Novel Name : Auto Hunting

Auto Hunting - Chapter 5

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The public park in the morning, where the scorching late heat completely disappeared, and only the chilling wind blows.
“Hoo, hoo!”
Yoo-Sung was doing repetitive movements with his body.
Push-ups, iron bars, and dips using parallel bars are repeated regularly. It wasn’t an incredible number of repetitions, but Yoo-Sung’s posture was excellent.
By the time the muscles of the whole body were shaking, Yoo-Sung had stopped exercising and began to run.
“Hook, whoop!”
Go around the Citizens Park a few times, and go out and run the streets. After dozens of minutes of running to the house, his body is almost at the limit.
He could have used an elevator, but Yoo-Sung ran up the stairs to the homemade building.
For the past four months, he has been training without rest.
It was the result of his research on automatic hunting.
A button leads you to the maximum performance that your body can perform with a simple touch.
Then, if you train your body’s physical abilities, wouldn’t it increase your ability to press the button naturally?
He ran until he reached the door to the roof of the building. He opened it slowly.
Now, the training was just beginning.
The Striker was waiting for him.
The Striker is a professional, striking practice machine that can be anchored on the floor. It is divided into several parts, and Yoo-Sung has spares to replace any damaged parts.
Standing before the sandbag, Yoo-Sung took a breath.
Then he stared at the strike.

The button in front of him was activated.
The ability to control the activation/deactivation of the button was one of Yoo-Sung’s achievements over the past few months.
Yoo-Sung pressed the button without hesitation.
A clicking sound was heard immediately.
As if they were not exhausted, Yoo-Sung’s limbs began to hit the Striker with terrifying momentum.
Most people may laugh, seeing this sight. He would, too. Yoo-Sung looked ridiculous.
He is not positioned correctly in a martial arts stance. He just seemed to be swinging his limbs wildly.
However, if a skilled person is observing, they will see that each attach has an extremely efficient direction and power control.
How many minutes can I go this time?
The Striker began to creak gradually.
Yoo-Sung’s face was getting red, and he wasn’t feeling too well.
‘Slightly, a little more…’
It wasn’t Yoo-Sung that moved the body.
However, he feels the results created by the automatic movements: muscle fatigue, reaction when hitting, and above all, exhaustion and breathlessness.
Yoo-Sung endured the pain of hitting the Striker with a body that has just finished multiple exercises and long-distance running.
There are three ways to deactivate a button once pressed.
1. There is no longer an object to ‘hunt.’
2. Yoo-Sung calms the immersion with mind control.
3. Finally, when the body reached its limit and could no longer move, automatic hunting stopped.
Puck! Perpuck!
I want to quit.
Yoo-Sung’s body was sore, and he was panting hard.
But he has to be patient.
Yoo-Sung knew well that automatic hunting did not lie. The fact that automatic hunting is still in progress is proof that his body can withstand the power.
Yoo-Sung clenched his jaw and remained focused.
Finally, it was the Striker that gave up.
The parts, which were tightened tightly, threw back with a loud sound.
At the same time, automatic hunting was turned off.
Yoo-Sung, who suddenly gained back control of his body, shook with fatigue. His necks and lungs felt like being stabbed by a knife.
In the early days of training, Yoo-Sung used an ordinary sandbag hanging from the chain on the support beam.
However, the sandbag was brutally smashed under the performance of automatic hunting. There is no practice mode in automatic hunting. The body will smash the target as efficiently as possible.
At first, the sandbag was smashed once every four days, and when the body was trained, and Yoo-Sung was able to withstand auto hunting for a long time, he had to change the sandbag once every three days, once every two days, and finally once a day.
That’s why he started to use this special Striker.
This was the first time he was able to smash it.
I finally smashed a special product that I wanted to break.
After clearing up the mess, Yoo-Sung went down to his room.
As he pulls off the sweaty top, his rising muscles began to show.
Four months.
For an average human body, it is an incredibly short time to transform with exercise.
An average person needs to exercise steadily for three months before starting to see a little change in his/her build.
However, in the meantime, Yoo-Sung’s body has made great strides.
‘Am I getting a little taller…?’
His shoulders got definitely wider.
‘Well, if you exercise, your bent spine may stretch out.’
He thought little about it. He was more satisfied that his six-pack was becoming more defined to dwell about the height he was not even sure he grew.
The human body is a very clever mechanism.
If you are constantly exposed to a certain environment and get used to it, your body adapts accordingly.
In this case, the environment where Yoo-Sung’s body was exposed was automatic hunting.
Naturally, his body was also turned into a perfect frame for perfect movement.
Soon, Yoo-Sung will be reborn as a big player.

Before you become a hunter, you have to take an evaluation.
You have to pass tests on knowledge of monsters, as well as related laws and regulations.
In addition to having the basic physical skills, a candidate is measured on whether he/she can take the correct action against a monster.
There were two successful teaching institutes. Yoo-sung attends one after his morning exercise.
Because of the bank account’s balance, there was little pressure on attending a large academy in the metropolitan area.
“I got it!”
The written examinations are scheduled twice a year, every March and September.
Successful candidates were posted on the school board. There were cheers and frustrated cries around him, but Yoo-sung was feeling neither cheerfulness or frustration.
‘I’m stuck.’
He was expecting to take half a year preparing to be a hunter, but he already passed on his first attempt at the examination.
In a way, it was a natural result. Besides self-training every morning, Yoo-Sung was obsessed with writing notes.
It was a new way to replace the goal of life that has been going on for the past nine years.
Moreover, he is twenty-nine years old. It’s ridiculously late to start studying hunters. He can’t always depend on the button to beat monsters.
-If you pass the handwriting, please come to the measurement room.-
Passers, including Yoo-Sung, moved to follow the school broadcast.
Every season, after passing the written test, the successful candidates were gathered to enter the ‘practical class’ – a preparation for the actual test.
The practical class includes basic physical strength training, and it seems to be a combination of a college entrance exam and military training.
“I will update you of your status. Please line up in turn.”
A doctor dispatched for measurement was on one side of the room, operating a deep body.
A ‘deep body’ is a machine used to gather the candidate’s status, or more commonly known as ‘the stat’.
The technology to measure the stat appeared with the advent of monsters.
The stat measures a person’s physical ability, the degree of strength of the body, special abilities, equipment, etc., as variables, yielding an objective’ combat power’ value.
Deep bodies measure stats from a pure base state. On average, a healthy adult male’s stat is at 80, a female at 62.
However, the basic idea is that it is worth trying to take the practical class when men reach a minimum of 100, and women, 80.
As the doctor provided his status, a young man in the deep body raised his arms.
“Yeah, 135? Three more than last time?”
“It’s difficult.”
The young man’s friends lined up and slapped his back.
As with any academy, there are also groups of friends that have become close to each other for months.
Of course, Yoo-Sung was not in any group. There is no reason to play with young children in the academy because there is was busy catching up to his studies. He started late.
The measurements continued.
Indeed, stats higher than the average appeared.
Not everyone was qualified.
“It’s because I don’t exercise. I kept studying in the academy.”
Small, but booing sounds to be heard clearly.
The man who got 81 turned red. He was helpless about it. Unlike in studying where anyone who puts on effort can pass, physical strength is not something you can control.
The instructor approached the student.
‘Perhaps I can offer advice that the practical class would be difficult for you. If your stat number is low, the likelihood of passing the class is low.”
“That’s a waste.”
The students with passing stats gathered in one corner of a dressing room, watching the others in a relaxed manner.
“Next, Mr. Yoo-Sung Oh?”
“What do you think will come out, 79?”
“I still give you a good 88,” the instructor said.
“What is 88. I hope to get 89.”
Before long, the doctor had finished measuring Yoo-Sung, and a sheet of paper with the results came into his hands.
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