Novel Name : Auto Hunting

Auto Hunting - Chapter 1

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It’s been like this since middle school.
“Seriously, I don’t understand.”
[Click the button to Auto Hunt.]
“This is fun for you?”
I frequently asked people who enjoyed playing phone games this question.
I mean, weren’t people supposed to feel content playing a game when controlling it themselves?
One-click of a button and the character automatically grabs the monsters. This isn’t a game, it’s watching one.
“Hey, watching this is pretty fun. It’s so relaxing.”
However, I never ended up experiencing the content of Auto Hunting nor possessed games with those systems in my hands.
I was completely unaware.
Completely unaware that my future had such an intimate relationship with the monotonous ‘Auto Hunting’.
I’m not talking about a game.
I had actually begun Auto Hunting.
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