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Auto Hunting - Chapter 50

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Chapter 50
Episode 50
As a man who lived alone for more than ten years, the number of dishes that Sung-wook knew how to cook could fill up an entire restaurant’s menu.
To celebrate Yoo-seong’s release, he has prepared a special kimchi tofu dish. However, Jin Chang-hoon couldn’t join them for dinner because the hospital got busy. Sung-wook also tried to invite Shin Yoo-hee, but as soon as she heard what the call was for, she hung up.
Sung-wook shook his head. He had prepared too much for two people to eat. Suddenly, he heard voices outside his door.
He recognized one of the voices to be Yoo-seong’s. However, the other voice was unfamiliar.
It spoke Korean with a bad accent. It sounded foreign.
“Brother,” Yoo-seong greeted him as soon as he opened the door.
He looked a little tired. Sung-wook threw his head back towards the full table.
“I cooked too much. If only another person could join us…”
Suddenly, an old man looked over Yoo-seong’s shoulders.
If not for the man’s white hair, it would be hard to determine his age, based on what he wore. He looked quite fashionable, wearing a yellow short-sleeved shirt and white pants.
Sung-wook then bowed his head out of courtesy.
“Welcome! Nice to meet you!”
“Thank you,” the man replied as he and Yoo-seong entered the house.
“How are you related to Yoo-seong…” Sung-wook asked. “Grandfather?”
“No!” Yoo-seong remarked as if the idea was ridiculous.
“I’ll use the bathroom,” Yoo-seong added, leaving him with the old man.
An awkward silence hung between them as Sung-wook considered how the stranger was related to Yoo-seong. The old man made eye contact with him.
“Do you have anything to drink?”
“Ah, yes!” Sung-wook remembered his manners. He quickly pulled out a chair. “Please sit here and make yourself comfortable. Would you like something cool? Or coffee?”
“If you have some tea…”
Sung-wook nodded. He had some knowledge of making a proper tea.
As he boiled water and prepared the tea leaves, he felt the old man’s gaze on his back. His senses were still sensitive, even if he was retired.
He looked back for a second, catching a glimpse of the old man. The stranger was staring at him with a serious expression. However, it was hard to tell what was on the man’s mind because he kept his sunglasses.
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“Your muscles are quite excellent…” the old man remarked.
“I mean, you’re in good shape.”
“Ah… thank you.”
Sung-wook felt goosebumps and turned around quickly.
From behind, he heard the man mutter something in Chinese. Sung-wook, who was once a top hunter, was familiar with foreign languages.
He understood what the old man said.
“It’s more than what I expected. There must be a reason why Yoo-seong brought me this far…”
Sung-wook turned around and brought a teacup to the old man. The visitor took a sip and nodded.
“Well? This is pretty good.”
“Thank you.”
“It’s not overdone. I never imagined that I would be able to taste a proper tea in this country.”
Sung-wook began preparing the table as the old man enjoyed his cup. There were Kimchi Tofu Stew and rice wine.
“Wow. You prepared all these?”
“That’s right.”
“I don’t usually like foreign foods, but… these look tasty.”
Sung-wook nodded. “Well, what exactly is your relationship with Yoo-seong? I didn’t hear the answer earlier…”
“Well… it’s hard to explain. I saw his face for the first time four days ago.”
The old man laughed before holding his hand out. “Give me your hand.”
Sung-wook thought it was a strange request. As he hesitated, he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder.
It was Yoo-seong. His expression was as serious as ever.
“Brother, do what he said. Hold out your hand.”
“No, I think…” Sung-wook started to protest.
“Trust me,” he heard Yoo-seong speak with a low voice.
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Then, he felt the old man grab his hand.
“Uh, huh!”
Sung-wook was astonished. From the hand was held by the old man, he felt warmth spreading through his arms, shoulders; through every corner of his body.
Jin Wei-baek’s CE was flowing into his body.
“No way…” he groaned in disbelief.
Sung-wook’s veins were severely damaged and could not hold CE properly. Thus, energy spilled out to his organs and nerves, causing internal injury. However, the old man’s CE did not spill over his damaged veins.
‘This is… extreme aura control’, he thought.
CE flowed through him, exploring his veins gently. The feeling soon subsided as the old man drew back his CE.
The man sounded regretful as he took his hand of Sung-wook’s.
“That’s a waste… You could have been the best.”
Sung-wook kept his head down.
“There is no damage to your core, but it seems as if you’ve been hit by something pretty damn bad. It would have been better if you lost your life,” the old man continued.
It sounded too harsh, but Sung-wook simply nodded at the sentiment. He understood this. No one else could have been motivated to keep living in this situation.
“You’re right,” he replied to the old man.
Yoo-seong was shocked at Jin Wei-baek’s harsh words. He knew that the old man didn’t care about Sung-wook. He had too much pride.
So instead of forcing Wei-baek for an apology, he thought about a compromise.
If his body and veins could improve by taking in a pill, surely, there must be something that Sung-wook could take.
With that in mind, he brought Wei-baek to his mentor.
“You may have noticed it already,” the old man hinted.
Yoo-seong looked at Sung-wook with a confused expression.
Suddenly, Sung-wook trembled and stared at his hands.
“My body…”
Jin Wei-baek nodded with a sad expression.
“You’ll be able to use energy for a short time until all the energy I have overlaid your veins are worn out. But of course, it’s just for a few minutes…”
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‘Like Cinderella’s glass shoes,’ Sung-wook thought.
Still, he did not hesitate.
Immediately, he ran up along the walls onto the veranda.
He made it back in no time. It was a remarkable Spinnenschrift. He had trained several years for that purpose.
After three years, he felt as if he was able to shine again. Tears filled his eyes as he felt the familiar feeling.
“Yoo-seong… and mister… I don’t know what to say. This is really…”
Jin Wei-baek waved him off as if he understood what Sung-wook wanted to say.
“Don’t worry about it. Why don’t you take a walk?”
Sung-wook considered for a few moments, then nodded.
With a burst of wind, he went out of the window. Yoo-seong was shocked.
Even if it was nighttime, someone might see Sung-wook jumping and running around the city.
There would be fines or punishment that may come with unauthorized use of CE in residential areas. Still, no one could have stopped Sung-wook.
Three years.
He had been disabled for three years. Now, even for just a few moments, he was free again.
“He must feel like someone who has recovered a severed limb. To be as remarkable as him and live as an ordinary person…” Jin Wei-baek shook his head with regret.
“Are you saying that you couldn’t give him what you gave me?” Yoo-seong asked.
“Didn’t I tell you that it was a pretty rare item?” Wei-baek laughed. “Besides, what I gave him tonight…”
Yoo-seong nodded. The expression on his mentor’s face was enough. He made eye contact with Jin Wei-baek.
“I want to ask you… are there any means to cure him? I’ll pay for it however I can.”
“Oh… Do you now trust me enough to make a deal?”
“No. I trust myself,” Yoo-seong spoke confidently.
“I will do my best as a hunter to pay for any means necessary. If there is nothing you can do, we don’t have to see each other anymore,” he added.
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They stood in silence for a few moments. Then, Jin Wei-baek took off his sunglasses.
“Alright, then.”
He began to discuss his offer to Yoo-seong.
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