stupid! Fool! Urchin!”
Mikhail’s experimental creature, like a parrot, constantly repeated abusive language.
Its cacophony made me throw the thing far away with mana.
The last time I looked out the window, there was a sunset. But now there’s darkness without a ray of light enveloping the sky.
I don’t even want to guess how much time has passed.
I’m sure Alastair is gone by now, right?
-He says he won’t go until he sees you.
What Mikhail said kept hovering over my head.
You’re not still waiting, are you?
While wondering, I had an inking that he could very well be waiting.
‘No way.’ I turned to the book…. But I didn’t feel like reading anymore.
My nerves were all over the place. The books couldn’t catch my eye.
In a huff, I shut the book and put it back in the bookcase.
After leaving the study, I naturally walked towards my room.
Suddenly, I stopped.
Just in case….. I’m just a very inquisitive person.
I changed the directions of my steps.
I’ll just take a peek.
I’ll be in my room in no time after checking.
I ran down the hall in haste.
It had been night for a while now.
The cold wind stung my skin through my thin indoor clothes. Due to the chill, I shuddered.
I crossed my arms and sought warmth from rubbing my hands up and down my limbs. I surveyed the scene in the darkness
He would’ve been holding out in the cold wind all this time if he was here……
I saw a man standing.
His cheeks were flushed as if he had been standing for a lengthy duration.
It was Alastair.
He smiled brightly at me.
Then he stepped off his seat and strode toward me.
I don’t know what to do.
If I told you to go, you should go. Why did you just stand there foolishly?
I blinked up at him.
I felt a little apprehensive because I had to tilt my head far back to look at his face.
He had been taller than me three years ago, but now he dwarfed his past self.
Once a boy, Alastair is now a man that towers over me, with a bigger head, very expansive shoulders, a thick neck, and a sharp jawline.
His eyes under strong eyebrows were colorfully luminous, containing a striking tenderness.
“It’s getting cold.”
Alastair took off his jacket and covered me.
Yes, it was cold, but who should be taking care of who?
Stunned, I almost frowned in amazement.
“…..I can’t tell you to go in because of my greed.”
“I told you to go. Why are you out here?”
“Because I want to see you.”
Alastair smiled slyly.
I lifted my hand and carefully swept it over his red-hot face.
Alastair’s eyes opened wide.
How long he stood? His cheeks were icy cold.
I stroked his cheek as if to give him warmth.
“You’ve seen it. Now don’t come again.”
“Go back. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to deal with you.”
His hand cupped the back of my hand, and he held it against his face, burrowing his cheek against my palm.
Bent over, he raises his eyes and looks at me.
I can’t help but laugh at him being coquettish like a pet cat.
Where on earth did you learn this?
“Do you remember your vow, Serina, that if I proved my worth, you would stay next to me?”
His hopeful confidence shimmered in the dark.
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