Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 21.1

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I grabbed the quill after a long time.
Since coming to Duke Agernia‘s residence, I had idled around, waiting for Igelto to wake up and seldom held a pen.
Since the story already began, I decided to briefly organize the original story’s contents in my head.
Ink dripped on the parchment.
For a long time, I held the quill in my hand. I put it down.
Even if it comes to mind from time to time, I didn’t remember enough or in enough detail to write it down and fill the paper.
It’s not like I was trying to bang my brain or force a memory out right now, but at the Imperial banquet, it might be easier to remember…. that’s right.
When the banquet is ripe, there is an attempt to murder the saint.
It was an attempt by an insane pseudo-religious group.
They fell under the illusion that if the saint is sacrificed, their God would return.
Ah, what was their name again… Fascius.
There are numerous pseudo-groups in the Empire, but this group has been particularly noted. Fascius serves ‘some god’ that no one knows about.
Because all members of the group are made up of warlocks.
A warlock was the main culprit in the distant past, causing a war that shook all continents with dark magic.
After that incident, the Empire began to persecute dark warlocks. Those born with black magic were all executed by imperial law. Whether the nobility or the royal family.
There are no exceptions.
As soon as one was born with dark powers, they were destined to die.
So naturally, those who possess those abilities join ‘Fascius’ to survive.
Only there acknowledges the existence of the Dark Warlock.
And children with dark magic are educated and raised there.
Children who are all there is to see, hear, and learn from warlocks and become dark wizards themselves.
However, Fascius’s plan in the original book ends without much impact.
Hypron saves Juliana from danger and creates the beginning of a relationship between the two.
After that, Fascius continues to struggle, but due to an unknown internal division, their own end is reached.
I still remember it because it ended in vain in the original.
Should I be sad? The real villains of this novel are myself and Alastair.
A sound knocks me out of me out of my rivière
“My lady, this is Lida. May I come in?”
“Come in.”
I put down my pen and turned to Lida. Seeing her with a bright face, I wonder if she has any good news.
“What’s the matter?”
“The guest finally woke up!”
My eyes opened wide.
Lida spoke in a much more energetic voice as if expecting such a reaction.
“The guest is looking for the lady! Would you like to go right now?”
“Of course, I have to go.”
I completely forgot all about the original work and got up from my seat.
The guest Lida was referring to is Igelto.
Igelto woke up.
It was hard to contain my excitement at that fact.
The long-awaited elf is now in front of me.
I’m a day closer to releasing Alastair’s brainwashing.
I opened the door with my trembling hands.
Igelto was looking out of the window with slightly blank eyes that turned to the sound of the door opening behind him.
His blurred glaze became more and more intense.
His fresh green eyes were still dull.
‘The magic of transformation….fortunately works. Apart from the elves’ beauty, Igelto’s presence in the mansion, whose appearance is clearly on a different level from humans, is widespread.’
Knowing that nothing good could come of an elf’s presence to be known, I overlaid his appearance with a human likeness.
His pupils were rounded, and his pointed ears rounded.
I had no intention of announcing or introducing Igelto to the outside anyway, but just in case.
‘You should hide it as much as possible, so only a few know.’
“What is this place— it’s so gorgeous?”
Igelto looked around and frowned.
I don’t think the room is particularly fancy—the decorations, furniture, and things that would typically be in aristocrats’ rooms.
These were standard rooms that I was now accustomed to, but I don’t think so for Igelto, who lived in a different environment from me.
“If you feel uncomfortable, I can put it all away.”
“There is no need to do that. It’s just a little glamorous— visually.”
Igelto’s face was full of discontent. You don’t like the room, do you? I seriously agonized over whether I should quietly change the structure of the room when he was asleep.
“By the way, you said you’d save me, but you saved me when I was dying.”
Oh, that was the complaint.
Igelto’s whole body, which was severely injured, was bandaged all around.
He frowned as if his whole body was sore.
I shut my mouth without saying anything because Igelto’s words were valid.
I was confident when I first met him. Unfortunately, I believed that my operation would be successful.
There was no doubt that Hypron would intervene in the auction house as described in the original.
However, from the moment I intervened, the original work has been unreliable.
Contrary to my expectations, Alastair meddled, and Hypron, who was supposed to be preoccupied with the auction house, chased me.
“I’m sorry,”
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