Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 19.2

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I lost anyway, why don’t we just enjoy that hour together?
I laid my elbows on the table and laughed without care, with my chin between the bottom of my palms.
I don’t think Alastair would dare request something that would harm me.
I don’t know where this sense of security comes from. Maybe because it’s Alastair?
“Can you come over here first?”
What are you going to do?
I wondered what he would say.
I got up from my seat and approached him as directed.
Alastair smiled with satisfaction and hugged my waist.
“Sit down.”
Alastair squeezed my waist and sat me on his lap.
I grabbed the cup in front of me and sipped its wine.
It was the cup Alastair was drinking from first, but I didn’t care.
If I had stretched out my arm a little more, I would have been able to grab my own cup, but I couldn’t be bothered. (TN OMOMooo indirect kisssss)
“Give me some too.”
As I took a sip of wine, Alastair took the glass out of my hand and took a sip of it too.
I opened my mouth as I watched his neck and adams apple move as he drank.
“So what do you want to do?”
“Can I do it?”
“Why not? You won’t?”
Alastair laughed low and buried his face in my neck.
My body trembled with the unfamiliar sensation, but I quietly accepted him.
As his warm breath touched my neck, my body reacted sensitively.
I decided to have light-hearted fun together, but it was too intense for me to be carefree. Instead, Alastair looked happy.
Something hot and soft touched my neck. [girlll..wattt *double checks rating*]
I could easily figure out what it was.
Alastair bit my throat lightly gently.
Even though it was a small pain, my body could not respond insignificantly.
I was amazed and hurriedly grabbed Alastair’s collar.
His lips travelled around my neck as if enjoying my reaction.
“….hgnnnh. Don’t leave a mark. It’s frustrating to have to wear turtlenecks.”
“So is it okay here?”
He asked with his mouth on my skin, sending little vibrations that resonated on my skin coupled with his heated breathes.
He slid down my neck and took a swipe around my collarbone. And left kisses all over my body.
While later, Alastair raised his head.
“Serina, if you had won the game…”
“What would you have ordered me to do?”
“Well, something very risque?”
I said that, and I giggled mischievously.
Alastair’s eyes opened wide as if my racy answer was completely unexpected, and that made me laugh even more.
After I stopped laughing, Alastair kissed and nuzzled my cheek a little.
Perhaps his mood seemed to suggest that he seemed to regret a little that he had won.
“Would you like to play chess one more time?”
I can’t believe how transparent he is, so I laugh again at his straight forward words.
I raised my hand and gave him a flick on the forehead. His eyelashes trembled with a prickly sensation.
“Why? Planning on losing this time?”
“No way. I will do my best.”
Is it my illusion that he will try to do his best? Alastair’s folded his eyes in mirth and smiled sweetly.
“However, I have a hunch that I’m going to lose this time.”
Alastair slyly laughed.
Instead of answering, I flicked his forehead again—but this time, it was loaded with mana.
That made his forehead slightly red.
“Okay, I’m going to leave with another guy.”
Alastair grinned at me, but his hands around my waist began to grab me tighter with strength.
It was fierce, but I answered with a snort.
“Well. Who shall I leave with?”
I lengthened my words and made fun of him openly.
Realizing that he was being teased, Alastair sighed.
Is it because I’m drunk? I wanted to be childish now.
“Serina, ··…please. Don’t make such a joke.”
“Why? I’m having fun.”
“You next to someone else….. just thinking about it makes me feel terrible.”
Alastair frowned and stared intensely into my eyes.
In his eyes, there was only my reflection and a feeling of eternalness.
“The moment you abandon me and choose someone else.”
His mood changed. He sharpened his teeth and opened his mouth.
“You’d better be prepared.”
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