Novel Name : Supreme Crazy Wife

Chapter 1

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: Reincarnation (1)

“Wuuuu… wuuu… wuuuaaa!”

The endless crying was not helping with her head-splitting pain. So much pain… Leng Ruoxue felt as
though she had just been run over by a car.

“So noisy!” Still half-conscious, Leng Ruoxue groaned in annoyance.

“Miss, you’re finally awake! Wuuuu… wuuu…”

You are just too noisy. I don’t even want to wake up, Leng Ruoxue complained in her head. Enduring
the discomfort, she reluctantly opened her eyes. In front of her was an unfamiliar girl wearing an
emerald green muslin outfit. The girl had an innocent-looking face, and if not for the two streams of
tears falling down her cheeks and her pair of red, swollen eyes, she would be very adorable.

Where is this? Shouldn’t I have died from the plane crash?

Leng Ruoxue’s dear cousin Leng Qi’er would definitely tell everyone that she died in a plane accident.
And her dear grandfather would, of course, just let it be because he would have lost his most useful
pawn and couldn’t do much about it anymore. Since childhood, Leng Qi’er could not beat her in
anything, so she was very jealous. She had always felt that Leng Ruoxue had stolen her inheritance
and her beloved man. So this time, she bribed the pilot to plant a bomb on the plane…

“Who are you? Where is this place?” Leng Ruoxue asked weakly.

“Miss! You’re my young miss! I’m your maidservant, Cui Zhu! Miss! Don’t you recognize Cui Zhu
anymore? Wuuuu… It’s all my fault. I didn’t protect Miss from all the bad people.” Cui Zhu’s excitement
from seeing Leng Ruoxue wake up was immediately overrun by a new wave of despair when she
realized that her young miss could no longer recognize her.

“Wait, stop crying. Where is this place?” Leng Ruoxue was feeling a bit annoyed by all the crying.

“Oh Miss, this your home! This is the General’s Mansion!” Cui Zhu answered while still sobbing. She
was just too concerned. Why was her young miss so mad about her crying?

“My home?” Leng Ruoxue tilted her head and looked around the well-furnished room. All the furniture
was made from wood, and many of them even looked like precious historical artifacts. And the
maidservant’s dress seemed to be from ancient times. But wasn’t she supposed to be dead?

“Cui Zhu, I think I’ve lost my memory!” Leng Ruoxue sighed helplessly. Before she could understand
what was happening, she would just pretend that she had lost her memory.

“Oh, my poor young miss!”

“Cui Zhu, what is this city called? And what’s my name?”

“You are Leng Ruoxue, Miss. You are the granddaughter of the leading general of the Eastern Lagoon
Empire. We are in Phoenix City, the capital of the empire. Miss, you were in a coma for three days…
And you don’t even remember me now…”

So, this young miss is also named Leng Ruoxue? And she also fell into a coma? What a coincidence.
Leng Ruoxue had even more questions, but she kept her composure.

“I fell into a coma… What happened?” No wonder she felt as if her head was going to split open at any

“It’s the notorious seventh prince and Xu Na’er, that filthy woman! They hurt you, and Cui Zhu couldn’t
even protect you!” Cui Zhu was wallowing in self-blame, and tears were welling up in her eyes again.

“Miss woke up?” Just as Leng Ruoxue wanted to continue digging out more information from the
innocent Cui Zhu, a tall young lady in black walked in. Her pretty face was also full of concern, but she

was much older and very composed. Who is this? Another maidservant? But she’s elegant enough to
be mistaken as the daughter of a big family!

“Sister Lü Tao! Miss lost her memory, and she can’t recognize us anymore! Wuuu… wuuu.”

“Miss!” Lü Tao looked at Leng Ruoxue with concern.

But then she suddenly exploded and said fiercely, “Miss, don’t be scared! Lü Tao won’t let that filthy
woman bully you anymore! Lü Tao will definitely protect you and won’t let this happen again…”

“So you’re called Lü Tao?” Leng Ruoxue looked at Lü Tao with her bright eyes. Interesting girl. A fiery
girl hidden behind all that elegance!

“Miss, what did you just say?” Lü Tao’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“I asked you whether you’re called Lü Tao.” Leng Ruoxue frowned in slight displeasure.

“Oh! Miss! You’ve recovered! This is amazing…” Lü Tao could tell that her young miss, despite being
confused, looked alert and could even speak fluently. Her young miss had always been intellectually
disabled since birth. She could still remember that the first time she tried to teach her their names, her
young miss took ages to remember. So seeing this change, she couldn’t hold back her excitement.

Leng Ruoxue had no idea why the maidservants were so excited. It was very strange.

“Lü Tao, I can’t remember what happened in the past. Can you tell me about it?” Leng Ruoxue didn’t
want to ask Cui Zhu anymore… Cui Zhu really liked to cry!

“Yes, Miss! Lü Tao will tell you from the time you were born.” Lü Tao was obviously still brimming with

“Erm… Lü Tao, just start from how I became hurt.” Leng Ruoxue wanted to hear more, but Lü Tao
wanted to recount everything that happened since Leng Ruoxue’s birth. This was way too much.

“Miss, it’s because of the seventh prince…” Lü Tao paused and looked at her young miss. Seeing that
her young miss didn’t really react much to the name, she finally continued…

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