Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 43.2

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I smiled as brightly as I could and threw the dirt in his eyes.
He felt the sting and closed his eyes.
The strength of the hand around my neck diminished.
The dagger fell from his other hand.
I quickly grabbed his dagger.
And without pause, I pierced and dug into his abdomen with the blade.
The sound of the knife goring through his body was muffled. Blood spattered on my face.
“It hurts······.”
The man looked at the knife that had pierced his stomach in a stupor.
I took out the knife and stabbed him again.
The man frowned and looked at me.
His beautiful face was contorted with pain.
The man grabbed me by my wrist wanting to crush it. To prevent me from stabbing him deeply.
He held it so tight so I couldn’t move anymore.
By tomorrow morning, my wrists will be bruised black and blue.
Just like him, my forehead was wrinkled with pain.
As I chewed my lips, I endured the pain and did not let go of the knife.
Compared to the alternative bruising will be mild.
I felt like my bones were about to break.
I squeezed out the last of my mana and let it flow into my body.
With the intention of exploding all the organs in his body.
His body jumped as if he had been electrocuted.
The force that had been holding me as if it was about to break my wrist loosened.
Perhaps because the man who cast the spell was injured, the trees stopped moving.
He pushed his falling body towards me.
This time I had definitely finished him.
I was drenched in ecstasy and raised the corners of my lips slightly into a faint smile.
You must get out of here quickly!
While I looked around frantically, I saw horses tied to the carriage from the corner of my eye.
That’s it!
I stepped towards the horse and stopped.
My feet hurt terribly.
Blood flowed. My injuries ruptured and bled.
My body was full of wounds.
When I go back to the mansion, I will have to seek treatment from Igelto.
Even though they were my traumas, I didn’t feel any emotions like others.
Only when my injuries complained loudly with pain and fatigue did I then become aware of them.
* * *
When I returned, the mansion was in a commotion.
They looked at me with astonished eyes.
One of the attendants rushed to tell Alastair that I had arrived. “Oh, lady, h—how did you get to this state?”
Lida looked at the wound on my arm, and Hiccup! she shouted in surpise.
She placed her trembling hand on my shoulder.
“We need to call the doctor!”
“No. It’s alright.”
There’s an elf at home, and there’s no need to call one.
They knew that Igelto was a doctor, and a few knew that he was staying in this mansion.
“Lida, stop. I’m already exhausted, and right now I’m feeling rather unhinged.”
“I’m just worried about the young lady….”
She murmured with a depressed tone, but it could not reach my ears.
She announced,
“Now that the lady is back, the search will be stopped.”
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“Yes. Since you didn’t arrive after several hours, the Duke started a search operation. I heard from an acquaintance knight that if you didn’t come back soon the Duke was going to close the border and search the entire country….”
I raised my eyebrows. It sounded insane… no, utterly absurd.
This crazy….
I couldn’t help but be astonished.
A dangerous thing occurred today, but if I had been delayed or arrived home a little later, it would have resulted in a more ludicrous situation than it was now.
Seriously, Alastair thinks that a slight blow will kill me.
In a way, the fact that he, who overreacts to me every time, did not find me for several hours while conducted a search operation still fell short.
This wasn’t it.
“…I’m going to go into my room.”
I went up to my room, ignoring the voice holding me back, asking if I really wanted to get treatment.
When I got to the room, I collapsed on the bed.
My messy silver hair was flung and scattered all over the bed.
I needed to meet Igelto and receive treatment… but my eyes were closing.
I was physically exhausted and my body was depleted.
I tried to surrender my dazed self to a mindless slumber.
The roar of a door smashed open.
Helplessly, I got up to see what had happened.
His eyes and gazes of the servants who saw me a moment ago possessed similar feelings.
And one more emotion that differed from the attendants.
Was he afraid something had happened to me?
I lay in bed without answering his call.
I am so sleepy.
When I wake up, I can reassure him then.
I am so drowsy and exhausted now.
He called out to me again
As if he was begging for an answer.
I wanted to answer him, but my lips wouldn’t move.
It only needed to be opened a little bit, but it was heavy like a weight that could not be move.
As my consciousness collapsed, I heard footsteps.
One side of the bed sank.
He came right next to me and sat on the bed.
“Serina, don’t sleep and answer me…”
It was not strange that the voice calling me softly cut off shortly.
A voice soaked with a weeping tone could burst with even the most trivial touch.
He was always like that.
When I got hurt, he suffered as if he had been harmed, and he wanted to take on the pain instead.
“Why do you keep calling me…..?”
Just as his voice was similar, my tone was always the same, leveled.
The difference is that he was crying and I was falling asleep.
“How did you get hurt?”
“Let’s talk later.”
“Talk to me now. No, I’ll call the elf right away, so we’ll talk after your healing is over.”
” …. “
“You can’t sleep until then, okay?”
He stroked my hair as if he was an older child looking after a younger one and asked for an answer.
“······okay. I’m not going to sleep, so go.”
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The bed, which had been bent under his weight, rebounded.
Having received my promise, he got up from the bed and hurriedly left the room.
When he left, I couldn’t hold up my heavy eyelids and closed my eyes.
I am so sleepy. ·······
Soon after, I fell asleep.
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