Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 260

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&#lt;p&#gt;“Sigh,” The boy had lost his previous aggressive momentum and softened to let down his guard.
“Frankly, this isn‘t considered much for this type of timber. It‘s not easy to enter the goods channel. If
you want me to make small items, I‘ll only manage to make one or two, but there‘s no way I can make
a big one.” Lily looked at his side profile and believed what lie said was true.
&#lt;p&#gt;“This type of wood is expensive, yet you‘re using it for practice?” “I‘m not practicing I‘m carving it for
myself,” the boy said softly. “My point is that you shouldn‘t force it. It‘s okay if there aren‘t any.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“All right, I won‘t force it.” Lily nodded since she had the answer she wanted. “How about thuis? You
can use other kinds of wood for my order; I won‘t force you to use this one. Still, you must let me have
this piece of wood.” The boy was astonished when he heard what she said. “Why do you need that
small piece?” “You don‘t have to worry about that. It‘s not anything bad.” She smiled. “Just tell me if you
can do it or not.”
&#lt;p&#gt;The boy stared at Lily for a while. He wanted to see if she was a bad person. He finally decided after a
while. The boy gripped his hands and nodded slowly. “All right. You have my word. I‘ll leave a small
piece for you, but don‘t come up with more ideas about this wood.” He seemed concerned about the
wood as if he was worried it would get snatched away.
&#lt;p&#gt;Lily nodded her head. “We agree then.”
&#lt;p&#gt;After getting the confirmed answer, the boy was relieved and left.
&#lt;p&#gt;Lily watched the boy walk away from her, suddenly realizing she did not know his name.” What‘s your

&#lt;p&#gt;The boy was already a distance away, but he heard her. He stopped walking and turned around. The
sunlight shone lazily from his back. It was as if he was covered in a layer of gold. He looked at Lily, and
his lips moved, “My name is Benedict Batch.” “Benedict, huh?” Even though it did not suit his explosive
temper, it was an elegant name.
&#lt;p&#gt;Only when Benedict got far away did Lily continue to walk forward. She had barely crossed a distance
when a prominent figure blocked her way. This person was tall, and this road was narrow. He
practically blocked the entire path.
&#lt;p&#gt;With one look, Lily instantly found this person familiar. However, she did not know many foreigners. On
top of that, she had some trouble recognizing faces sometimes. She was stunned for a while before
coming back to lier senses.
&#lt;p&#gt;This was Nathaniel‘s man. She had met him in Middle Valley before. He was a special guest at the
appraisal event, and Lily knew he was a big name in the industry. Since he was usually active
overseas, the people in the country did not know much about him; thus, she did not know why he was
working with Nathaniel nor what the nature of their relationship was. Not only did she not know, but she
also had no interest in finding out. Their paths did not usually cross, but he had rushed toward her. Lily
stopped walking and raised her head to look at him. “Excuse me.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Ms. Christian,” Frank opened his mouth slowly. Recently, he had become more fluent in the local
tongue. He looked Lily up and down. Based on the look in his eyes, he did not seem to have good
intentions, The expression in his eyes made Lily uncomfortable, and her face dropped. She repeated
hersell. “Excuse me.” Guess what? Not only did he not move aside, he even extended his hand toward
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