Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 29.2

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A shout came from behind.
“Serina! Come here right now!”
Mikhail yelled at me, hanging from the railing upstairs and running towards me.
Instead of fleeing, I chose to check what was happening behind me.
And I doubted my eyesight
‘What is that?’
I stumbled back.
Dark magic leaked out of Alastair’s body.
The magical power that circulated around him shook and created a fierce storm.
“What the hell………”
“There’s nothing to be surprised about. At your age, kids infrequently run like that in the process of growing their magical power.”
As I was distracted by Alastair, I didn’t even notice the Duke approaching me.
She brushed my shoulder and passed by.
Duke Melford walked towards Alastair through the fiercely swirling black magic.
Reaching Alastair, she made a sword with her magical power.
I blinked my eyes, not knowing what she was going to do.
The next moment I almost screamed in surprise.
Duke Melford stabbed Alastair with the sword.
Then, the whirlwind, which was swirling quickly, became stronger.
The Duke frowned as if embarrassed and then smiled brightly when her eyes found me. It was an unpleasant laugh.
“Seri, come here.”
I hesitated for a moment, but I could do nothing but obey, so I followed her command.
I gulped, nervous.
As I approached her, she grabbed my hand in her and made me come a little closer.
“Would you like to make a sword?”
As she urged me and squeezed my hand, I was forced to create a sword with magical power.
“Good job. Now then, stab him.”
What did I just hear?
“I told you to stab him.”
“It’s unavoidable. There’s only one way to stop Alastair from losing control.”
You whisper in a sad tone, but why do I feel like you look happy?
“……I can’t.”
“……What can I do? When my mother wasn’t able to do it?”
“No. It’s possible because it’s you, Seri.”
Why is she so insistent? I can’t believe anything she says.
“Serina, hurry.”
My hand holding the sword quivered.
The boy’s small body entered my vision.
“Why me?”
“So why is it you?”
She muttered as if talking to herself.
It was difficult to understand.
“Let’s stop talking now.”
As my grip became more assertive, her hand left mine.
I gave strength to my hand that held the sword.
They say this is the only way to solve it.
I have to.
“If I do this… will he not get hurt?”
“I can’t guarantee that. Maybe he’ll die. But if you leave it like this, he’ll definitely die.”
“He might die anyway, wouldn’t it be better to choose the one with the slightest possibility of survival?”
I do not want to do this. I’m scared.
But if I don’t do it, he might die.
No, he could die even if I carry through with this.
I reluctantly lifted my sword high.
Let’s finish this quickly. Hopefully, it will be less painful.
“It hurts·······.”
Alastair groaned in agony.
I hesitated for a moment, but I closed my eyes tightly.
It can’t be helped. Really.
When the carriage door suddenly opened, I awoke from my thoughts.
“We’ve arrived, miss.”
As I stepped out of the carriage, a familiar landscape unfolded after a long time.
I finally arrived home.
I stared blankly at the mansion instead of entering right away.
I quietly closed my eyes.
The day I stabbed Alastair, he almost died again.
Alastair woke up after a long time in a coma.
Overwhelmed with guilt, when he woke up, I didn’t avoid him or push him away.
It was due to pure guilt that made me get close to him.
Then I got more and more friendly.
Maybe it’s because, on some level, I think I deserve to die if Alastair tries to kill me.
It is for similar reasons that I am striving to erase his brainwashing.
Guilt and affection.
I opened my closed eyes.
And I step into the mansion.
* * *
As I entered the house through the terrifying sunlight, cool air broke through my collar.
The cool breeze blowing from the inside blew past me when the doors opened.
“So you’ve finally arrived?”
The man, looking straight at me with his arms folded in the middle of the hall, said crookedly.
“Yes, I’ve arrived.”
I replied, annoyed, and I tried to walk past him.
If only he hadn’t grabbed my wrist.
“That’s all you have to say?
“Then you have more to say?”
All of the servants’ eyes were eyeing us. When Mikhail sent a fierce gaze to them, they quickly turned away.
“Follow me.”
Mikhail pulled me along.
“It’s better than talking here.”
Mikhail grabbed my arm and walked forward, striding forward, where he led me to was none other than my room.
He closed the door carefully and soon opened his mouth:
“You, why did you ask me to tell you when mother is away?”
“I can’t tell you that right now.”
“What? There’s something else to hide…!”
You will find out someday.
On the day when Alastair’s brainwashing is released.
On that day, what kind of expression will people greet me with?
What about my brother in front of me?
Will you curse me?
I suddenly wondered.
“Brother, I actually have one more favor to ask of you.”
“Please be on the lookout and let me know when mother comes.”
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