Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 17.2

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“You’re so cold. Well, then, I’ll get going.”
The man’s body began to fade.
Then, large chunks fell on his body. But the lumps did not harm him and he disintegrated in the air.
“I hope to see you again next time.”
The man’s hand vanished.
I wondered if it would be okay to let him go like this, but it was too late to do anything now.
I took my eyes off him and fixed my gaze on Igelto.
He was a mess.
His body was a wreck; only the appearance of his sleeping eyes seemed calm.
“We should go too.”
Robe came over to me, lightly avoiding the large piece of ceiling that fell where he was a moment before and approached me.
His face, glimpsed through his robes, slightly frowned upon seeing Igelto.
“The elf is coming with us.”
He said nothing.
He just sighed as if he was displeased.
He reached out slowly to me, and when I grabbed it, a familiar light enveloped us.
At the same time, large stones fell on us, but the Robe’s magic was one step faster.
I slowly closed and opened my eyes.
The background had once again changed.
‘It’s the cabin.’
On the old table, I could see the hasty magic circle I drew.
Robe stood next to me.
“Are you hurt anywhere?”
“As you can see.”
He slowly came to me.
I grinned, showing him a big smile. “By the way, how long do you plan to wear that robe Alastair?”
Even though his face was tightly hidden in his robes, I could see that he was embarrassed though his speechlessness and his body stiffening up.
As a result, I couldn’t help but feel an unknown smug satisfaction.
Alastair, seemed to be wondering where he went wrong and revealed his identity.
It was ridiculous.
‘If you’re going to hide, hide it well.’
How could I not know?
Where was it common that men had his talent? And such a gifted man is working hard for me for no reason?
It was obviously that it was Alastair.
Besides, he had a similar physique Alastair’s.
At first, I didn’t recognize his magically altered voice.
But that elusive personality, being flustered by me and that particular overprotection, all pointed to Alastair.
It was amusing that he was trying to hide his identity, so I had decided to go along with it.
Then it got a little ugly.
I’m trying to get the elf because of *someone*, and that very person interferes with my plans. How frustrating. I can only sigh in exasperation.
I wondered, how should I punish him today?
I gently laid Igelto down and got up from my position. Then slowly approached Alastair.
The closer I got, the stiffer his body got.
Is that why?
I tried to hold back my laughter, but my laughter kept leaking out.
Now the distance between him and me was so little that we were breathing on each other.
I carefully reached out my hand towards him.
With a light hand gesture, I peeled off the robe that was hiding his face.
Then, a beautiful face, one that I had not seen for a long time, was revealed.
It is wasteful to hide such a face.
When we made eye contact, Alastair turned his head aside instantly.
So you know what you’re guilty for, eh?
“You can’t do that, Alastair.”
I grabbed his chin and turned his face towards me so that he had to look at my face.
His eyes were helplessly forced to look at me.
“Now, then tell me why you were there.”
“You don’t want to tell me? But what about this? I can force you to answer. The only reason I didn’t force you to answer before was because you weren’t Alastair, but now you’ve been found out.”
Alastair closed his mouth firmly and looked down.
It reminded me of the puppy I had raised in my previous life.
When I punished the puppy, it looked exactly like this.
“······When did you know?”
“I didn’t know it from the beginning. I figured it out about halfway.”
“…..How did you know?”
“Fool. Isn’t it weird that you don’t know how not to be so obvious?”
I took my hand off his chin.
Alastair looked at my falling hand with longing, but I didn’t care.
Is it because I was too tired and worked too hard today?
My legs hurt.
I walked toward the table and sat down with my hips on it.
With my hands behind me, I supported myself up and looked at him languidly.
“So Alastair, did you have fun deceiving me?
The person who tried to fool me was duped, but can I really do it?
“That’s not true,”
said Alastair feeling a sense of injustice.
“You weren’t fooled.”
“Yes. For your information, it was kind of fun tricking you.”
My eyes curled agreeably, and I smiled.
Alastair sighed as he rubbed the back of his head.
It wasn’t hard to fool and tease him.
I almost had a convulsion in my mouth while holding back laughter.
“Good thing I got caught. I had something I wanted to ask you.”
I propped my chin and on my hand and waited for Alastair’s proceeding words.
Alastair smiled vaguely, but somehow, his smile looked twisted.
I don’t know why he is upset, but I raised my eyebrow, coaxing him to tell me.
“Why did you want to buy that elf?”
Why did I want to buy him?
The reason is obvious.
Alastair looked at Igelto lying on the floor.
As his cool gaze turned to Igelto, Igelto, who was sleeping well, suddenly began to curl into a ball.
“I want him.”
“I want that elf.”
“·····You want that?”
“Very. I’ve been coveting and wishing for a long time.”
He slowly blinked and then slowly approached me.
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