Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 14.1

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“Tsk. There’s a lot of trash that needs to be taken out.”
A man with vivid red hair slowly swept his head around and pulled his sword out of the man’s chest.
Then the blood splattered forward, and at the same time, the man with the pierced chest fell limply to the floor.
The nobles looked at the horrifying scene in disbelief.
“Sir Hypron ….!”
One noble muttered dumbly.
The name of the nobleman’s mouth uttered was the name of that very red-haired man and the name of the male protagonist in this novel.
He was also quite famous.
Hypron, famous for diving into the underworld like a rat and torturing criminals, regardless of status.
He was a man with a strong sense of righteousness but had no mercy towards outlaws.
The faces of the aristocrats who had heard rumors of him paled.
“We have to run away…!”
The havoc started when a man ran to the back door.
A few people followed him and began to flee, and soon the crowd turned toward the door.
They pushed each other and tried to get out the back door of the auction house.
However, due to the large number of people in the crowd, their movements naturally stagnated.
“Damn! The entrance is blocked!”
Shouted a man amid the uproar.
As he said, the entrance was really blocked.
It was at that moment that there was a huge roar.
As the vociferation approached and peaked, Hypron’s soldiers rushed into the auction house.
I expected it, so I wasn’t surprised.
It’s an interesting situation, so I just watched it for a while.
The aristocrats who found the other door were busy fleeing, and Hypron occupied by rounding up the illegal slave merchants.
Hypron’s knights chased after those who had fled.
Because I was in the VIP section, the view was good, and I could survey all of Hypron’s actions without hindrance.
Aside from me, there was only a small number of people in the VIP area.
Because we were on the third floor, it is easier to get out than the first floor, which is crowded with many people.
I searched for the man who shouted 70 million gold but could not find him.
As I tried to take my gaze away from the chaos, my eyes met Hypron, who was tenaciously watching me.
I turned to look at his bright yellow eyes.
I left the room and entered the hallway.
I walked in a hurry, realized I was running out of time, and started to break into a run.
Fortunately, running with low-heeled shoes did not hinder me.
I ran up the corridor for a while, arrived at the stairs, and hurried down.
He surprised me.
A man suddenly popped out from under the stairs.
Looking at the patterns on the armor, I figured he must have been a knight of Hypron.
The knight strides in front of me.
Did he guess I was a woman?
I wonder as he steps in front of me without any fear.
No. It may be strange for a well-trained knight to be cautious when his opponent is a slender man.
“You better surrender.”
The knight strode towards me and smiled grossly.
I searched my arms and looking for the note.
However, the memo paper did not come out, but my dagger came out instead.
I wrote down various formulas on the memo to speed up the casting of my magic.
But I couldn’t find it.
Whatever, I’ll find it eventually.
I gave up looking for it and looked at the knight with an easygoing attitude.
There was no need to use magic to deal with this knight.
But it is useful for saving time. And I needed time.
‘But it’s annoying to calculate.’
That’s why I hate math.
I sighed and fixed the dagger in my hand.
Let’s finish this quickly.
“Pfft–Ha! You’re gonna threaten me with that?”
When the knight saw the dagger in my hand, he laughed as if it were funny.
I didn’t care whether or not he found me amusing.
The knight slowly walked up the stairs in a relaxed manner.
It was too ridiculous for him to entertain the thought that I could hurt him.
“Mister, don’t be too scared.”
“Who was afraid of whom?”
The man who heard my voice frowned.
“What. Weren’t you a boy?”
I didn’t feel it was worth responding to.
However, the man took it the other way, with a hungry sultry smile and striding up the stairs.
“Well, your sex is not important. I bet you’re a pretty little guy. Let’s first take off your mask.”
“You will never have the chance to take off my mask and see my face.”
I threw my sword lightly as if throwing a dart.
I aimed it towards his neck.
The knight evaded the dagger. Unlike his slovenly appearance, he seemed to have some skill.
I threw a sword that carries magics, and seeing that he was able to avoid it, tells me that it wasn’t a lie that Hypron’s knights were selected by their skill and talent
“Wait a minute… why is this…?!”
That was the man’s last line.
Blood burst out of the man’s neck like a fountain, and his heavy body rolled down the stairs. The blade was no ordinary dagger.
The blade was composed of millions of sharp threads invisible to the human eye.
Those threads slice through everything the moment you infuse it with mana.
Unfortunately for the man, He thought he had dodged it, but he actually didn’t.
I glanced at the sharp, neat cuts on the enemy’s neck.
It was a magic dagger that Mikhail made and gifted to me on my birthday.
I saved it’s one-time-use; I didn’t expect it to be used for this run.
I started down the stairs again and hurried a little bit more.
“Here’s another one!”
This time it was a sound from behind.
The man’s loud voice would attract other knights.
I quickly approached the man and knocked him out.
The knight was winded and fell to the ground.
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