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Auto Hunting - Chapter 40

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Chapter 40
Episode 40
The situation was dire, and he shouldn’t have laughed. However, Sung-wook couldn’t hold himself any longer, and he burst into laughter.
He was watching the HBS broadcast.
So far, they were the only ones who were able to broadcast live via their helicopter.
That was enough to raise their ratings by 20% since the entirety of Korea was watching.
Yoo-seong’s face was on screen.
The camera was focused on his tired yet horrified expression. Everyone who knew Yoo-seong personally was quite accustomed to his calm expression.
The look of horror on his face was new to Sung-wook.
“You must be exhausted,” Sung-wook said as he looked at the hunter’s face.
He knew he would probably see that expression again. Sung-wook shook his head and erased his smile as he waited to see Yoo-seong’s next move.
Yoo-seong shook as he opened his mouth and moved towards the camera.
“Hey, don’t film me. This is private,” Yoo-seong before he collapsed.
The cameraman’s gasp was audible as the video ended. Suddenly, the scene became that of the studio, where the anchors analyzed all that happened.
Sung-wook was sure that no one was focused on the words of the anchors.
“Well, that’s great,” Sung-wook muttered with a bleak smile.
Probably, there were a lot of people who said the same thing right now.
A great secret had just been uncovered. That was something that couldn’t be laughed about.

Habaek, the giant turtle’s temporary name, had a tentative hazard class of 11 stars.
Ironically, the damage it caused was minimal.
The damage left on the buildings was quite insignificant compared to other smaller hunting operations, sustaining only broken windows and glass walls. The Parasitic Bee technique that Yoo-seong had used on its eyes had made it change its mind about coming to Earth.
Its head had gone back through the crack as it screamed in pain.
For a brief moment, its snout appeared through the cracks again.
It was as though it was thinking of tearing through the cracks again. However, the support team arrived on time.
Platinum and gold hunters equipped with detoxification equipment started shooting at once, and, in the end, the Habaek completely disappeared. After that, a dive team was sent into the crack, but they did not see Habaek. However, they witnessed that the surrounding jungle was completely ruined.
It was a rather frustrating ending for the high-ranked hunters who jumped to the field prepared to battle against an unprecedented giant beast.
What was important was that the disaster had been averted.
The dive team successfully blocked the crack.
The Habaek’s purple poison was being processed in various labs. The emergency was over.
-11-star monster Habaek that blocked the rift sent back by hunter Park Kang-han. –
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-A phenomenal situation during the live broadcast…-
When Yoo-seong first jumped on the Habaek, everyone knew that he was Park Kang-han.
During the last Shantiga incident, there had been so many broadcasts that everyone knew his suit’s appearance.
The dark, matte gray color armor, the astonishing spider walk over the face of a giant monster – it was all Park Kang-han.
Everyone was already cheering for him as he messed up the monster’s eye.
When Park Kang-han had grabbed on to the helicopter and climbed in, most people could hardly believe their eyes. It wasn’t just Yoo-seong’s face that was revealed.
His arms, the entire upper body from the neck to his abs, was uncovered.
They could see him soaked in sweat and blood like a legendary ancient warrior.
“Hey, don’t film me…”
The dumb expression and speech completely contradicted the phenomenal battles and appearances that everyone had seen so far.
The public completely ignored the emergence of a new super-giant beast. They did not worry that Habaek might still be wandering around the regions connected to Korea.
Instead, they were enthusiastic about the new character. Finally, his veil had been removed.
Back at the underground training room, Sung-wook looked at his stopwatch and then at Yoo-seong.
One of the crucial things about Aura control was to stay calm.
However, in the end, Yoo-seong couldn’t hold up anymore. Corona burst around the body.
Sung-wook turned off the stopwatch while looking at his student, who lay stretched out without moving.
“1 hour and 21 minutes.”
It was the worst record they’ve had in a month, but he couldn’t blame his student.
Considering what Yoo-seong had endured that month, it was quite impressive that he had been able to calm his heart down and last that long.
In reality, considering that Yoo-seong’s face had finally been exposed to everyone in the country, it was quite impressive that he could even maintain his composure.
HBS had corrected their mistakes immediately.
In the video rebroadcast afterward, Yoo-seong’s face was blurred, and they did not specify who the hunter they shot was.
However, the public was not stupid.
-Park Kang-han: Rank 15th –
Yoo-seong’s ranking jumped immediately after the Habaek operation.
The circumstances had been absolutely clear.
The Internet had exploded.
Netizens who had attended school with Yoo-seong posted their graduation photos and received thousands of likes and shares.
Sung-wook watched anxiously as Yoo-seong stood up, gasping for breath. While having dinner yesterday, he watched Yoo-seong searching for his name on the portal site.
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That was when they realized that people worldwide were swooning over Yoo-seong’s body that had been revealed during the short broadcast.
-His body is really hot…
-I know I’m a fitness worker, but this body is just out of this world!
-It is possible to have a body like this if you exercise for three months???
-Epic sexy hunter guy!!!
After seeing his photo posted by a woman in South America, Yoo-seong quietly turned off his cell phone screen.
Well, in a way, his image wasn’t bad.
However, irrespective of that, he was receiving attention from all over the world.
Who could keep his composure with that? That was why neither Sung-wook nor Yoo-seong had planned to reveal his identity in the past.
Sung-wook sighed.
“Hey, Yoo-seong,” Sung-wook began, but Yoo-seong cut him short.
“Sorry, teacher. My training posture is a mess today.”
“No, it’s not that,” Sung-wook said, laughing bitterly. Then, he spoke in a more serious tone.
“Do not misunderstand me, please. Listen.”
“How about you change your agent?”
Yoo-seong eyes widened.
“Of course, we’ve made some arrangements together before, but things have changed a lot now…”
Sung-wook stared at his student before continuing.
“And this situation is… To be honest, it’s difficult to continue teaching you with your network and my disability.”
He had gone out violently and sued HBS, also demanding severe punishment for those who had exposed Yoo-seong’s identity on the Internet.
However, the amount of work had become too much for Sung-wook to handle.
Although he had said he would ‘raise’ Yoo-seong, Yoo-seong had grown so fast that Sung-wook couldn’t handle it.
He had been surprised when he heard that Yoo-seong had been selected as one of the five people who would partake in the dive.
He had wanted to begin mentoring people; however, he now felt he shouldn’t be handling people as talented as Yoo-seong.
“You may feel bad about this situation. However, from my perspective, it’s more of a situation to have a toast…”
He was trying to keep the atmosphere light. Though their relationship had grown deeper during the training, Yoo-seong’s new popularity made it necessary for them to part ways.
“Other professional agents will be better able to manage your schedule and training,” Sung-wook said finally.
Yoo-seong remained silent, not sure of what to say.
“Honestly, I don’t think it’s bad to go to QR and grow with them if you have the intention of doing that.”
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He was sure that Yoon Kang-cheol could handle Yoo-seong better than he could.
“Anyway, people like you, Yoo-seong. You should make the most of it.”
Yoo-seong still didn’t answer.
He walked to one side and opened his bag of clothes.
“I’d been thinking about it too,” he said finally.
“I see,” Sung-wook said, smiling bitterly. Yoo-seong wasn’t a fool, after all.
Sung-wook watched as Yoo-seong took out a folded piece of paper from his bag and then walked over to him.
“This is the result of my thinking,” Yoo-seong said.
Sung-wook took the paper and wondered as he stared at it. Perhaps it was the papers for dissolution of contract.
Maybe it was his new contract with another agent. When he learned that Yoo-seong had shown off the power of his Parasitic Bee in front of everyone at the last event, he felt that he had been rewarded enough.
But…. he couldn’t help his heart from trembling now.
He slowly opened the folded paper and looked at the contents.
It wasn’t what he was thinking – at least it wasn’t a formal document. Instead, it was Yoo-seong’s handwriting.
“I’ve tweaked and revised it a few times on my own, but if there’s something that’s lacking, I trust you will take care of it.”
“No, wait a minute…”
“You are right. It’s not what I wanted, but now that I have their attention, we should make the most of it.”
Yoo-seong drew a deep breath before continuing.
“I’m going to do an interview and tell the world who I really am.”
Sung-wook was too surprised to speak.
“Of course, that’s if you give me permission.”
Sung-wook was Yoo-seong’s agent.
Sung-wook raised his trembling head and then nodded.
“Thank you,” he said.
“No… I am more grateful.”
“I will contact them,” Sungwook said.
“Sure. That’s your role as my agent.”

The HBS news office received a phone call.
Within a few minutes, the entire station turned over.
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The staff rushed to prepare the set.
The director ordered the release of an urgent notice:
-Hunter Park Kang-han, scheduled for a solo interview. 7 pm.-
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