Novel Name : Auto Hunting

Auto Hunting - Chapter 7

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The whole class held their breath.
Eventually, Yoo-seong was defeated.
There was a mannequin holding his neck from behind, while all his limbs were held down by other mannequins.
The instructor intervened. “Thank you, that’s enough.”
There were three mannequins holding Yoo-seong. In front of him were four collapsed ones.
Seven to one.
Three alone were not enough.
Three. Four. Even five or six could not touch him.
Seven was the number needed to defeat Yoo-seong.
The mannequins immediately rushed to him, creating a dense wall, crushing him by force.
Even so, he was able to bring down four of them, before succumbing to the others’ strength.
“That looked like it hurt…” a student muttered as she watched the scene.
The instructor extended his hand to the kneeling Yoo-seong. “Are you okay?”
“Yes, thank you.” Yoo-seong took his hand and stood up.
Unbelievable, the instructor thought as he helped Yoo-seong’s up.
The stat measurement is correct.
Oh Yoo-seong was not physically strong.
The virtuosity that was displayed in defeating the mannequins could not have been because of his physical strength.
Like an idiot, Kang Jae-gyun made remarks to the crowd.
“If he had more muscles… he could have won.”
He’s then said that he could have shaken the mannequins off with force.
This doesn’t make sense. The instructor did not pay attention to Kang Jae-gyun, and was instead deep in thought.
Hunters who were at the front lines could cut down 1-2 star monsters by ten in one attack.
But they are expert hunters who have experience facing hundreds of ridiculous monsters – not students doing practical training for the first time.
Moreover, even if someone is capable of killing ten mannequins, can they defeat six mannequins with bare hands, just like Yoo-seong did?
Unlike the instructor who was thinking complicated thoughts, Yoo-seong’s thought was simple.
What a waste. He felt a sense of accomplishment of what he has done, but there was more regret than accomplishment.
Yoo-seong felt that he had insufficient power.
When the mannequins held him down, he could not escape even with the automatic hunting feature.
He needs to get stronger to fight his way out of that situation.
As he went down the ring, he was thinking about how to increase the sets on his strength exercise.
Suddenly, unexpected applause and cheers greeted him when he came down.
“Really – that was awesome!”
The class who held their breath released the tension by collectively cheering him.
“Seriously, you’d think I was watching martial arts!”
“I thought it was a movie with special effects!”
“That’s honestly ridiculous, just ridiculous…”
Everyone was impressed. Students immediately flocked to him, surrounding him.
“Did you learn martial arts separately? Boxing? Muay Thai?”
“Uh…” Yoo-seong found it hard to answer the deluge of appreciation and questions.
Kang Jae-gyun watched the scene, very displeased. He marched towards the instructor.
“Excuse me.”
The instructor was still deep in thought, barely noticing him.
The instructor could hear Kang Jae-gyun’s voice in the background. He heard “even if it’s about 110…” and “if I have some equipment…” but he wasn’t really focused on the words.
Suddenly, Kang Jae-gyun raised his voice.
“Excuse me! Let me go one more time!”
The instructor’s eyebrows furrowed. He was displeased because he was distracted, but Kang Jae-gyun didn’t seem to mind it.
“I’m going to do it without a triple rod. I’m going to use my fists. I’m not used to…”
“Once everyone has completed their turn, you can do it once more. Please wait.”
The atmosphere was tense.
Kang Jae-gyun lost his temper and grabbed the instructor’s shoulder.
After a moment of silence, the instructor spoke quietly.
“Mr. Kang Jae-gyun…”
“……Mr. Jae-Gang Kang.”
Kang Jae-gyun stiffened upon hearing his voice. Fear shot through him.
“This is the last warning.”
It’s easy for students to forget, but the instructors were also hunters. They retired due to personal reasons, such as injuries, and opted to teach instead.
“If you interrupt the class or speak loudly one more time, we will refund the tuition immediately. Please try another school.”
Of course, the instructor will never hit Kang Jae-gyun.
But his tone and voice was enough to make the rowdy student feel fear.
“Do you understand?”
“Uh… yes.”
Kang Jae-gyun nodded.
The instructor nodded back with a stern expression; then, he turned to the class as if nothing happened.
“The next person?”

The glasses hit each other with a cheerful sound.
It was late in the evening, and the downtown pub was crowded with students.
They were celebrating the beginning of their practical training.
It was their excuse for tonight – they were usually here two or three times a week.
The difference was that there was a new face that joined them.
“Uh, why is brother Yoo-seong not drinking?”
“Huh.” Yoo-seong shook his hand gently to the student who gave him a beer mug. “I decided not to drink until I passed the exam.”
Yoo-seong had a liking for alcohol. He liked it very much, in fact. But four months ago, after the incident with the Shark Ape, he vowed never to touch alcohol again.
Every night, he longed for beer more than his ex-girlfriend, but he endured it with strong determination.
“Oh, oh!”
The students were not confused by Yoo-seong’s words. In fact, most of them were impressed at what he said.
They know his words are proven by action.
After today’s training, the majority of the students approached Yoo-seong to make friends with him and learn from him.
I’m too old for this, Yoo-seong thought and laughed bitterly.
The students around him are mostly twenty years old. Yoo-seong will turn thirty years old tomorrow. The age difference was obvious.
An ice-filled cup was placed in front of Yoo-seong.
“Then, would you like a Coke?” a girl sitting next to him said.
Yoo-seong nodded shyly and took the can. “Thank you.”
“Hey, please be comfortable. We are all younger than you.”
She wasn’t a typical beauty, but she had a clear and bright face that looked nice to him.
“Oppa, do you know my name?”
“Yeah. Hee-ji, right?
Of course, he knew. He watched her deep body measurements.
119. This is the highest record for a woman in this class.
She had shown enough strength to face two mannequins during practice.
“Do you know my last name?”
“Ms. Yang Hee-ji.”
“Wow! You knew.” She clapped her hands.
“So, have you decided on a firm to join after you get your license?” she continued.
“Firm? Ah…”
Most hunters work in groups.
As the military works in squads or platoons, firms are also composed of several teams.
Naturally, hunting is also a profession in the capitalist society, so teams and firms are battling for reputation, and competition to enter them is difficult.
“No, I haven’t thought about that yet.”
“Really? Miraculous. I think there are a lot of places where you can get a contract in advance…”
Yang Hee-ji looked hesitant for a moment, then she continued.
“In fact, my father and my older brother are running a small farm.”
“Yeah! It’s okay if you come for a field trip once you have time.”
“I don’t want to cause trouble.”
“No! I often visit people who have just gotten licenses. If you come, I will tell them good things about you.”
Yoo-seong laughed and nodded.
Yang Hee-ji is cute, he thought.
“But tell me, what did you do for training? Do you have any practical training programs?”
“I’m doing my basic fitness training on my own. Not yet.”
Suddenly, a cynical laugh came from across the table.
“That’s ridiculous.”
It was Kang Jae-gyun. He hadn’t spoken a word after the class and was drinking in a dark mood.
He continued, “You shouldn’t overdo it. I think you have a private tutoring at home.”
Yang Hee-ji gave attention to his words. “Hey… Why is your tone like that?”
However, Kang Jae-gyun didn’t seem to hear her. Or more probably, he heard but ignored her.
“Are you saying you’re a genius who does well without anyone teaching you? Why? Do you want to get more appealing, is that it? Is it fun?” he continued his sarcastic comments.
The students fell silent. The atmosphere was already getting intense.
Yoo-seong looked at Kang Jae-gyun. As usual, he is calm, without any sign of agitation. “I’m sorry if it sounded like that.”
However, Kang Jae-gyun took his apology as a strong provocation.
“No, I asked you a question. I don’t need you to say sorry,” he snapped back.
No one could say a word. Everyone was either looking at Kang Jae-hyun, at Yoo-seong, or down at their mugs.
“Huh? Answer me! What?”
“……I will leave now.” Yoo-seong stood up, and the students cleared a path for him.
Their eyes looked angry as they looked at Kang Jae-gyun.
-Why, that bastard?
-Suddenly, he’s ruining the mood.
-But Yoo-seong is really calm. His expression hasn’t even changed.
-He just wanted to come and have a social life…
Kang Jae-gyun burst completely.
He couldn’t take it anymore. It was enough that his self-esteem was hurt by their instructor; he will not allow Yoo-seong to do it once more.
Kang Jae-gyun got up from his seat and forcefully approached Yoo-seong.
“Don’t you ignore me!” he yelled.
With a bang, he grabbed Yoo-seong’s shoulders firmly.
Kang Jae-gyun was calculating in his mind. When he fought the mannequin, Yoo-seong wasn’t able to overcome them when he was held down.
If he does the same, there is no chance he would lose.
Oh Yoo-seong wasn’t a hunter like their instructor.
It wasn’t what Kang Jae-gyun expected.
Déjà vu.
Yoo-seong didn’t resist. He didn’t tremble, nor show a frightened expression. Instead, he looked down at the hand, grabbing his right shoulder.
“…honestly,” Yoo-seong said in a quiet voice. “I can’t understand why you’re doing this, and I don’t want to understand it.”
Then, he raised his head and met Kang Jae-gyun’s eyes.
There was controlled but definite anger.
Goosebumps went down Kang Jae-gyun’s back. He felt it.
135 stats. He was stronger than others; than anyone in this room.
But he felt that there was a barrier between him and this man.
It was as if he’ll die if he crosses that barrier.
It was a wild imagination, but he really felt that way.
I will suffer thoroughly, he thought.
“So…” Yoo-seong’s hand slowly rose above Kang Jae-gyun’s wrist.
Kang Jae-gyun felt his grip. It was weak. He had weak muscle strength. His hand simply wrapped his wrist.
But Kang Jae-gyun trembled as if it was the hand of a ghost that grabbed him.
“Before you face unrestrained results, think again and again.”
“Oh…. Ah…”
“Let me go.”
Then, Kang Jae-gyun, who was holding Yoo-seong’s shoulders, released him.
Then, Yoo-seong approached him and tapped his shoulders lightly, as if comforting him.
The room was silent.
Yoo-seong smiled his distinctive shy smile and did a little bow as he spoke to the group.
“Sorry. I had fun. Thanks for having me.”
It was like the bar had turned into a funeral, he thought as he walked out.
Suddenly. Yang Hee-ji called him. “Oppa, where are you going?” She shot a look of annoyance at Kang Jae-gyun, then ran to follow Yoo-seong.
“Wait a minute! Don’t go home yet, let’s just go somewhere else and eat!”
Then, other students, who were close to Yang Hee-ji, and those who disliked Kang Jae-gyun, got up one after another and followed them out.
The pub went silent. The only people left were those who were close to Kang Jae-gyun.
Then –
They too, got up and left.
Only Kang Jae-gyun, whose lips were shaking, remained.

What a night.
Yoo-seong entered his room and sighed.
I almost took a sip of beer. Yang Hee-ji… and I almost fought someone. Anyway, at least it’s quiet now. 
Yoo-seong looked down on the button before him.
He recalled what happened at the first bar he went to.
He’s a little kid.
He didn’t think much about the brainless young man who grabbed him. He didn’t worry about it too much.
There was something more important than that.
When he was caught by Kang Jae-gyun, something new and different popped up before his eyes.
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