Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 39.1

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The people of the temple approached Juliana, who was left unaccompanied.
“Are you all right, saint?”
They felt guilty for failing to protect her saint at the critical moment.
“Thank you for your concern. I want to be left alone for a while now.”
Juliana pushed the temple priests and nuns away.
They were like her family to her, but right now she desperately wanted some solitude.
“That’s not possible, Saint. It hasn’t been long since such a big incident happened.”
“That’s right! It’s dangerous right now. You should stay with us.”
They were worried about the saint, but Juliana looked at them and shook her head, speaking with more force.
“Please, I’m begging you. I want to be alone right now. I apologize.”
The saint’s mournful attitude made it difficult for them to refuse her request.
“Then we will leave you alone. Please come back soon.”
“Thank you for your consideration.”
She smiled at them and went out into the garden.
She sank down limply against the fountain.
Shaa *water sfx*—
White noise from the water filled her ears, muffling her hearing
It was relaxing. How pleasant.
After becoming a saint, it was always like this for her.
There was nothing she was good at.
Instead because of her position as a saint she was always protected and a burden.
Today was the worst.
Wasn’t she a great nuisance to those around her?
Seri even got injured because of her.
She even wanted to get to know her better and get close to her…
‘It’s impossible. It was a stupid idea.’
She sighed with resignation.
Tears dripped down from her blue eyes, soaked her cheeks.
– I don’t know why the saint is crying. It was Serina who was injured.
Maybe this is what he meant.
She didn’t want to show the people that she was crying.
It’s obvious that they would have fretted over her.
Don’t cry anymore.
Let’s do our best, Juliana.
She tried to comfort herself and cheer up, but it was not easy.
“Why are you crying?”
When did you arrive?
She was so engrossed in crying that she didn’t even know that someone was approaching.
Juliana got up from her seat, wiping away her tears.
“You don’t have to get up. Here, take it.”
Juliana raised her head and took in the man’s appearance.
He had sky-blue hair with clear azure eyes and handed a handkerchief to her.
She stared blankly at the man.
A man of captivating rare beauty carried himself like a bad boy, but his physique showed that he was an athletic adult.
‘Who is he?’
She abruptly accepted his handkerchief.
And stared intently at the man.
His appearance doesn’t look like a nobleman, but the way he looks and speaks is aristocratic.
“You’re the saint, aren’t you?”
He knew who she was.
Knowing that she was a saint, he still spoke to her informally. But she wasn’t offended.
It was not because of her characteristic benevolent personality, but because he showed kindness by handing her a handkerchief.
“Yes. I’m the Saint….”
“Oh, thank God!”
The man took Juliana’s hand as if he was overjoyed.
She was startled by the unexpected touch.
“I heard that Saint was with Serina Melford. Do you know where she is?”
The man, Pien, was here to see Serina. But, he was perhaps a step too late, the idiots did the job, and he couldn’t see where she was now.
After coming all the way here, he was annoyed because coming here would be in vain if he didn’t get to see Serina.
Perhaps those idiots were being tortured in prison. Oh well, it was their fateful ending.
“That’s… why are you asking?”
“What. Won’t you tell me?”
When the man rendered a forlorn expression on his face, Julianna was perplexed, and at a loss of what to do.
The man was kind to her, but she was also suspicious of him.
She had no intention of talking to him about others.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t know where she is. Serina followed an attendant somewhere to heal her wounds.”
She quietly said her name. Serina.
When did she address her by her first name? Juliana was a little worried that she might have been rude.
“Huh? She’s over there?”
The man stared straight ahead.
Juliana turned her head towards the direction of where he was looking.
In the distance, Serina entered her carriage, escorted by a coachman. The carriage bore the emblem of the Agernia family.
‘Huh? Why isn’t the Duke there?’
She was sure the two of them came in the same wagon, so why was she going back alone?
Serina’s partner was Duke Agernia so they must have arrived together.
And after the party, he would have dropped Serina to the Melford Ducal estate and then to go to Agernia.
That is the principle of the social world that Juliana knew.
“Then I’ll be on my way. Throw the handkerchief away!”
“Wait a minute…!”
The man squinted his eyes and disappeared from her sight.
Worried about what might happen, she decided that she should tell Serina quickly.
However… the carriage did not appear to have departed. [t1v: inferring that Serina is still within castle walls and not alone]
‘Will it be okay?’
People shouldn’t be judged by their faces, but the man’s face looked really harmless.
Enough to release tension when gazing upon it.
Who the hell was that man?
With a puzzled face, Juliana looked at the place the man had been standing on until he had teleported and disappeared.
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