Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 18.1

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I had to look up at him because I was sitting on the table.
As I tried to keep my head up, my neck was stiff, and I rubbed my neck.
As soon as I rubbed my neck, Alastair changed his posture, perhaps because he noticed that it was uncomfortable for me to keep looking up.
Instead, with my body in between, he put his hands on the table, then slowly lowered his body to meet my eye level.
I was firmly trapped between his arms.
Alastair wanted to deny my words.
“Why would I lie to you?”
His eyes sank in thick shadows.
Both eyes shining in the dark were quite intimidating, but they did not affect me.
This was his punishment.
Not only did he hide his identity from me, but I also wanted retribution for him offering 70 million gold for Igelto, causing Plan A to fail.
Isn’t this fine and cute revenge?
I knew very well.
I am the one who always holds the reins. [pssht you tell yourself that girl, you’re the one planning elaborate plans for Alastair]
That’s how it has always been, and it won’t be much different now.
Yes, this moment—this dynamic will never change.
Until his brainwashing is cured.
Yeah, I know, I was being incredibly selfish.
I had a contradictory heart to avoid Alastair but to make this moment as full as possible.
“Your bracelet….”
He looked down at my wrist, with the blue bracelet, and glanced at the bracelet that Igelto held tight in his hand.
He grabbed my wrist tightly.
“Ou! It hurts, Alastair….”
Sharp fury rattled in his eyes.
With purple eyes desperately urging me to clarify, I realized that the situation had changed.
It must have been me who took control of the situation and made fun of him just before… but the moment he saw the bracelet on my wrist, he couldn’t act leisurely.
“Are you involved with him?”
“It hurts. Let go.”
“I asked what is between you two first.”
“If you don’t let go of my hand now, I won’t see you again. You better let go before you regret it!”
His dark eyebrows frowned deeper and flinched, his fine forehead cracked. He sighed and let go of my arm.
The throb that I had received from him irritated me greatly– I was so annoyed.
“Why are you looking at me like that, Alastair? Why— do you want me to do this for you too?”
I waved my wrist in front of him.
The blue bracelet shook and blurred like a wave.
“Stop. If you don’t want to stir up my anger, stop.”
His red lips drew round lines.
However, his eyes were not smiling, giving me goosebumps.
I stopped shaking my arm.
“Alastair, are you jealous now?”
“·····Jealous? Of course.”
“You’re shameless.”
“If you already know it, you shouldn’t do this.”
Having said that, he smiled coolly.
It was obvious he was warning me.
Unlike his calm face, he seemed to be on the brink of sanity.
“But what should I do? I really need that elf.”
I felt like a giant beast was standing in front of me.
His distorted his face and growled.
“I guess I wasn’t good enough for you. I never thought you’d think you needed something like that.”
“Idiot. It’s not because you’re lacking.”
“Then why?”
“That elf is indispensable to my plans—very much so.”
I purposely accentuated the word ‘very.’
Then Alastair’s eyebrows twitched.
The ‘very’ emphasis was intended to touch Alastair’s nerves, but I was honest about Igelto being vital.
Without him, all of my plans would be in vain, and the word ‘very’ may be understating it.
To detoxify Amalion, I needed Flainte, and to process it, I needed an elf.
So I went through all this trouble and brought Igelto from the slave ring.
It was an odd meritorious act to unravel Alastair’s brainwashing, but that would not be the case for Alastair, who did not know it.
Alastair bit his red lips.
They were even redder because of his blood.
I didn’t say much, but those few words seemed to absolutely aggravate Alastair.
His twisted face looked difficult to untangle.
‘Shall we fold the play at this point?’
I gently stroked his face.
It was a small touch, but his eyes were slightly hazy as if drunk with this warmth.
I was lucky, slowly caressing his face.
“Alastair, actually.”
“I’m trying to free you from your brainwashing.”
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