Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 175

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&#lt;p&#gt;Jenny lowered her voice and told Lily secretively, “I just witnessed a secret affair.” Lily looked at her
with slight disapproval and shook her head, “I didn‘t know you had such a hobby.” “What‘s with that
look? How could you just judge me like that? I was only noisy because it was somewhat related to you.
Why else would I be interested if it was just some random person? Besides, they were quite unsightly!”
Jenny reasoned heatedly.
&#lt;p&#gt;“What do you mean by ‘related to me?“” Lily asked as she pointed to herself. “It involves your ex‘s
current girlfriend. So isn‘t that somewhat related to you?” Lily did not even realize who Jenny was
talking about, “Are you referring to Melanie?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Jenny nodded, “Do you have another ex I should know of?” “What did you see?” Lily was not exactly
interested, but she felt like she had to ask as Jenny was excited about sharing this piece of gossip with
her. “I stayed in the bathroom for a while since I had a tummy ache. While I was in there, I heard
someone rushing into the bathroom and throwing up....”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Could you please get to the main point?” Lily was getting frustrated. She had never noticed that Jenny
was such a long–winded bore. “I‘m getting to it!” Jenny tapped the table, annoyed with Lily interrupting
her, “At first, it was normal that someone came in to throw up, but then I heard another voice, and it
was a man. When I was just about to call the police to report this, the couple outside started kissing!”
“So, you‘re saying that Melanie was the woman that rushed into the bathroom to throw up and that the
guy that followed her was Frank?” Lily analyzed after listening to her story. “D*mn! How did you even
know? Is this not a secret? I thought I was the first to find out!” Jenny cursed unknowingly and looked
at Lily in astonishment. Here, Jenny thought that she had witnessed something incredible, but never
would she have guessed that Lily would be able to figure it out even before Jenny got to finish her

&#lt;p&#gt;Jenny was disappointed in herself. Noticing this, Lily quickly remarked, “No, no, you were the first to
find out. I didn‘t know at all. 1–I just had a hunch.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“A hunch? But you were so accurate. Why didn‘t you guess that it was Nathaniel instead?” Jenny
snapped and Lily rolled her eyes at her, “How could it be Nathaniel when he was sitting right in front of
me? Besides, you said that it was a secret affair. If it‘s Nathaniel, it wouldn‘t be a secret.” “Right,” Jenny
agreed after giving it some thought, then she continued, “But how did you know it was Frank? Why
can‘t it be someone else?” “Firstly, the only person we know who had been friendly with Melanie was
Frank. Secondly, they were acting strange at the sampling event yesterday. I had a hunch that
something was going on between them. However, I had no proof; besides, whoever she chooses to
mingle with has nothing to do with me, so I don‘t care,“Lily said. “So, in the end, I was the only nosy
one?” Jenny was puzzled. She had intentionally stayed in
&#lt;p&#gt;the bathroom to witness what she thought was ground-breaking gossip, yet Lily did not care about it at
all. “Well, at least you got to watch a free show,” Lily teased as she stood up, “I‘m leaving. I‘ll come
back later.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who said I wanted a free show? It was disgusting! Where are you going? You‘re not going back, are
you?” Jenny yelled after her retreating back. “Yeah, there‘s something I need to do.” Lily saw Alexander
leaving a while ago. He also left her a message on her phone. Lily wanted to see him before she
returned to her room. “Are you seeing your boyfriend again?” Lily ignored Jenny‘s question while
waving goodbye.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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