Novel Name : I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead - Chapter 46.1

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Do not go. Don’t go, sister.
One sunny day. One day when the sun was shining strongly. One day, dark clouds covered the sky as it was about to rain.
He caught his sister.
– I feel like something bad is going to happen. Don’t go out today and stay with me. Please?
He desperately grabbed his sister.
He had a nightmare.
A dream where his sister was crushed by a monster.
It wasn’t just a nightmare.
His skin was sensitive to even the air.
What did his sister say to his earnest words?
She was smiling very brightly. Stroking the boy’s head, which only comes to her waist.
– You must have had a nightmare, Eton.
Eton. It was the boy’s nickname and second name.
The wind howled.
The silver hair fluttered in front of him, as if it would soon turn to dust.
– It’s not just a nightmare! no! You can’t go today! Don’t go… … stay with me so you’ll be safe.
-No. I promised to meet someone today.
-Promise? You can cancel your meeting! You can’t go out today?
It was coercion.
He was desperate enough to try and force her, even though he was usually mature.
You should never let her go.
Hesitation flashed across her face as she looked at her desperate little brother’s green eyes.
But she decided.
-Stop it, Eaton. I have an important appointment today. I can’t undo it because of a simple nightmare.
– Sister, are you going to visit the prince?
She gave no answer. He wished she would deny it, but she did not.
She was.
It was what he feared the most.
-Sister! I’d rather you meet someone else.
Just not him.
-Eton… .
-He doesn’t even like you! He’s just trying to use sister… … !
-Stop it, Igelto!
-Stop? Stop what…….
He wanted to stop her, even if he had to scream or hurt her.
Because she’s his family. Because he loves her.
So she got angry.
But she had something else that made him even more angry.
He found a book in her hand.
She hid the book behind her waist, he was astonished that she, too, had noticed his gaze.
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-Sister… … … . That… … .
It’s forbidden in the village. Why do you have that?
He could not continue his words.
He looked at his sister with shocked eyes and shook his head like a fool.
– This too was ordered by the prince… … … ?
– It’s really… … … ?
– It’s not like that… … … .
His older sister was inexperienced in hiding her expressions.
Especially when she was in embarrassing situations.
-then… … give it to me. I’ll return it in secret.
– I can’t… … .
– You can’t? That’s forbidden! What the hell did you steal it for!
– I didn’t steal it! Take a look at it again
I’m going to return it… .
– Don’t be stupid! Give it here!
He ran to her and tried to steal the book she had hidden.
Tear her clothes and hold her wrists so that her hands don’t push him away.
You must take that book.
He was so small that he couldn’t best his sister.
After roughly pushing him away, she ran without looking back and escaped him.
Water droplets fell from the sky.
Tak. Tuk.
The raindrops increased in number and hit him harshly.
That was the last time he saw her.
Igelto woke up to the sound of boiling.
It was more than a horrible dream.
A nightmare that will follow him for the rest of his life, even if he tries to forget it.
Even if he doesn’t want to, he has to keep this memory for the rest of his life.
Like he always has.
Elves have a long lifespan. To the extent that human life looks futile and meaningless to them.
From a human’s perspective, Igelto lived a long time. But among the elves, he was young.
He swept his hair back that blocked his view.
It had been a while since he cut his hair after coming here, and his hair has grown shaggy.
He inspected his grown out bangs and thought he should cut them.
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He stared at the beaker heated by the alcohol lamp.
He rubbed his eyes, doubting what he had seen.
…… the medicine was complete.
* * *
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