Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 14.2

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—Meanwhile, Igelto looked around the auction house in a stupor.
It occurred to him that he didn’t know what he was doing in this mess. He wanted to get out of this place just like everyone else, but he didn’t move because of what Serina had said.
-There could be a noisy situation. Don’t leave the auction house and hide in a deserted place.
As if she had foreseen this situation.
A tumultuous event unfolded as she said.
Suddenly, humans in armor-clad colorful costumes and took the attendees by force.
Many slaves escaped in the ensuing confusion.
Igelto wondered if he should join the group, but he decided to trust Serina and wait.
Although this decision might hold him back, he decided to remain steadfast in his dangerous decision.
He looked down at his wrist. A blue bracelet, to be exact.
He hid behind a curtain and waited for the screams to cease.
Igelto crouched down and blocked his ears with his shaking hands.
Nevertheless, he pretended that he could not hear the sound.
Even so, he heard everything but pretended he didn’t
‘What am I doing?’
Igelto laughed at himself.
Even when faced with such a situation, his curiosity was ignited, and he could only lament.
Igelto had been curious since he was a child. His personality was to pursue something until he could solve his curiosity–until the end.
It was that trait of his that got him into so much trouble.
For instance, he has long been interested in the human race.
The elves say that the human race was greedy, selfish, and evil.
Many are extremely disgusted with humans, not only because of the incident from 30 years ago but also from before then.
Greedy humans had long ago earned the distrust of elves, who valued their clear conscience.
There was often discord between Elves and humans.
Elves insisted on justice regardless of power and status, while humans only spoke of profit with gilded tongues and horrible actions.
Igelto was curious.
Why are human interests so different from the values of elves?
He wanted to explore the human world. There were so many things in the world he is ignorant of..
So, Igelto secretly escaped the barrier between the Elf and the human world late one night.
And he was immediately captured by a slaver.
Igelto’s gleaming eyes, which sparkled beautifully with a curiosity of the world, have long since died.
Like the stars shining in the sky die after their lifetime.
But Igelto’s life was a little faster than the myriad of stars in the sky.
It had been a while since his eyes had dimmed, and saw the beauty in everything.
He was too jaded and knew too much to have those shining eyes again.
Still, he didn’t know why elves and humans were so different and where the human’s greed came from.
In the end, Igelto was convinced it was simply their nature.
But, ·····. Serina. Why did her words sway me?
If she had wrapped her words with glib expressions, it would be somewhat convincing to understand why I decided to believe in that human being.
But she didn’t bother to be shrewd.
There was never a human I believed in. So this was even more strange.
It was then when I was hiding my body and pondering over my dilemma.
The curtain I was hiding behind rolled up abruptly.
“You……! Elf!”
A nobleman wearing a white mask shouted.
He approached me cautiously, afraid of tipping off the knights.
I backed up and ran into the wall.
Surprised, Igelto glanced behind him. The masked man, in that very moment, savagely grabbed him by the hair.
“Let! Go!” “Ugh……!”
Igelto was being dragged away.
“Let me go… Human!”
“You’re too noisy! I’m going to take you–“
When Igelto struggled, the man smashed his face into the ground.
Igeltio’s body, lacking energy, collapsed powerlessly.
“*Cough*···! *Gag*!”
The man brutally kicked Igelto’s stomach relentlessly.
Igelto, struggling with overwhelming pain, lost the will to fight.
How much more miserable must I be?
In the past, I would have done anything–whether it was shouting, punching or kicking–to get out of this situation.
But now Igelto couldn’t find the strength to rebel.
After being brought here by the slavers, he was thoroughly educated by cruel overseers.
His body has long forgotten how to rebel.
The man in the white mask screamed and shrieked painfully.
At the same time, the ruthless violence ceased.
Igelto opened his closed eyes to see what had happened.
The man’s hand was on fire.
Igelto’s eyes were wide open, surprised at the sudden fire.
When the man in the white mask struggled, the fire struck Igelto.
Igelto cried at the burning pain.
The hot flames started to swallow him as well.
“Save me! Save me! Water! Water right now……! Somebody bring water!”
The man gave Igelto a cursing look as he was dying by the flames.
The man cried out for help to the end, and the raucous havoc buried he pleas in the auction house.
Igelto quietly closed his eyes.
Although there was terrible pain, I thought I could rest comfortably.
I never thought that death could be a haven…
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