Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 35.2

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Her clumsy disguise as a man had been ridiculous, but even in that getup, she was beautiful thanks to her fascinating appearance.
So this boy is her brother? Or a person that happens to resemble her?
“You said you came to satisfy your curiosity, so what’s your question?”
Maxion inquired while he held his chin high.
“Ah, that? The Melford family is a magician family, so isn’t your blood special?”
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Maxion, who was trying to pull his face away, froze in realization: Sister Seri!
Older brother Mikhail coveted Serina’s blood, but he didn’t know why.
The Melford Dukedom, who had produced wizards for generations, would indeed have a unique lineage.
For instance, Serina.
This man’s words sounded eerily similar to Mikhail’s, who said she had the most attractive blood.
At that time, due to Maxion’s distaste, he saw his brother blinded by his enthusiasm for his experiments. Maxion couldn’t help but think he was trash coveting his sister’s blood, so his words went into one ear and out the other.
Tactless Carron also grew silent at the man’s words.
“Special blood… Isn’t he talking about Sister Seri?”
Carron whispered into Maxion’s ear, trying to be discreet—but it seemed Pien picked up on his words.
Hey, you idiot!
If Pien had not been there, Maxion would have shouted at Carron.
“I need your special blood, but I guess your sister has it.”
Ah. What an interesting coincidence. Let’s meet these kids’ older sister.
By meeting, you’ll find out whether or not she was the same woman you met at the slave auction house.
And above all… You can get your hands on special blood.
Maxion gulped when he saw Pien sky-blue eyes shined like a child who found something fascinating.
He felt it instinctively.
Sister Seri was in danger because of his stupid twin brother’s mistake.
Finally, it was the day of the International Royal banquet.
I sat in front of the mirror and looked at myself indifferently.
The red dress was more beautiful than I had expected.
Black lace, beautifully embroidered with a rose pattern, descended from my collarbone and enfolded around my cleavage.
Although the necklace was low, it looked elegant.
The embellishments descending from the sides harmonized without being overdone or distracting.
On the hem was a fine powder made of ground-up gems, sparkling brilliantly under the light.
The design of the dress was alluring, further enhancing its sophisticated tempting sex appeal by the red color.
It was so gorgeous that it seemed a bit burdensome and too flashy.
But contrary to my concerns, the maids who helped me dress up were busy praising me.
“Oh my! You are so beautiful! At today’s banquet, surely you’ll be the most stunning, my lady—no one will be able to look away!”
“The Duke will have a hard time protecting the young lady from countless suitors!”
“You’ll be the main star at today’s ball for sure!”
“Isn’t she so dazzlingly beautiful? Won’t all the attendees be blinded?”
They flattered me, exaggerating.
It didn’t affect my confidence but all the praise was too much and starting to get on my nerves.
“Beauty is worthless.”
I saw my appearance and threw words of frustration. Igelto came into my room after I finished up.
“Aren’t you too skinny? You look like branches dressed in human clothes.”
Several pairs of terrified gazes immediately struck him.
At that moment, Igelto quietly shut his mouth.
-Knock knock
“My lady, it’s time to depart now.”
I checked the time. The clock informed me that I was already late.
“Alastair must have been waiting for quite a while.”
The maids reassured me, saying that it is natural to make Alastair wait a long time when a lady was getting ready for an event.
It was a privilege and his pride to wait on a beautiful woman—so said the owner of the mansion.
I bid farewell to the maids and Igelto and approached the carriage waiting in front of the mansion.
Alastair stood in front of the wagon.
The sun was setting, and the cold wind started to blow.
Why are you standing here and struggling?
His red face due to the chilly wind, turned even redder when he saw me.
His eyes widened as if astonished.
I tried to talk to him out of concern, but it was Alastair who opened his mouth first:
“As expected, I can’t do it.”
“I don’t want you to attend the banquet.”
“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”
“You don’t know how hard it was for me last year.”
Alastair lamented under his breath.
I don’t know what he was talking about, so it just sounded like gibberish to me, but I had an inkling he was blaming me.
“Why are you so unnecessarily pretty…?”
When Alastair grumbled in dismay, only then I understood why he was complaining to me. Dumbfounded by the realization, I quickly burst with laughter like a deflated balloon.
“Now… are you being jealous?”
Come to think of it, Alastair seemed perturbed by a mysterious problem at last year’s banquet.
With what qualifications did you reject the young men who asked me for dance?
“Are you really just figuring that out now?”
I swallowed my saliva.
Please, I hope you don’t do that at this banquet.
At this rate, all of my personal connections would be cut off by Alastair.
“If you know that now, look at me a little more. Before I make an accident.”
“I can’t see you because I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of accidents you’ll make.”
“You shouldn’t do that, Serina.”
Alastair carefully tugged my cheeks and made direct eye contact with me with his intense gaze.
His purple eyes flashed dangerously.
“I wouldn’t mind if time stopped here.”
“…… such unpleasant words.”
I pushed Alastair away and entered the carriage.
I sat down and looked at him, still standing outside.
“What are you doing there?”
I tapped on the seat next to me and beckoned him with a light hand gesture.
What’s this? Alastair looks as if he’s bewitched.
“Come here, Alastair.”
I smiled with an obvious intention to seduce.
He chuckled languidly as I winked at him calculatingly.
Despite his attempts to draw the corners of his mouth down, he couldn’t help but smile. The tails of his mouth stood constant at a happy angle.
“……Really, you…”
He shook his head, lamenting, and covered his mouth with his hand.
His big hand covered his face that looked lovely and on the verge of losing his reason.
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