Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Spoiled By Mr. Russell By Luminous Night Chapter 529

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 529 “Fine! I‘ll do it!” Nathaniel suddenly thundered.
&#lt;p&#gt;Arianna stopped and turned around. “I‘ll do it. I‘ll work with you,” Nathaniel repeated and struggled to
get up from his bed as glass bottles around him fell to the floor. “What do you want me to do?” Arianna
smiled. “Don‘t worry. I have something good for you.” She turned and walked toward Nathaniel. “I have
a group of henchmen who sort out matters for me. It‘s sort of like an organization. However, some
things are inappropriate or inconvenient for me to discuss now. I‘ll need your help with those.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“To put it bluntly, you want me to do your dirty work,” Nathaniel said with a chuckle. He did not expect a
soft and gentle girl like Arianna to handle things this way. If she had not said it herself, he would not
believe it.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Don‘t say that. Who‘s to say what‘s dirty and what‘s not? As long as you can achieve your goals,
nobody cares llow you do it,” Arianna said disapprovingly, “Look at how great the Russells‘ empire is
now. Do you think Alexander‘s hands are clean? This includes the Tanners or the Richards in
Kingsland, who dares say they‘re all innocent?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Okay, I‘m not arguing with you about that, and I didn‘t say no, but why do you need me since you have
a group of people to do it for you?”
&#lt;p&#gt;‘It‘s not easy to lead a group of henchmen. Would she feel at ease handing over such power to
&#lt;p&#gt;As if seeing through what Nathaniel was thinking, Arianna said, “You don‘t have to worry about that.
Since I‘m giving it to you, I‘m confident I have everything under control. It‘s just that I have too many
things to do, and I always need someone to help me.” “What‘s in it for me?” Since it would be a
collaboration, there must be some benefits for both sides. No one would collaborate without benefits.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“Well, although there are not many people in my organization, they‘re elites. Apart from conveying my
orders, you can use them as long as it‘s manageable. Of course, i‘ll give you some of the Tanner
family‘s assets when things get done. Isn‘t this much better than starting over from scratch?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Indeed, Arianna‘s offer was very tempting, but Nathaniel was still skeptical. “You‘re willing to share the
Tanner family‘s assets with me?”
&#lt;p&#gt;“If I can get everything, there‘s no big deal with sharing some with you.” Arianna shrugged. “You want
everything?!” Nathaniel was shocked. He thought she just wanted a part of it. It was common for those
in wealthy families to fight for family assets, but he did not expect the extent of her greed. With a
sarcastic smile, Arianna turned around and said unhurriedly, “Since I have decided to fight, of course,
I‘ll go all out. Otherwise, what is the point of all my efforts?” She continued, “What‘s wrong with being a
woman? They don‘t think women can handle the family business. Well, I want to prove that I can do it
and do it better!” Her eyes shone with vindictive light.
&#lt;p&#gt;Since childhood, she had been excellent in her homework and had developed many good ideas for the
company, but those were nothing in her father‘s eyes. Joseph never saw her efforts because she was a
woman. Since that was the case, she wanted to take everything so that her father‘s little b*stard would
not get a dime.
&#lt;p&#gt;Not just him. There was also Arianna‘s uncle‘s ungrateful loser son, who only knew how to carve wood.
Arianna wanted everyone to see her strength. “Either way, it will be good for you if you hielp me,” she
said confidently, “Wouldn‘t it be easy to turn your life around once you have the means?”
&#lt;p&#gt;After pondering, Nathaniel asked cautiously, “Aren‘t you afraid I‘ll rob you of your family business just
like them?”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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