Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 38.1

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I went straight to her.
Alastair’s words to come straight to his side have already been forgotten.
The noble gave Juliana a friendly smile and talked to her a few times, then naturally raised his glass while offering her the other one with the drugs.
As if he wanted her to take a sip.
“Ah. Thank you….”
Just before Juliana grabbed her glass, I plucked it away.
“Drink it.”
I gave the cup back to the aristocrat who offered Juliana the wine.
The nobleman bit his lips anxiously at this unexpected turn of events.
“What disrespect! I’m delivering a glass to the saint…!”
So you were going to double down on being shameless, eh?
Well, I guess this was the best an idiot like him could think of.
The corners of my lips twisted in disgust.
“I found out about something very fascinating, so I’m going to investigate it.”
“Ah… Ser—Serina. No, Lady Melford.”
Juliana held my hand as if embarrassed by the sudden failing atmosphere.
I looked at her.
I usually wasn’t the type to make a scene.
I need her until Alastair’s brainwashing is completely released.
Since I know Juliana can release Alastair’s brainwashing from reading the novel, she’s the hand I need.
“Are you kidding me?! This lady suddenly stole the wine I was trying to give to the saint?”
In an instant, his loud protest drew attention. The man shouted louder, I had no idea that things would get this big.
“I told you. I saw something interesting.”
“Oh, that makes sense…!”
“I saw you put something strange in the glass you gave her.”
The nobles who pretended not to be listening could not hide their astonishment.
The banquet hall became boisterous as the revelation made them restless.
“Are you slandering me! A conspiracy! Are you saying I drugged Saint-nim’s wine glass?! Where is justice? You can make a perfectly innocent person into a criminal over someone’s mistaken eyes.
“Of course, I may have misseen as you’ve said and if so, I will apologize and step down.”
“Okay! Then, can I drink it?”
Where did his fearful spirit go? His attitude became dignified.
His shoulders, which had been trembling precariously just a moment before, were now steady.
“Give me that glass!”
What’s going on?
“Wait a moment.”
Dodging the hand of the man who held out his hand to the drink, I pulled back my hand holding his glass.
“Why are you avoiding me! Oh, you’re doing this because you’re afraid that your lies will be exposed?”
With an excitable mean expression, the man rushed forward as if he had found a flawed hole.
Rather than feeling daunted, the man’s fierce conviction changed the gaze of the people around him.
Previously those that were casting harsh glances at the men were now sneering at me
Either way, I didn’t care and opened my mouth.
“I’ve heard of a new type of drug that doesn’t affect those who don’t have holy powers.”
I looked at Juliana with a pretty smile.
“It’s a special drug that only affects those with holy powers. It is a bizarre drug that leaves no evidence even after one examines the glass.”
If the drug is used on those who have holy powers………. it is a specially formulated poison.
This drug is not readily available. Unless through illegal trade.
“Holy Lady, would you like to test the contents by any chance?”
Another twisted original.
Hypron asked me to dance without following the original. There is enough possibility.
Perhaps it’s this nobleman, mentioned in the novel, who helped sneak in the Dark Warlocks into the banquet hall.
“Come on, Saint-nim.”
I took her hand and handed her a glass.
The complexion of the aristocrat had turned blue to the point of regret.
Juliana blinked her eyes and let out her energy.
Her power, which shone so brightly that her eyes stung, was beautiful.
“Saint-nim, how did you find it?”
“T-this is absurd…. Why is there such a thing in a glass…?”
The novel is twisted.
According to the original story, Hypron should have stopped the nobles before they even approached Juliana. But he couldn’t do that now because his interest was elsewhere.
There is a high probability that they would be more adversaries hiding.
“Why did you do that?”
“Th—, that’s….”
Tears welled up in Juliana’s blue eyes.
Her pathetic face made her look more innocent.
“Did I commit any disrespect towards you?”
“This, this…!”
The aristocrat drew a dagger from his bosom and rushed towards her.
The next thing happened in a flash.
“Kyyaa!” [t1v: scream sfx]
The man swung the blade at Juliana. I reacted instinctively, reaching out to her.
A sharp knife cut deep into my arm. A knife flew past my arm, and red water droplets flew into the air.
The nobles who were ogling then screamed in astonishment.
“Someone stop him! No, call the guards!”
I grabbed my injured arm and stepped back.
“Believer-nim…..! Are you okay?!”
“As you can see….. I’m not okay.”
The nobleman’s eyes were half-opened. Regardless of him being half-dead or almost killing me, he frantically swung and brandish his knife insanely.
I casted magic in an emergency.
The man’s body was set on fire. Fortunately, it worked well even if I casted it in a hurry, but luckily it worked.
“Aaaaah! Y-you guys .····· Kyyaaahyuk! What are you doing ·······! Come on…… ! Save me! Kill that woman and take the saint ······ Hurry up!”
The aristocrats gathered in the banquet hall shouted for someone to stop the man, but they all fell one step away, fearing that they too would be in danger.
Taking advantage of the opportunity, those who were aiming for Juliana rushed in.
And there were quite a few of them too.
While I was contemplating who to kill first, I came up with a magic spell that could be done quickly and did the math.
“Ahhh! Save me! It hurts! It hurts!”
It was time to unleash the magic spell. The appearance of the Dark Warlocks who ran in the room bizarrely inflated like balloons and then exploded lightly with a pop.
As light as a balloon pops. Human life was quickly crushed like a toy in a child’s hand.
The moment they died, they gasped for breath in agony.
Their faces expressed that they experienced the most terrible pain they had ever tasted. The warlocks who had entered afterward faltered.
They were afraid to die so painfully.
The question of who killed them like that didn’t last long.
I saw Alastair striding in front of me.
Alastair killed them like that.
Wrapped all over my body – I got goosebumps.
It wasn’t because of the brutality of slaughtering them like that.
I almost felt that he strangled me with care.
I have repeated countless times that he can kill me once his brainwashing is over.
My heavy resolution turned to ashes and scattered in the air.
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