Novel Name : Sweet Addiction

Chapter 44 The Exposure Of Carl's Identity

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"Brother, why are you here?" Jessica sat up from the bar counter and scratched her messy hair.

"I happened to run into this bar. What's wrong with you? Did Aaron leave you alone?"

"…That's impossible. We just had a fight." Jessica explained.

"Oh! I see it. But it's dangerous for you to come here alone and drink so much."

Hearing Earl's words, Jessica smiled wryly and thought to herself, 'Do I want to be alone?'

"So you came alone, too?"

"My friend happened to be busy." Earl swirled the wine in his glass and drank it up. However, he
thought, 'The case of the WH company came back to Aaron because of this woman. I have
underestimated her before.'

Seeing the expression on Earl's face, Jessica did not dare to say something. After all, she got the case
from him today.

"What are you thinking about?"

"…I'm thinking about Aaron!" It was impossible for her to say that she was thinking about him just now.

"Aaron likes noodles recently."

"…?" Why did he mention the word "noodles" all of a sudden? Jessica didn't understand his means.

Earl shook his head. He shouldn't have said that. It was no fun to get Aaron out so early. And he just
felt pity for the woman in front of him.

Then they drank a few glasses of wine together, and then Jessica began to talk nonsense because she
drank too much.

Earl took her bag and helped her out of the bar. He drove her car to her house.

Jessica's mother was very worried when she saw Jessica was so drunk. She immediately took Jessica
from Earl's arms. "What happened? She had promised to have dinner with Aaron, but why did she
drink so much outside? !"

Earl didn't say anything, just explaining that he met her by accident in the bar.

After seeing Jessica in, Earl turned around and left.

Jessica's mother and the servants had spent a lot of time and energy to lift Jessica to bed. When she
saw her drunken daughter lying on the bed, she immediately felt a little heartbroken. Meanwhile, she
also felt that Aaron was becoming more and more unreliable. He had never visited them before, not to
mention that he didn't send her daughter home this time. Instead, Earl sent her back.

In this case, Aaron was even inferior to Earl.

Irene stayed at her home for two days before she came back to the A City.

After she left, Bonnie and Nancy realized that Irene had hidden the things about restaurant from them.
"Mom, do you also think that my sister has hidden from us? Hum, having stayed outside for so long,
she is really thinking more."

"I didn't expect that she would hide it. I don't know if there's anything else she's keeping from me."
Bonnie thought that Irene now had grown up and was emboldened.

But she didn't believe that she couldn't control Irene anymore.

Bonnie and Nancy discussed together and decided to sneak into Irene's restaurant these days and see
how she was doing in A City.

Nancy felt that Irene was hiding something from them.

Irene specially took the bus back in the morning. Two days away from home, to be honest, she missed
Aaron so much. And, she still couldn't sleep well on the bed which she had slept for nearly 20 years.
She often missed Aaron's embrace.

When Irene went back home, it was only 7:00 am. She put down her bag and walked into her bedroom.
As expected, her beloved husband was still sleeping.

Irene then walked up to Aaron quietly and squatted down beside him, looking at his sleeping face.

She couldn't help but admire the injustice of the creator. How could her husband look so handsome

She couldn't help but touch his face.

His two eyebrows were dashing and heroic. His eyelashes were long and thick, and the lips under the
high nose were extremely exquisite. Irene put her finger on his lips and couldn't help swallowing. She
suddenly missed the taste of his lips

Aaron suddenly bit her finger and licked it with his tongue.

Irene trembled like being shocked by electricity and thought to herself, 'How charming he is...I felt

Then Aaron opened his eyes and saw Irene squatting in front of him. He pulled her into his arms,
pressed her against the bed and kissed her.

"Do you miss me?" Aaron then blew on Irene's ear.

"I miss you very much..." Irene replied in a low voice, putting her arms around Aaron's neck.

"Good girl," said Aaron as he kissed Irene's lips and looked down at her.

Irene suddenly felt that marrying him was the right choice she had made! Aaron gave her the feeling
that it had disappeared since her father passed away.

It was like a small boat, which was swaying in the sea, finally found its way to the shore.

The days they spent together were getting sweeter and they were more like a real couple now. Irene
felt that it was her another dream to be a good wife and mother step by step.

As usual, after dinner, Aaron drove her to the Xiao Family Noodle Restaurant in a taxi.

The moment Irene arrived at the shop, she saw the restaurant assistants were reading the newspaper
and discussing.

"What's wrong? What big news? Why are you so interested in it?" Irene walked over to them and asked

"Boss, here you are. Look! It turns out that Carl is from a rich family! It's all in the papers" The
restaurant assistant hastily pulled Irene away to read the newspaper.

Irene went over to get the newspaper and saw the big headline on it: Son of the leader in catering
industry was meeting with a little female star in the midnight.

After seeing that, Irene thought, 'Well! What's going on?!

Isn't Carl just a bar singer?! Why does he become the son of the leader in catering industry?'

There was a photo on the top of the newspaper, which took up half of the newspaper's page.

Carl in the photo was in a Ferrari's car. He held that little star in his arms and she kissed his face, and
they smiled sweetly.

Seeing this picture, Irene's first thought is Ada's reaction after seeing it.

But she thought it was necessary to ask Carl's identity to Aaron at the moment!

He picked up the phone. Before she could speak, Aaron had been asked, "Do you miss me so soon?"

"…… Have you read the newspaper?"

"What's wrong with the newspaper?"

"Carl and that little star are on the news! Just go and have a look. By the way, explain to me about his
identity. Why does a bar singer become the son of the catering industry's boss? !" Irene was not fooled.
So she knew Aaron must have kept Carl's identity from her.

"…… I will tell you after I have a look." Aaron felt that things were wrong, and then he hung up.

After she hung up the phone, Irene immediately called Helen to let her watch the news.

"Damn it! What's going on? Irene, I have a feeling that this man is not simple. You can see how rich
Carl is just by clothes he usually wears Helen said loudly.

"…… So I am the only one who was kept in the dark?" Irene asked, feeling wronged.

At noon, Aaron came to the Xiao Family Noodle Restaurant for lunch.

Seeing that Irene ignored him, he felt a little guilty. He couldn't help thinking that Carl was not reliable.

"Honey, please give me another bowl of noodles." Then Aaron tried to pass the bowl to Irene, but she
didn't take it.

He knew his wife was a good tempered woman, but she was also very stubborn in some ways. Holding
Irene who was checking the bill, he whispered to her, "Honey, it's not my fault."

Irene felt a little shy when she saw the people around her making fun of her. She tried to push him
away, but her strength was nothing to him!

She stamped her foot in anger and said in a flirtatious tone, "Then it's my fault?!"

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