Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 12.1

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For the past couple of days, Mikhail had been feeling so bored that he was on the verge of going crazy.
He couldn’t move easily because *someone* used destruction magic on him and turned him into a limp noodle.
I can’t do anything but sit around in bed aimlessly; there was nothing fun about it.
In the past, I wanted—no, even wished! I could spend all day in bed, but now I realize how stupid I was.
-Listen. I’m not as good at swordsmanship as big brother Mikhail is. But I’m much better at magic than you.
-Cute… who’s worried about whom right now? But just remember that brother doesn’t have to worry about me.
Her words kept ringing in my ears.
Mikhail himself knew that Serina is no longer a child.
She was old enough to do things on her own.
“My younger sister is so good at many things.”
A happy smile was built around Mikhail’s mouth.
I’m a little bit proud, but a little sad too.
Did she already pass the threshold where she didn’t need her brothers’ strong arms and relied on herself?
Mikhail still felt like it was yesterday when Serina was a child.
She’d run out in joy when it snowed and made a snowman with her brackish hands all day long.
After making a snowman, she would give it to God as a gift.
‘Oh, I miss that time.’
The sky outside the window has long been dark.
Perhaps by now, Serina would have already arrived at the slave auction.
Serina can do anything now.
Wherever she goes, she’ll be able to do well, even if she enters a lion’s den.
The head recognized this fact, but my heart did not acknowledge it.
From the moment she left the mansion, his heart began to beat wildly, and he was frantic with fear that she might come back hurt.
I wanted to secretly follow behind her and protect her from those rough guys, but I couldn’t save her because of this body.
“Ah! I have a newly acquired talent that doesn’t help me.”
Mikhail forgot that it was Seri who made his body like this and began to curse God.
‘Still, she’ll be okay.’
Mikhail was still unable to allow her to go to the slavery auction by herself.
But he couldn’t help her because his condition was like this.
So he called her Savior.
The one who can protect Serina for sure.
He’s not entirely normal, so I really didn’t want him to meet with Seri or anything, but he was the inevitable choice.
The upside is that I feel at least a little more comfortable and relieved after sending him after her.
‘Anyway, something stupid might happen to Seri.’
Mikhail once again blamed himself for not being able to move.
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