Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 25.1

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I’m tired.
“… I’m watching ···········.”
I’m tired and want to sleep more, but someone kept trying to wake me up. I shook my hand roughly to shake it off.
“Lady! Wake up!”
I woke up in a daze; my vision still dark.
I awakened in bed, blinking my eyes slowly. It was Lida, a maid serving me in Agernia.
“Lady, it’s time to have lunch.”
“It’s okay.”
I tried to lie back down, but Lida stopped me quickly.
“Are you very tired now, miss?”
“Yes, so let me sleep a little bit more.”
“D…did you cry?”
She looks at me and asks me carefully.
I cried. I’m full of bullshit.
“I think your eyes are swollen… Is it because you have been sleeping too long?”
“I guess.”
“Stop sleeping and have lunch now.”
“No. I am not hungry.”
“……. I see. Then you have to eat it later. Or should I bring you some milk?”
“It’s fine.”
When I firmly refused, Lida couldn’t advise me anymore.
Normally, I would have listened to her when she was this stubborn, but now it was a very different day than usual.
Most of all, I didn’t want to eat face to face with Alastair.
“Oh, my lady, what’s wrong with the Duke?”
“He seemed to be in a bad mood.”
“This morning, he directly led the training of the knights, but all of them left the training room as if their souls left their bodies. I passed the room, and he seemed as if he was chiding them, it seemed abusive….”
“Isn’t that how training is supposed to be?”
It was his role to exercise his knights’ endurance every day.
Wouldn’t it be favorable if their skills improved thanks to Alastair? So what if they were miserable? It’s their fault for choosing an arduous career such as a knight.
“Hmm. I don’t think that’s the case in this circumstance…. Knights have to live too. Anyway, I’ll go out, Miss. If you are hungry, ring the bell, and I’ll come.”
“Wait a minute, Lida.”
Lida was about to leave when I remembered something I had to do and stopped her
“I’m going out. Please call the carriage for me.”
The carriage rattled.
My body was shaken from the impact.
My original plans were a mess.
In order to arrange our banquet outfits, I originally planned to ask Alastair to go with me but…
I decided not to think anymore.
At last, the wagon stopped the last shaking, finally arriving at Madame Blanche’s dressing room.
I left the carriage and entered the store.
Upon entering, he saw an employee busy dealing with his clients and Blanche’s apprentices. Then, in turn, I saw young girls buying costumes.
“What? Miss Melford?”
I looked around —uncertain if this meeting was fortunate or woeful—and met a familiar gaze.
She got up from her seat as she smirked and stepped up to me with an imposing gait.
I faced her with a similar fake socialite smile.
“Well met, Miss Sylvania.”
“Oh my, Miss Melford! It’s been a long time.”
Ugh, what an unlucky day to meet such a troublesome person.
“Miss Melford must have come to get a banquet dress.”
“That’s right. Did you get one too?”
“I just arrived.”
“I see. Well, good luck.”
I had no intention of conversing anymore.
But, conversely, Sylvania seemed to have a lot to say, opening her mouth.
I called over Madame Blanche’s apprentice without giving Sylvania a moment to speak.
“Where’s Madam?”
“Did you make a reservation?”
Madame Blanche’s salon was famous. From her abrasive personality to the clothes she made, there was no one like her in aristocratic society.
The clothes she made are always fashionable and renowned.
She was a leading designer in the fashion world, so many people wanted her clothes.
Madame Blanche, who held her nose in the air, was famous for being picky with her customers. People had to make an appointment a month in advance if they wanted to come to Blanche’s dressing room and meet her.
Sylvania mockingly laughed without hesitation when she heard my response.
The apprentice didn’t gloat because I was a noble, but his face mildly reflected how absurd he thought I was.
“I’m sorry·······.”
Before the apprentice could continue, I took out the card and handed it over.
The apprentice’s grim expression straightened up as soon as he checked the card.
“Would you please call Madame now?”
I grinned at her apprentice, who held his breath and looked at me.
It is true that Madame Blanche is picky about her customers, but I was an exception.
Because I am loyal and a regular customer among the regular clientele who make up a significant portion of Madame Blanche’s sales.
In short, I am the VVIP among her VIPs.
“I—I’ll be back right away!”
His face became ashen.
I didn’t bully him! Curious gazes surveyed me, and for a moment, even I doubted whether or not I made a commotion.
After a moment, Madame Blanche came running.
She was so urgent she didn’t even put down the needle and thread in her hand.
“Miss Melford! It’s been a while since you’ve visited!”
“It’s been a while, Madam.”
People in the salon were taken aback.
Madame Blanche, who turned her nose up at countless nobles, could also be shamelessly solicitous.
It wasn’t as if she was groveling, but it was Madame Blanche, so it was a fresh shock to them.
“Then, Miss Sylvania. See you at the International Imperial Banquet.”
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