Novel Name : Sweet Addiction

Chapter 19 The Appearance Of Love Rival

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Jonny was sitting on the bus, with his face sticking to the window and his eyes staring at the scenery
along the road.

If somebody asked him that during his 29 years of life, which period of time was the happiest one, he
would definitely say that it was the three years when he was together with Irene.

Irene was like a little sun, shining wherever she went.

She was a born funny people and could always make him laugh happily when he was unhappy. For
some reason, when he was with her, no matter how bad his mood was, he would become happy.

Although his parents disapproved, he still insisted, hoping to be with Irene for countless four years

At this time, he heard 'we are arriving at the Parkson Grand station'. He hurriedly went down. The
station was not far from the Parkson Grand, so he arrived in a few steps.

Every time Irene went shopping, she would come here because the food in the underground
supermarket were cheap and there were many special offer goods.

When Jonny reached the entrance of the mall, his eyes suddenly paused.

He saw that Irene stood there, and at her feet there were many clothes, vegetables and many daily

Aaron said to pick Irene up by car. However, she had been waiting for a long time, but no one came.

Irene now doubted that Aaron went to pay back Carl's credit card.

Suddenly, she heard someone was calling her name, which was quite close to her.

She turned around and saw Jonny standing in front of her.

His eyes were gentle, and his face seemed to be expecting something.

"Why are you here?" Asked Irene, after she tried to calm herself down. The last people she wanted to
see now was Jonny!

It was not because he had turned his back on her, but because she had taken away 200, 000 dollars
from him!

She could have been a normal victim of his love and told everyone how heartless Jonny was, but it was
because of the 200, 000 dollars in the sin that she became short of hand!

"Just strolling around." Jonny walked over and stretched out his hands to the stuff on the ground,
"There are so many things. Let me help you take them back."

Irene quickly waved her hands to refuse him. As they had broken up, she thought she'd better keep a
distance from him. Moreover, she was a married woman now. Although Aaron was generous, it didn't
mean that he would allow his wife to be entangled with her ex-boyfriend.

"Don't bother. I can carry them myself. You should go now."

"Irene!" Jonny suddenly grabbed her hand and said, "Although we can't be a couple, we can still be
friends. I don't want you to keep a distance from me."

In fact, Irene wanted to ask him that how many failed lovers could be friends.

But she didn't say it out, because she knew that if she said it to him, he would definitely persuade her
to continue to play with him as friends!

"It's not that I keep you away from me, it's that I... I have an appointment with my friend. He will pick me
up soon! So, go ahead with your work. Don't worry about me!"

"Friend? Is he the one I met at school today? Irene, do you know him well? You are innocent by nature.
Don't be cheated by those hypocritical men in the society!"

Irene laughed, "I have been cheated once. So you don't worry I will be cheated a second time!"

Jonny's heart tightened, "Irene..."

Suddenly, Irene heard a shrill whistle, and she was startled. When she looked back, she saw a silver
gray car stopping not far away.

The man in the car was coldly staring at Irene and Jonny without any expression.

Irene shouted in her heart, 'Damn it! Is actually afraid of, come what!'

She quickly took the shopping bags from Jonny and strode towards Aaron.

Aaron let his eyes settle upon Irene for two seconds and then looked into Jonny's eyes.

Two men, two different personalities.

Jonny was a gentle man while Aaron was cold.

Jonny was keeping a friendly and graceful smile. As for Aaron, he had been wearing a poker face the
whole time.

When Irene walked to the car carrying things, Aaron cast a glance at Jonny and opened the door to
receive her.

The car disappeared quickly in the sight of Jonny. He tried to hold back his smile and clenched his fist,
but finally, he loosened his hand feebly.

Jonny knew that there was no way to fight against destiny. Even though he knew that he couldn't catch
it, why didn't he let Irene to find happiness?

But for some reason, he was a little unwilling to give up.

He hoped that Irene could not live a happy life and did not want to see the smile on her face. He even
thought that it would be better if the man beside her died someday, so that he could seize the
shameless advantage

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