Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 30.1

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It was the most surprised interjection I heard today.
His mouth formed a tight disapproving frown.
“What the hell are you going to do?”
“I’m going into the Hall of Hallucinations. This is the only thing I can tell you.”
I had been there several times, but only after the Duke’s permission.
In other words, it was forbidden without the permission of the Duke.
“What the hell are you going to do? What are you trying to do without Mother knowing? Then, what if you get caught? ·····!”
“I’m not asking, brother.”
I pulled my arm held by him away.
“If you help me, I will write you full, detailed letters from now on.”
My usual letters often consisted of one-word answers I wrote as if I were passing by. [t1v: meh texting has ruined us]
How come you don’t send a letter?
“Then go out there. I’m busy; I have work to do.”
I opened the door.
Mikhail’s eyebrows wiggled.
When he showed no sign of going out, I pushed him out of the room.
“Ya—Hey·······. You ····!”
“Oh, and call my maid.”
After finishing my words, I closed the door without hesitation.
I heard him shouting something behind the door.
It was not long before he returned with a resigned sigh.
I felt a little sorry, but I couldn’t help it. I have a job to do.
Soon a maid came up to my room.
Thankfully, Mikhail obliged my request.
I sat on the bed and looked tired.
“There will be dresses arriving from Madame Blanche’s Dressing Room. Take them and send them to the Duke of Agernia’s residence.”
“Is that all you need, Miss?”
“Oh, and I want to rest comfortably, so move all the nearby servants until before dinner.”
“I understand.”
The maid responded politely and left the room.
This was the reason and excuse I used for coming to Melford.
Usually, ordering servants to bring the dresses would be effective enough, but it had been a while since I came to see my family.
I would attend dinner after getting my hands on the scented candle.
We would talk, and I would go back tomorrow morning.
When I couldn’t hear the maid’s footsteps who left anymore, I immediately got out of my seat and left my room.
I had no time to rest.
The hallway was empty as I requested.
Nevertheless, I was extra cautious and killed the sound of my footsteps.
After being in my room all day, I headed to the Hall of Hallucinations.
It was a place where even stepping nearby was considered terrifying.
Yet, there came a day that I came here by my own free will.
After all, you never know where fate will lead you.
My hand holding the iron door was trembling.
I swallowed the saliva that was constantly stuck in my mouth.
I was very nervous. My heart so fast that I’m worried that it might explode.
I took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down, then twisted my hand to turn the doorknob.
The iron door opened with an eerily icy sound.
The sound was loud because it was an old door even though I opened it as slowly and carefully as possible.
I was anxious about who may have heard it.
After gulping again, I entered the room.
There was a drastic difference in temperature inside the room.
My body uncontrollably trembled in the air that seemed to be freezing beyond coolness.
I tried to calmly search the room.
There was thick dust between the black bricks that made up the hall. On the left, numerous weapons were on display.
On the other side, there are countless iron bars and spaces for locking someone up.
There had to be a scented candle somewhere here.
I knew where the scented candles were.
She always kept scented candles near iron bars.
But there were no scented candles.
I rubbed my eyes and looked around a few times to see if I was mistaken, but nothing changed.
There are no scented candles……….
My head was panicking, flustered so bad I stopped thinking for a moment.
My breathing got faster.
I cooled my head by patting my heart.
Now wasn’t the time to be frightened.
‘…… Let’s search some more first.’
I wandered back and forth to find the candles, treading lightly, conscious of even the loud sound of my breathing.
Instead the only thing that entered my eyes were weapons used for torture.
As I was moaning, a bloody sword entered into my eyes.
Seeing it, puzzled me.
The blood that had undergone browning. The fact that this degree of browning has occurred meant that about two days have passed since the blood was smeared…. It was chilling. [t1v: it’s chilling that you know that]
I felt a cool sweat run down my back, crawling over my goosebumps.
It was a dreadfully eerie feeling.
I tried to push the thought away, but what if I get caught?…
‘But wasn’t this room only for Alastair?’
I have never seen anyone other than Alastair enter this room.
At that moment, a terrible wonder began to grow, and I struggled to ignore it.
Alastair hasn’t been back to Melford for a long time.
I turned my head—attempting to turn my mind away from my horrible imagination— and looked around again in search of the scented candles.
After a time, I started was getting fearfully anxious when nothing appeared after looking for a while.
It was Mikhail’s voice.
He made a loud voice announcing the arrival of the Duke of Melford.
What the hell…?
You shouldn’t be here!
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