Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1560

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Rhea was quick, but Cameron was quicker.

The moment she raised her hand, he had already caught her arm and twisted it in the opposite
direction with one hand, while he used the other to cover his nose.

It seemed that he did not breathe in any of the powder that was in the air.

Cameron smirked.

"Rhea, you're still too naive, and you’ve underestimated me."

Rhea had her arm restrained, but she did not panic at all.

Suppressed, she was forced to bend her back slightly.She looked to the side at Cameron and smiled.

"I’ve never underestimated you, Uncle Cameron.I know that these tricks are nothing to you as well and
that they won’t work on you, so..."

"So what?"

Cameron had a bad feeling about this as he stared at her sternly.He did not feel uncomfortable
anywhere else either.

Rhea just smiled in response to his question.

"Don’t you feel uncomfortable somewhere?"

With that, Cameron could feel that his body was starting to go numb, especially his hand that was
holding onto her arm.He could not help it and released her arm, and soon the feeling of numbness

spread all over his body.

Sensing that something was not right, he quickly used his willpower and used one hand to grab onto
his wrist, only to see that there was a tiny needlepoint at the center of his palm.

"I know you won’t get drugged easily..."

Rhea stood up straight and stretched her limbs, which were slightly sore, before saying slowly, "The
powder was just to deceive you.You’re feeling numbness in other places other than your arms right
now, aren’t you?"

She was right.

Cameron felt that his throat and even his tongue were numb.

He wanted to call for help, but when he opened his mouth, he realized he could not make any sound.

‘What kind of drug is this? I’m surprised that it has such strong effects."

With widened eyes, he stared at Rhea and raised his arm, wanting to hit her but managing to dodge
easily.She even smiled and leaned closer to him after that.

"I’m much weaker than you when it comes to our strengths, so I had to do this in a way that I’m most
familiar with! I've hidden them all on my clothes for you!"

While saying that, she showed him what she was referring to.

He noticed that her sleeves were dotted with tiny needles, which he would not have noticed if she
hadn't pointed them out.She did them well, and the sheer number of them demonstrated that she set
them up for him.

"Uncle Cameron, you’re really strong.I know you're strong, so I've increased the dosage, but I didn’t
think you could last long.If it was anyone else, they would’ve passed out long ago." Rhea smiled.

She had a pretty face and should look sweet whenever she smiled.

However, she looked just like a devil at this moment.

Excitement was evident in her eyes.

Staring at him, she said, "I didn’t want to do this to you because, to be honest, you do treat me
well.However, you weren’t going to go easy on me at all.I just took advantage of Anastasia for my
research purposes, and it’s not like I’m going to kill her.

"She should be honored that she’s involved in this by dedicating her life to science.She will
undoubtedly leave her mark on history.You were heartless first, so you can’t blame me for doing this.

"Or rather, you should thank me too.Uncle Cameron, you’re lucky to be the first lab rat for R18.The
future generations will know about you!"

Rhea had a devilish smile on her face, as if the thing she was doing was something to be proud of.

Cameron felt like he understood what she was saying, but he did not get the entire thing as well.His
eyelids were getting heavier, and finally, he could not hold back anymore and passed out.

Seeing that he was unmoving on the ground, Rhea did not walk over to him right away.

Instead, she called him out first.

"Uncle Cameron? Are you there?"

She did not get a response.

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