Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 329

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Frank skeptically asked, "What do you mean?"

Melanie smiled, but indifference was evident in her eyes, "Don’t you have something that makes you
happy? You can share that something with her.Once she’s happy, she’d be addicted to it and can't
leave you anymore, right?"

Frank immediately understood her implicit meaning.He patted her shoulder and nodded.

"Woman's heart is truly the most poisonous thing in the world! Why don’t I give you a taste and let you
feel happy with me?" He asked her with a smile and lowered his head to kiss her lips.

Melanie hurriedly avoided him and said, "I'm being serious, but you’re joking! That something is very
precious.You’d better save it for Lily to enjoy."

Frank raised his eyebrows but did not insist on forcing her.

However, she did give him a new idea.He sat down, put away his teasing look, and asked seriously, "If
so, what shall we do?"

Alexander was woken up by the phone ringing early in the morning.

He frowned at it, fumbled for the phone, and placed it near his ear, "Hello?"

A charming female voice could be heard from the phone, "It’s me, Alex! Have you woken up? I brought
you breakfast.Ask them to open the gate and let me in!"

He glanced at the clock.It was not even seven in the morning, and it was already very late when
Edward sent her back last night.иσνєℓєвσσк.¢σмShe had inexhaustible energy.

"Wait a minute."

He got out of bed, and put on his slippers, "Give your phone to the security guard."


Brittany happily agreed and handed the phone to the security guard, "I asked you to open the gate
earlier, but you refused.To think that you don’t even recognize me.What a hassle!"

He had initially wanted to ask the security guard to open the gate and let her in.

However, he saw Lily’s slippers under the bed when he put on his slippers and came back to his
senses.He was not living alone now.

There were a lot of women’s products at home.

If Brittany saw it...He did not mind Brittany knowing that he was already married.

However, he had promised Lily not to disclose their relationship for the time being.

Judging from Brittany’s personality, if she knew about them, she would investigate it.

When the phone was handed over to the security guard, Alexander changed his words, "Don’t open the
gate.Let her wait there, and I'll come out right away."

Brittany also heard what he said as the phone was on loudspeaker.

Her face changed immediately, "What did you say, Alex? I don’t want to..."

The phone was hung up before she could finish her sentence.She stomped her feet and stood outside,

Luxury residential areas were all like this and had strict security measures in place.

Imperial Hills was the same as the residents were either rich or influential.

Entry would be denied unless you possessed an access card or were the house owner.

Brittany had no choice but to wait outside.She had gone to great lengths to look her best and even
drove her mini red Porsche.

It was inappropriate to bring him a snack so late the night before, but it should be fine to join him for
breakfast, right? Little did Brittany expect that she could not even pass the gate.

Alexander quickly washed up and changed his clothes.He spotted Lily's shoes again as he was
changing his own at the door.He could not help but sigh as it seemed he missed his wifey more and
more every day.He drove to the community’s gate and saw Brittany wearing a feminine skirt.

The gate opened slowly, and he drove out.He stuck his head out the window and asked, "I'm going to
the office.Where’s the breakfast?"

"Here it is!"

She hurriedly handed it to him but stopped halfway and withdrew it before he touched it when she
realized something was wrong, "You are going to the office? What about me?"

"You can go home." He said bluntly, "You have just returned.You should stay home and spend time with
your parents instead of chasing after me?"

"I want to!"

She pouted, "Alex, you can’t treat me like this! I got up early to buy breakfast and bring it over, but you
didn’t even let me in.At the very least, you should let me accompany you for breakfast before leaving,


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