Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 853

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Noah was the most confused person among anyone else.He had been in the Perfumers’ Society for
quite a few years and was close and often in contact with Lawrence, given his position.

However, how did Noah not realize Lawrence had lost his sense of smell? ‘Is this a prank or a
malicious framing or.."He got up and made himself a cup of coffee.He put it beside him and stared at
the computer screen in a daze.He was no longer feeling irritable like earlier.He had calmed down and
could give the situation clear thought.

Noah remembered when he participated in events and was invited as a commentator with Lawrence
over the years.

He did not notice it before, but after careful thought, he noticed something was amiss.

For example, whenever he got invited to do commentary and needed to analyze the fragrances and
works of newcomers, Lawrence always asked him to express his thoughts first.

Noah did not think anything was wrong with it and that it was a test and assessment from Lawrence as
an elder.

Lawrence had always praised Noah after his commentary and neutrally added a few words after he
expressed his thoughts.

Noah would not have felt anything unusual had it not been for the recent incidents concerning the
Perfumers’ Society.

Over the past few years, this had been the norm in every event without exception.

The same happened even if Lawrence was not with him but was participating in an event with
others.He always let others judge first before he concluded at the end.

Lawrence would say a few neutral words that did not contain constructive and outstanding opinions.

His words were primarily general, with some encouragement or criticism, and that was it.

Noah began to wonder if there was truly something wrong with Lawrence Adler’s nose.

He thought about these things for a while before picking up the phone to dial the last number.

Unfortunately, no one answered, and there was only the operator's voice informing him that the number
was unavailable.He thought about it again and felt that Lawrence might have turned his phone off, as
the situation might have gotten unbearable for him.

After all, it was a considerably controversial topic.

The reporters and the media must have gone crazy, and Lawrence's family and friends were also likely
to express their concerns through endless calls, so it was normal that Noah’s call could not get through.

Therefore, Noah called the Perfumers' Society’s headquarters after careful consideration, "Hello, it's
me.Is Mr.Adler there?"

The person who answered the call was Lawrence’s assistant, "Mr.Adler isn’t here.He hasn’t come to
the headquarters recently.When will you be back, Mr.Richards? The situation here is a bit chaotic right

He knew the society was in an utter mess, and with the recent topic made public, it was likely it was not
just a bit chaotic but highly chaotic.

The exposed news was not as critical in the beginning.

Even if there were problems within the management, most would consider it human error or omission.

It would not be a big deal after some apologies and rectifications.

However, the topic now involved Lawrence, the most authoritative member of the Perfumers’ Society.

Who else would be confident in the Perfumers’ Society's capabilities if something was wrong with
Lawrence? The public would only feel that the whole society was rotten from the inside out.

"I know.I'm already thinking of a solution to address this mess."

Noah tightened his grip on the phone as he spoke, "If you see Mr.Adler, please tell him to call me

"Yes, of course!"

Noah made another phone call after hanging up, but no one answered.

However, the person on the other end did not reject the call either, as it just kept ringing.

When the call was about to hang up automatically, someone finally answered.

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