Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 48

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Lily was speechless. She did not expect Nathaniel to seek her out over the place she used to rent.
Seeing that he only just discovered she no longer lived there, it seemned he did not look for her for the
last few days.

Looking at Alexander, Lily‘s lips curled into a smirk as she picked up her phone and said leisurely,
“Since I won‘t be staying there anymore, obviously, I‘d stop renting the place. I could talk directly to the
landlord about it, so why would I need to inform you, Mr. Hall?

“Don‘t forget that I paid all the rent for you! You!” Nathaniel wanted to continue ranting, but he
suppressed his rage and took a few deep breaths. After that, he asked, “Where are you staying now?
Rebirth can‘t possibly provide you with food and accommodation, can they?”

He was convinced that Rebirth brainwashed her, and with his involvement with Melanie, it might be
difficult to keep the truth from her anymore. Other than that, he could not think of another reason Lily,
who had always been obedient, could change her attitude overnight.

Lily almost burst into laughter hearing his words, especially when she was standing a few steps away
from her meal provider. While looking into Alexander‘s eyes, she said, “Yeah, they provide me food and
accommodation, so you don‘t have to worry about it. Mr. Hall. By the way, weren‘t you going to sue
me? Are the legal fees too expensive that you can‘t afford them? The rental deposit is still with the
landlord. I guess you can use that to pay your lawyers.”

Irritated by Lily‘s mockery, Nathaniel said with gritted teeth, “Do you think I‘m afraid of you just because
you have that recording? Don‘t you know recordings can‘t be used as evidence in court? Even if it‘s
usable, how would you prove it hadn‘t been tampered with? I could also say that you led me to say
those things, and I meant nothing of it.”

“Since you are so fearless, I‘ll be waiting, Mr. Hall!” Then, she hung up the call right away.

She prevented more contact from Nathaniel by blocking his number since he was just too irritating. She
felt like everything was calm again in her world at last. When she was done, she realized someone was
standing before her, watching her every move.

“Uh,” Lily broke the silence after a moment of awkwardness. “Don‘t worry. ‘ll never be in contact with
him again after all this is over.”

When they got engaged, she promised Alexander she would be loyal to him. Plus, she was not
someone who would hang out with her ex–boyfriend even after their relationship ended. “Did I say that
I was worried?” Alexander asked casually and glanced at her phone, “What recording, though?”

“What?” She could not react for a moment, only realizing what he meant after a while. He was referring
to what Nathaniel said earlier.

“During the press conference, he...” That day, Nathaniel brought a few bodyguards and stopped Lily on
her way out of the venue. They almost took her away, but fortunately, Lily took a few years of boxing
lessons and protected herself.

“It‘s nothing. I was just lying to him.”

“Lying?” Alexander did not understand.

Lily misunderstood his response. “Don‘t worry. I‘ll never lie to you. I‘m only getting back at him because
he lied to me first.”

“I trust you,” Alexander interrupted her and raised his hand to tuck her hair behind her ear.“ Still, aren‘t
you afraid he‘ll sue you if you keep provoking him? As far as I know, you don‘t stand a chance to win
against him with the evidence you have now.”

Nathaniel had taken all the information away, and everyone in MN Inc. would do anything he asked.
The current situation was disadvantageous to Lily. Sure enough, Alexander had a plan to settle all this,
but he wanted to know what she would do in this case.

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