Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 40.2

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“But, Serina, I don’t want you to get hurt.”
This is what he wants to say. His eyes were saying so.
“I made a mistake today. I’m sorry. My eyes turned [red] when I saw you get hurt.”
“I didn’t mean to reproach you. I was just worried you might get hurt again like today—but I was wrong.”
His voice got low and warm. He gently stroked my hair.
“That’s why I don’t like you trying to release me from my brainwashing. I don’t want you to do it. I know you’re going to get hurt.”
Are you trying to tell me to quit what I am doing? There was a rift between us over the issue of his brainwashing.
“Are you trying to tell me to stop?”
“If I tell you to stop, will you stop?”
“See. Don’t I know you? You’re stubborn, won’t listen to a single word, unyielding, seems selfish, but aren’t you actually selfless?”
He acted like a man that knew me very well and was proud, but I heard him swearing at me.
When I raised my eyes to him, he grinned.
“I’m not going to stop you. Do what you want. But if it’s dangerous, just avoid it and don’t get hurt.”
“This is what I want to say.”
You truly do care for me to the core.
So maybe that’s why my eyes always went to him.
He cared more for me than my blood family.
Even though I know that living according to the wishes of my mother, the Duke of Melford was the easiest and safest way. The reason for choosing him was clear.
Unlike my mother, who tries to take advantage of me, he always treats me warmly, even if I take advantage of him.
However, I know it is not ‘sincere’ because of brainwashing. Acknowledging that fact easily cracked the comfort I felt around him.
Our relationship was heavy and serious, but fragile like glass.
It was then that I realized the truth.
Even if I become obsessed with breaking his brainwashing I don’t want to jerk him around, at this rate I’ll care about him even afterward.
“·········I’m sorry, Alastair.”
His embrace was comfortable. I dug deeper into his arms.
I hugged him for a while and then let him go.
“Now let’s really go.”
I got up from bed.
Alastair looked disappointed but followed me.
When I left the room, I felt a chill.
Cold winds blew outside.
I unconsciously held on to the coat that covered me.
“Duke of Agernia!”
A servant ran hastily down an empty hallway.
“His—His Majesty is calling!”
The servant took a deep breath as if he had to run for a long time. Alastair’s frown showed no sign of yielding any time soon.
Today, he has failed several times to keep his facial expressions under control.
Fortunately, the hallway was dark and his expression wouldn’t be visible to the attendant.
It would be a scandal—a nobleman who frowns at the Emperor’s call.
“Serina, could you wait a minute?”
He seemed apologetic.
“I’m tired. I’ll go first, so you can take care of yourself by teleporting.”
I laughed playfully but flatly refused. I was beyond tired today.
I wanted to go to the mansion as soon as possible and rest.
He looked upset, but he couldn’t stop me from going.
Alastair pressed his fingers to the firm forehead and straightened it.
It wasn’t that annoying.
Thanks to Serina, he managed to regain his stability.
He didn’t know how many times he pictured in his head the time he would spend with her after returning home.
But now he was swept away by the Emperor.
The place the servant guided was the prison.
The moment he stepped into the dungeon, a strong smell of blood wafted out.
“Forego greetings.”
The emperor, who saw Alastair start to bow, dissuaded him with an uninterested hand.
“It makes no difference to why I called you.”
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The Emperor turned his head and nodded to the detained prisoners. Behind the iron bars were the warlocks captured from the banquet hall.
They had been severely tortured. One of the guards poured cold water on the fainted prisoners.
They convulsed and rolled their eyes.
When they came to their senses, they were startled to see the Emperor.
“It’s because of them. It looks like Facius is moving again.”
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