Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 13.2

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Finding her wasn’t that difficult.
Mikhail told Alastair that Serina would disguise herself as a VIP called ‘Rotor.’
So my eyes scoured the VIP area where she would probably be.
I spotted a short gray-haired person.
If anyone else had seen it, they wouldn’t have recognized her, but Alastair quickly recognized Serina.
The person’s body structure was analogous to Serina’s and, above all, her ruby-like red eyes showed, the only feature her mask revealed.
These were sensible explanations, but he recognized her at a glance before he could even weigh her appearance.
I don’t know why. I just recognized Serina.
There’s only one person in the world who’s so lovely.
‘She’s so gorgeous,’ he thought, ‘even her manly appearance is stunning.’
Of course, even if Serina was covered in disgusting filth in his love-struck eyes, she would still be beautiful.
The fact that Alastair saw her in public, her— a vision of beauty, aroused a strong urge within him to pluck everyone’s eyes who witnessed it.
With firm forbearance, he struggled to contain his impulse.
Finally, the auction began.
The first thing that came out was gemstones.
Alastair studied Serina closely, breathless with anticipation over the question of what she would bid for.
But none of the jewelry caught her eye.
Still, Alastair’s eyes were filled with poetry for Serina.
Wearing a black mask with a red rose pattern on each side, she seemed bored and impatient.
Rather, she was tapping the railing with his finger, as if she was unamused.
‘What the hell do you want?’
I became increasingly anxious.
After the auction of various goods, the only portion left was the slave auction.
His fist grew tense.
Alastair struggled to maintain his composure, barely restraining his soaring energy.
When all of the female slaves were sold, and only the male slaves were left, Alastair began to loosen up.
He gazed at the slaves ascending on the stage with significant momentum.
But what was this an uneasy feeling?
Fortunately, Serina had not yet purchased any slaves.
Instead, she looks even wearier than before.
Alastair felt relieved at her appearance and exhaled out a hot breath.
However, he couldn’t let go of his apprehension completely.
There were still a number of male slaves left.
The auction was still going on, and Alastair got increasingly agitated.
It was when the auction was finally nearing its end.
Serina was sitting comfortably when her eyes started to shine, and paid rapt attention to the person on the stage.
At the same time, Alastair’s eyes quaked.
“Now, here’s our last item of the night! No effort was spared in capturing this slave. An elf!  Who wants to be the owner of this handsome beauty!”
It was the elf that lit a fire in her eyes.
In addition to his mysterious and lovely appearance, Elves were scarce, causing the bid to soar.
However, not everyone thought about giving up and eyes glistened at the elf.
And Serina was one of them.
“500,000 gold.”
Tuk- The leash of reason that was holding him stiffly broke.
At heart, he wanted to run and kidnapped the elf that made her eyes sparkle.
But he couldn’t.
In the first place, Alastair came here at the behest of Mikhail, who entrusted him with escorting and guarding Serina from the shadows.
“5 million gold.”
So the only thing Alastair could do now was prevent that elf from falling into Serina’s hands.
Alastair was much more desperate for Serina than she was for the elf.
He couldn’t even imagine the elf by her side.
Alastair bit his red lips without even knowing that they were bleeding.
“7 million gold.”
Serina shouted out a higher price.
She had no way of knowing, but the more she did, the more and more twisted his judgment became.
“70 million gold.”
He would never let that elf be by her side.
His eyes gleamed with an agitated madness.
Alastair usually thought Serina was beautiful.
But his purple were dyed red in no time.
Igelto asked questions with his eyes and exchanged glances with me.
I replied by shaking my head.
I started drawing the next plan in my head.
As the moderator counted down, I worked out my next plan.
I was pondering for a quick moment.
“5······! 4!”
The moderator, worried that the 70 million gold would be withdrawn, quickly started counting down.
Igelto’s eyes wide open in surprise, and his face became distorted.
‘I should bid once more.’
‘Do it now.’
The audience turned their heads to the violent noise.
The man who bursted into the hall urgently ran in, gasping for breath.
The man broke the countdown momentum that the nobles were watching with bated breath in excitement.
They did not hide their displeasure towards him, who entered in haste, and started to complain.
As the excitement cooled, the host beckoned security to kick him out.
The man who was breathing hard took a deep breath and shouted out loud.
“We have a problem! I-i-it’s a raid!”
“A raid? Wha—Who?”
The man’s face, who stuttered in fear, was pale.
The moderator frowned in frustration.
“The Knights of the Black Wolf… ffff ugahhhhh!”
The man didn’t finish. He stared at the sword pierced through his chest with a clear sound and red spread across his clothes.
Starting with the hysterical scream of a lady, the hall quickly erupted into mayhem, and it became a mess.
I was calm in the midst of the commotion.
This was one of the scenes described in the novel from the moment a man ran in.
It was an expected development.
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