Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 45.2

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So, being with him made me feel happy and uncomfortable at the same time.
In the past, I had the illusion that this joy would last forever.
“By the way, Alastair, did you find out who attacked me yesterday?”
“… What?”
“Not yet?”
I crossed my arms on my stomach and held my chin.
As I turned my head slightly and smiled, embarrassment flashed across his face.
“… How did you know?”
“I just happened to find out.”
This morning, when I told him what had happened and caused me arriving late last night, he abruptly left, saying something urgent had come up.
After he had left, I had leisurely changed my clothes, left the room and went down to the dining room.
I went to his office to ask him to eat with me, but the door hadn’t been close properly, so a cold voice leaked out.
– Find it and kill it.
A threatening growl, as if an arrow had passed through his throat. It was a familiar voice, but at the same time it was not.
Naturally, I listened to it and overheard it unintentionally.
“I was surprised when he said coolly to find him and kill him. I’ve never seen you so cold and brutal.”
“Ah—that… .”
“And what else did you say? Order them to bring him alive? So you could torture him yourself.”
“Ah again… … .”
Alastair stopped his rowing and covered his face.
I could see clearly what expression he was making before he covered it.
I’m doomed. That’s what his face looked like.
Perhaps he loved me, so he tried to deceive me as much as possible.
But I knew him too well for that.
It was because I read the novel, but after knowing him for a long time, there was no way I didn’t know.
“Alastair, you’re smart at times and stupid at other times.”
“What do you…… .”
“You think I don’t know everything?”
“What… .”
“It was about two years ago… … . Was it Baron Deren? Do you remember the case in the newspaper where the baron died brutally with all his organs ruptured in a brothel?”
“You did that.”
His eyes widened.
The sight of his shaking eyes in disbelief made him look pitiful.
“…..I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Why don’t you hide your facial expression and say it?”
It was always enjoyable to tease him.
He couldn’t say anything, and seeing him biting his mouth gave me a strange sadistic feeling.
“I know more than this, and I can recite everything if you want.”
“…… I think this will be enough.”
He bit his pitiful lip as if I had discovered a secret he didn’t want to be revealed.
“Baron Deren, why did you kill him?”
I always wondered. He was a competent figure in Alastair’s business and helped him in the novel.
Alastair had been satisfied with him.
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At least in the original story.
“He touched you.”
“With a rude, offensive touch, too.”
He did not hide the deep disgust cast on his face.
Two years ago, in the social world, he pretended not to have touched my body.
His history with women was very uncomfortable and grim.
Rumors spread after he died, that he had raped several maids working in his mansion.
Those who heard the rumor were easily convinced.
He was famous for molesting and sexual harassing young ladies in society with less authority.
When he touched my body, it was obvious that he had lost his mind.
I had seriously contemplated cutting off his hand, but before that he had been murdered.
By Alastair.
I looked at him and then looked at the sky.
The lanterns that were blown into the sky sometimes clashed and shone beautifully.
Petals fell softly on my face.
I blinked at the petals falling one by one.
Our boat had settled under a tree.
The flowers that bloomed on the trees were blown away by the wind.
I raised my hand and picked a flower from a tree.
As I lowered my head, Alastair held my gaze. I smiled and leaned closer to him.
As I leaned over and approached him on his knees, my stomach churned.
I care about him.
Alastair stared blankly at me, not even thinking to stop me.
I put the flowers on his head.
“You’re pretty, Alastair.”
His face was dyed red perhaps from the light of the lanterns.
As the boat gradually leaned to one side, I returned to my place.
His gaze was still fixed on my retreating hands and body.
I picked up the lantern that I had placed beside him, pretending not to notice and ignoring his gaze.
“Now, let’s let it fly.”
I gave him a balloon.
He looked at the lantern and lit it with magic power.
When I saw the lantern he had lit up, I let it go.
“What did you wish for?”
My eyes were filled with the lit balloons released into the air.
His purple eyes were also dyed red*.
“I prayed I would marry you, Serina.”
I almost choked.
“Being your concubine is good, too.”
I was at a loss for words when I saw him smiling brightly.
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“Serina’s wish— what did you wish for?”
“…… I hoped your medicine would be completed soon.”
It couldn’t be helped, we had opposite, conflicting wishes.
I looked at him and sighed.
*[t1v: red in korean/ asian cultures can also be a euphemism for lust and passionate love]
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