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Auto Hunting - Chapter 42

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Chapter 42
Episode 42
Yoon Kang-cheol burst into bleak laughter as he watched Yoo-seong’s declaration on his phone. He was sitting across the third ranker in Korea – the director of Gung-on- in a restaurant’s private space.
Anyone would have been surprised at that – QR and Gung-on representatives sitting together at the same table.
They weren’t exactly friends; however, they kept in close touch and collaborated in some situations.
“Everyone knows that he’s one person that always exceeds expectations,” Yoon Kang-cheol said.
He was pleased. Yoo-seong’s career was progressing just as he had speculated. The only problem was that it was becoming too much.
“But then, it gets to a certain point that his personality becomes nauseating,” Yoo-seok replied.
He watched Kang-cheol fix his attention on his phone. “Have you ever seen him in action at all? You should-”
“Turn your phone off,” Yoo-seok ordered suddenly, cutting Kang-cheol off.
“Why, if I may ask?” Kang-cheol said, looking squarely at Yoo-seok.
Yoo-seok liked to pretend that he wasn’t interested in the trending industry topics and public opinions, but Kang-cheol knew it was just a front. Yoo-seok’s ears had been up all through the meeting, listening to the proceedings from Yoo-seong’s interview.
His attention was perked, especially when the host mentioned Yoo-seong in the same sentence as Lee Jae-hak.
“Sorry. I came to this meeting thinking that you would be interested in what I had to offer. This was a waste of time,” Yoo-seok said, standing up.
“Well, I am listening. However, there are also other things important enough to talk about.”
“Is that so?” Yoo-seok asked as he watched Yoon Kang-cheol’s emotionless eyes.
There was a cold smile on Kang-cheol’s face.
“I think this meeting is over,” Kang-cheol said, standing up too.
He allowed his pent-up emotions to run loose.
“Do I look like someone who would sell QR to China? I would be crazy to do that.”
“We’re talking about Tenz, not China. Besides, you had mentioned about selling it in the past.”
“Really? Did you hear me say that? Your ears must have a problem, then. Since the only reason you came here was to talk trash, I think you need to know two things.”
Yoon Kang-cheol raised two fingers.
“First. I am not an idiot. Second, whether it’s to Tenz or Nabal, I have no intention of ending my fifteen-year career as QR’s boss.”
“Do you know who you’re going against?”
“Do I look like I don’t know?”
“You will be left behind. No, actually, you are already behind.”
Yoon Kang-cheol knew quite well what Yoo-seok meant.
Generations were changing. Normally, the ability of future generations should have improved on the achievements of previous generations.
Unfortunately, the previous generations were still better than the next ones.
“Ten years ago, we didn’t take China very seriously. No one expected them to catch up so soon. Now, they have overtaken us,” Yoo-seok began.
“With the improvements in the CE injection technology and hunting techniques, the gap between them and us began to widen. The next generation of Chinese hunters will inherit techniques to make more efficient use of the increased CE…” he trailed off.
“I know you’re not wrong. Anyone with eyes knows that. I just don’t think that the solution is to grovel at their feet and eat from their scraps. What were you expecting? You don’t think your special move will do your company any good, do you? The media will destroy you.”
“It will be worth it.”
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Yoon Kang-cheol’s eyebrows flinched at Yoo-seok’s words.
“Of course, the skills they teach are not exactly the martial arts used by Ship Zone; however, they would allow us to use reprints.”
“There are many techniques kept in the form of documents and illustrations. It is said that the reprint of various martial arts has already been underway since ten years ago. Tenz can give all that to you.”
Kang-cheol shook his head dismissively as both of them sat down again. Yoo-seok ignored Kang-cheol’s gesture and continued talking.
“At such a low price, you get the skills, and, with that, we can develop our territory.”
“Whatever. My ‘no’ remains the same.”
“That’s good. I only came to persuade you to join Tenz because there is no reason for QR to be left in the mud, but you’ve decided to remain stubborn.”
Yoon Kang-cheol laughed. He knew that what Yoo-seok wanted was more than just the reprinted Ki techniques.
Still, Kang-cheol couldn’t help but be slightly shaken.
QR wasn’t the only company that Tenz was reaching out to. Foreign capital for many Korean hunting firms was struggling, and Tenz was taking advantage of it.
However, money wasn’t the main problem. The timing was just right.
Yoo-seong’s sudden appearance and rapid rise up the ranks was causing a lot of chaos.
Irrespective of whether they liked him or not, there was one emotion all hunters had towards Yoo-seong.
He had such excellent skills, strength, honor, and recognition. The method of training recruits in the industry had improved in recent times. However, there were only a few whose entry skills exceeded the expectations.
Yoo-seong’s skill had far surpassed the basics. The whole of Gung-on had been embarrassed by Yoo-seong at the last event.
Cha Jae-gil and Ki Yoo-seok, who were in third place, hadn’t made the dive team.
This was an excellent opportunity for Tenz to take over the industry.
“You know it would be a waste of time to hold on to QR any longer,” Yoo-seok remarked.
“Think about it. I need to leave now,” he stood up.
“They haven’t even served rice yet,” Kang-cheol said.
“I don’t want to eat in such an uncomfortable situation,” Yoo-seok replied.
He stared at Kang-cheol before continuing.
“Here’s my personal opinion: there are some walls that cannot be pulled down with one’s strength alone. Well, the Alpha team that QR is raising this time… there are rumors that their performance is not so good. Honestly, if you go on like this, I don’t think things will get any better.”
Yoon Kang-cheol scratched his cheek. “I have never really seen it as a wall that cannot be overcome. I mean, consider how Lee Jae-hak managed to become first place instead of yo-”
“Stop it!” Yoo-seok said as his expression became distorted.
It was a famous story in the industry.
Now, Shin Yu-hee was in second place due to the Shantiga operation’s score. In the past, second place was like an exclusive seat for the senior players in the industry.
Now, she had left QR too.
“Shall I say one more word, though?” Kang-cheol asked with a cold smile.
When Yoo-seok didn’t reply, he continued.
“When I was young, I didn’t study Martial Arts very much, so I don’t know if it was Ssang-ryong’s eight chapters or energies that you hope to get in exchange for your selling out. But whatever the case might be, you, President Yoo-seok, will never go beyond Lee Jae-hak.”
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“We shall see about that, shall we not?” Yoo-seok said after being silent for a minute.
“We shall, then,” Yoon Kang-cheol said. “No matter how impressive your skills, talents, or equipment are, the thing that matters the most is none of them. That’s why my Alpha team failed, and Yoo-seong succeeded.”
Yoon Kang-cheol had noticed Shin Yu-Hee’s cigarette in Yoo-seong’s hands after his display back at the venue.
He had seemed more relaxed when he returned to the hall, and Yu-Hee had been nowhere to be found. It made him realize that the younger hunter made use of something others didn’t.
“You are overestimating him because of his broadcast,” Yoo-seok said.
“Aha! I thought you were not interested in the broadcast?”
Yoo-seok had also been at the event hall and had seen how Lee Jae-hak had paid so much attention to Yoo-seong, even defending him.
He had seen the Ki technique with which Yoo-seong had humiliated Cha Jae-gil. Perhaps, that was the reason why he accepted Chu Seo-jin’s proposal without hesitation. Of course, Yoo-seok would never admit it.
Yoo-seok stood and left the room in silence.
Just then, the waiter arrived and looked at Kang-cheol in confusion.
“Did we do something wrong, sir?” the man asked.
“Oh, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I can eat everything,” Yoon Kang-cheol said cheerfully.
Of course, his thoughts weren’t cheerful at all. Tenz’s advance would be successful. The Korean industry would change.
The future of QR was unclear since Shin Yu-hee left. He had never seen it coming.
Yoon Kang-cheol suddenly remembered Kim Sung-wook.
The man’s veins were damaged, and he had become obsolete. However, at that moment, Yoon Kang-cheol was madly envious of him.

Yoo-seong narrowed both eyes as he stared at the clock. It was 9 pm.
After the afternoon training, he went to his table and started to read through the numerous files and books provided by the Special Defense Agency. He’d been studying them for almost half the day.
Hunters usually gained experience through real-life operations. However, only a few hunters had actually experienced Dives.
There were plenty of things to learn, such as knowing how to survive inside and how to operate the special equipment they would carry. Yoo-seong still had more to memorize and understand, and so he decided to train his body less and his mind more.
He decided to take a break and get a cup of coffee. He picked up his wallet and went out of the house.
It had been a month since the interview. Now, everyone recognized him
“Uh? That’s Oh Yoo-seong!” a girl said to her friend.
“Yoo-seong!” the friend screamed breathlessly.
Yoo-seong waved his hand at the high school students passing by. The effectiveness of the interview was clear. No one touched him.
Reporters, broadcasters, and the general public did not approach him though they recognized him on the street.
And there were no hard feelings because the ‘image of striving to earn his achievements’ had worked properly. Of course, the consequences of the interview weren’t all about advantages.
Before, there would have hardly been a person who hated Oh Yoo-seong. But now, the internet was full of negative opinions about him.
-Unlucky cub.
-Soon, Lee Jae-hak’s fame will be over too, all because of Yoo-seong.
-It must be a new celebrity disease…
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Yoo-seong was no longer a hero hiding beneath a helmet. He had revealed his character; therefore, some people rejected him.
Of course, he didn’t care. He couldn’t satisfy everyone.
Besides, there was no public figure without supporters and haters.
Even Lee Jae-hak had a huge number of haters. Now, Yoo-seong’s heart was calmer than when everyone was praising him.
Tomorrow, it would be time for him to participate in the Dive.
Two people had already tried to dive before Yoo-seong: 9th place Lee Sung-cheol and 4th place, Kim Yo-han.
Lee Sung-cheol had gone in three weeks ago and completed a 19-hour dive. However, according to the Defense Bureau, there had been no special findings or achievements from that expedition.
He hadn’t been officially revealed to the public after the dive, and there were rumors that he suffered injuries.
Kim Yo-han, who had gone in ten days ago, was declared missing. He didn’t arrive at the designated exit crack 23 hours after being inside.
The hunters in operation waited for him to return for almost six more hours, but he did not appear.
It was a failure.
In a matter of 18 hours, it would be Yoo-seong’s turn. After taking an Americano from a regular cafe, Yoo-seong headed to a nearby park.
He used to spend his summer evening at a bench in the park’s remote corner several years ago. He drank half the venti size within two sips, but his heart didn’t thump at all.
Caffeine or alcohol did not affect his body.
Except for the sounds of people coming from far away, the park was silent. There were hardly any stars in the sky.
“It’s hard to find friends these days, isn’t it?”
The strange voice startled Yoo-seong and made him look in the direction it came from. It was an old man with gray hair, slicked back, and separated into two parts.
He wore a white shirt with azure cotton pants.
If it weren’t for his gray hair, Yoo-seong wouldn’t have known he was an old man. It was more than his physical appearance – the man exuded an atmosphere of youth.
“These days, I don’t have friends who lift their heads to my eye level,” the man said with a small smile.
Yoo-seong didn’t want to be disturbed. He stood up and walked away without saying a word.
The old man shook his head.
“It isn’t too respectful to walk away from an elderly man, you know? I just came to see your face.”
“I see,” Yoo-seong said, turning back. “What do you want?”
“I watched the interview video live. There seem to be a lot of people who think it’s cheeky. But I thought you were impressive.”
“Thank you,” Yoo-seong said, noticing the man’s accent. “You’re not Korean, are you?”
“I’m not. I came here for business and took a few days sightseeing after my business was over. I have been to Korea before, though, so I can speak the language.”
Strangely, something about his statement bothered Yoo-seong. Before he could put the finger on it, the man spoke.
“You asked a good question. May I ask a question, myself?”
Yoo-seong nodded his head slowly.
“Who do you think I am?”
Yoo-seong followed his intuition.
He didn’t understand why he felt so anxious. However, he did what he felt was necessary.
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Yoo-seong pressed the button, and his judgment was just right.
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