Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 472

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&#lt;p&#gt;Brandon widened his eyes. ‘I‘m the one who frightened, okay?!
&#lt;p&#gt;Alexander finished preparing the meal in a short while. He made butter prawns, beef steak, stir-fried
asparagus, and mushroom soup. There was also a pudding in the fridge, and Brandon was very
jealous when he saw the scrumptious dinner.
&#lt;p&#gt;He was cheeky enough to stay until now, so of course, he would stay to eat. Otherwise, his trip here
would be in vain. He took the initiative and helped bring the food to the dining table. He sat down and
picked up the fork and spoon to start eating. However, Alexander slapped the back of his hand, “I‘ve
said before, this is not your share of dinner!”
&#lt;p&#gt;“I see that you‘ve cooked a lot of food. I‘m afraid the two of you won‘t be able to finish it. It‘s such a
waste, and we mustn‘t waste food. I‘ll help you!” After saying so, he picked up the fork and wanted to
&#lt;p&#gt;“There‘s no need!” Alexander stopped him with one hand and shooed him away like he was a fly.
&#lt;p&#gt;Brandon may not have other skills, but he was very thick skinned. They went back and forth, trying to
fight for the food on the table. Brandon finally managed to grab a piece of meat.
&#lt;p&#gt;Just as he was about to put it into his mouth, he heard a sweet female voice. “My car seems to have a
small problem.
&#lt;p&#gt;Can you help me send it to the workshop tomorrow?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Okay. You can drive my car tomorrow.” Alexander answered her naturally.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“I don‘t want to. Your car is too flashy. I‘ll take the cab instead.” Lily walked down as she spoke. Her
footsteps were very leisurely and unhurried. Alexander walked over to her and grabbed a large towel
along the way, “Let Edward drive you to work. It‘s too troublesome to take the cab.” He put the dry
towel over her head, rubbed it lightly, and said, “You forgot to blow dry your hair again.” “It‘s too
troublesome to blow dry!” She grabbed a handful of her hair. When she turned around, she saw
Brandon, who was about to eat a piece of meat, looking at her. She recognized him as the person in
the kitchen who had called her ‘ghost‘ earlier. She frowned, “Why haven‘t you left yet?” Brandon was
&#lt;p&#gt;He was pathetic! He was still in shock seeing a beautiful angel when a sentence from her knocked him
back into reality. He used to be well–liked by everyone and gave others a good impression even when
they didn‘t love him. He was also someone who was very experienced in romantic relationships.
However, this young couple only felt disgusted with him. He was completely frightened the first time
they met. The second time they met, he was asked to leave before he had time to praise her. To make
matters worse, Alexander listened to everything she said. He did not scold her for being rude and not
treating his guest well. Instead, Alexander agreed to her words and said, “Okay, I‘ll ask him to leave
&#lt;p&#gt;‘Listen to him! Listen to his words! Is that something he should be saying?! Is that something he should
do?!‘ Luckily, Brandon heard the beautiful woman say, “It’s okay. He‘s your friend, after all. Stay for
dinner.” Fortunately, the angel was indeed an angel and had a good heart.
&#lt;p&#gt;However, Alexander said, “He is not really my friend. If he stays for dinner, I‘m afraid you won‘t have
enough to eat.” Brandon was speechless. “Is he a glutton?! There‘s so much food on the table. There‘s
extra in the pot, kitchen, and refrigerator. Does Alex need to be so concerned about insufficient food
and say it so mortifyingly? If there wasn‘t enough food, I could buy it. I could order takeout for you,

&#lt;p&#gt;Brandon felt he had experienced all the humiliation in life in such a short period. He looked at the little
angel with a pitiful face as he hoped she could put in a good word for him. He found out that Alexander
would listen to everything that this beauty said. He immediately put down his fork and wiped his
mouth,” No, I eat very little. As the wise man says, beauty can make one feel full. I‘m full even if I don‘t
eat anything, as I am privileged to see such a beautiful woman!” He winked at Lily with his almond–
shaped eyes.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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