Novel Name : Auto Hunting

Auto Hunting - Chapter 4

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It was an exquisite timing.
Just before Yoo-Sung went crazy,
The public certificate has begun to work correctly.
On the evening of that day, as soon as he got home from the hospital, Yoo-Sung sat right in front of the computer.
It was the market’s website. While searching for the market location, Yoo-Sung found that online transactions could be made after identity verification.
Direct dealing would be useful, but it was a bit hard to lose the whole day because Yoo-Sung had another job.
‘I don’t think it’ll be too expensive.’
An ID code was written on the back of the pass given by Chae Shin-young. After the self-certification, Yoo-Sung’s ID was created.

A private page, which was not visible to ordinary visitors, opens.
It feels strange.
Although temporary, Yoo-Sung was recognized as a member of the hunters.
The market was no different from any other website. After moving the mouse around for about an hour, Yoo-Sung was able to roughly figure out its structure.
‘I’ll go into ‘My Page,’ and I’ll click on ‘My Owned.”’
-Shark ape/date of capture 20XX. 05. 13
The history of the monster caught by Yoo-Sung last night came to his mind.
He was thinking about it.
Yoo-Sung opened another Internet window and entered the word “exchange.”
After checking yesterday’s commotion on the Internet news, he heard that 32 Shark Apes had appeared.
Then naturally, the other 31 hunters with ownership would have put it on the exchange. He can set the price by referring to the amount they put up.
“I don’t need to go there myself.”
Yoo Sung smiled and drank a cup of coffee.
There have been many trading methods, but the most commonly used way to exchange was ‘auction’.
If the lowest auction price and immediate purchase price are set, several companies or organizations that want the body of a monster will bid.
The price of the Shark Apes on the exchange…
“…my God.”
The lowest price was 4.5 million won.
And now, none of the bodies of the Shark Apes under auction were priced below 500. Although there were differences, most prices steadily rose from 700 to 800.
Yoo-Sung clicked the “Trade” button once.
He posted his own Shark Ape on the market and set the lowest price at 450 as others do.
The question was how to set the immediate purchase price.
Short-purchase was the upper limit of the auction price. If he has a buyer who doesn’t want to compete, he could take the item without an auction by paying the immediate cost.
The highest purchase price set by others was between 10 and 15 million won. Some were already on sale for the highest rate of 1,000.
Yoo-Sung drank coffee.
Generally speaking, it’s just a matter of stay and watch after setting the price between 15 hundred and five hundred.
“But I have to see this for sure.”
Even short money is his property, after all.
He had to be meticulous. Even if there’s an unexpected change later, wasn’t it his responsibility?
Yoo-Sung clicked on each of the posted Shark Apes and compared the details to his own Shark Ape.
After observation, Yoo-Sung seemed to have a clue. The criteria for the price range of Shark Apes are its size and gender.
Unfortunately, his Shark Ape was on the short side. The gender was also male who was cheaper than females.
-Survival status: O
There was a distinct difference.
He had clicked on all 31 Sharp Apes, but it was the only Yoo-Sung that had an “O” sign on that “survival status.”
“No, was it alive?”
Come to think of it, he didn’t feel like he was going to die because a monster like that kicked his head a little… He didn’t have any movement back then.
Anyway, he had to set the highest price.
After a while, Yoo-Sung typed on the keyboard.
– Immediate purchase price: 500,000,000,000 won
“Is it honestly too much?”
With a grin, Yoo-Sung drank the remaining coffee.
Well, who cares? This is the only time at best. Maybe I should listen to the hunters talking about the wild crazy.
-Trading history has been updated.
Finishing with a click, Yoo-Sung lay right in bed after the shower.
“How much will it be?”
Ten million won.
No, if only 9 million won comes out, it would be close to three months’ worth of revenue for Yoo-Sung.
I’ve won 5th place in the lottery—what an incredible fortune.
Yoo-Sung closed its eyes in a perfectly good mood. However, he could not stop giggling at the immediate price that he set.
500 million won, that’s ridiculous.
So Yoo-Sung fell asleep, and the auction began.
Obviously, Yoo-Sung’s cold judgment was not wrong.
Yoo-Sung’s Shark Ape was far short of receiving 500 million.
To be exact, it was about 80 million won short.
-Current bid price: 420 million won
In terms of the actual profit after-tax deduction, the total amount was 340 million won.
It was Yoo-Sung’s first hunting income.

Even a monster of the same species may vary widely in price depending on various factors.
It may be endless to explain them one by one, but in a nutshell, scarcity is essential.
The harder the sample to get, the more expensive it is.
From that point of view, the ‘living’ Shark Ape was a sufficiently expensive item.
It was tough to capture this creature, which resembled a great white shark as much as it looked alive.
Even if a talented hunter captured it without wounds, blood vessels all over his body would burst under his temper.
There was one of the best-known methods at the moment. It caused a substantial shock to the veins of this creature’s larynx during a battle and fell into a domestic condition.
Even so, different individuals have different blood veins and various forces that must be given.
If he leaves his consciousness by hitting it awkwardly, his blood vessels burst as soon as he glows. On the contrary, too much shock means that even if he falls into suspended animation, he doesn’t live long.
“Really, you did a great job.”
The man who came out for the contract, who held the team leader’s position, repeatedly praised Yoo-Sung.
“We were so nervous until you put up the sale. It doesn’t make sense that we can’t save a single living shark ape.”
It wouldn’t have been so if it were normal.
However, the crack in which Shark Ape appeared was an emergency that the Defense Department failed to capture by radar.
In the presence of civilians who couldn’t evacuate, hunters went on to shoot all the police without any time to plan a capture operation, saying that “private safety is the top priority.”
But then a miracle appeared.
Shark Ape, who fainted in a lyric state without any trauma, simply hit the occipital veins.
Needless to say, Yoo-Sung caught him.
“You can take it slow.”
Perhaps because he thought Yoo-Sung was silent because he focused on the contract, the man even arranged the agreement on the table in a friendly manner.
It was an attitude toward the hunter.
It is also a courtesy to the master who caught the Shark Ape without a group belonging to him.
What else would you think?
Even the casual attire of Yoo-Sung, which is not like a hunter,
‘Real experts in any field are unique.’
It is interpreted as the uniqueness of a truly talented person.
But Yoo-Sung was not silent because of the contract.
Soon his hand wrote his name and stamped his seal.
With it, Shark Ape was transferred to the possession of a research facility where men worked, with 420 million won before taxes and 340 million won after taxes, becoming the money of Yoo-Sung.
Before leaving him, Yoo Sung bowed to the man.
“Thank you.”
“What? No! What?”
With his hands waving as if he were in a daze, the man took out a business card from his pocket.
“If you get a good one next time, please contact me anytime. If you contact me separately like this, I can give you a better offer at my discretion.”
It was the man, not Yoo-Sung, bowed his head once more time just before parting.
“See you again! Sir!”
The man left with a foreign car that would have surprised the usual Yoo-sung.
The man’s resume on his business card listed prestigious universities and graduate schools abroad, which Yoo-Sung would know.
“No matter how much I think…”
“I think I’m the one who should say thanks.”
Thinking so, Yoo-Sung laughed bitterly.
Inside the public transportation back home, Yoo-Sung looked into his account on his cell phone.
About 456 million won.
Of the total, 340 million won came from the sale of Shark Ape.
The remaining 110 million were the results of Yoo-Sung’s steady savings over the past nine years. Nine years spent youth with sincerity rather than pleasure.
It was a one-night profit.
With that one night alone, the last nine years of Yoo-Sung had been reduced to just a third.
No one dislikes public money.
Naturally, Yoo-Sung didn’t hate the money that came to him.
However, he felt a little stuffy in his chest.
Eventually, with several stops to get home, Yoo-Sung got off the bus. He bought three cans of beer and headed to the Han River.
Then he sat on the hill and drank them.
Without saying anything or doing anything, he is just sat there, looking at the river.
Even after he finished all his beer, he was not tipsy at all. His face didn’t turn red.
When he stood up, Yoo-Sung was different.
‘will become a hunter.’
Yoo-Sung looked down.
The grey button was still floating in front of him.
He was a man who did what he said.
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