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Auto Hunting - Chapter 57

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Chapter 57
Episode 57
Yoo-seong couldn’t believe his eyes.
‘What is this?’
He stared at the screen, then at Yang Biyeon’s face, then back at the screen, over and over again. Each time he looked at her, she felt her face turning even redder.
‘I thought she was similar to Shin Yu-hee,’ he thought.
They were equally cold and composed in the face of danger. However, the woman in front of her was literally fire to Shin Yu-hee’s ice.
He looked at her with new eyes.
Yang Biyeon was a woman in her mid-twenties, and she was a surprisingly shy person despite her position. As he stared at her, Biyeon reached out her hand.
‘Is she asking for the phone?’
The moment he tried to hand it over to her, Yang Biyeon’s hand trembled badly, and the phone fell.
“Oh!” she exclaimed.
It was strange.
Two elite hunters, whose reflexes were far above an average human’s, dropped a phone in that clumsy manner. They instinctively moved to pick it up, resulting in another unexpected situation.
Yang Biyeon’s hand clutched the phone first, and Yoo-seong’s hand cupped over hers. At this, Yoo-seong quickly removed his hand.
It was throbbing with pain. It was as if he had touched hot metal.
“Sorry, sorry!” Biyeon cried out in embarrassment and tried to remedy the situation by pulling her handkerchief out and wetting it with the kettle at Yoo-seong’s bedside table.
However, the water turned boiling hot, and the handkerchief wet with hot water wouldn’t be much help to ease the burning pain. Yoo-seong then recognized it.
‘Ignition Psy.’
“Sorry, sorry!” Biyeon was almost crying.
‘Do emotions directly influence a Psy user’s power?’ Yoo-seong wondered.
Inside the crack, he witnessed how Yang Biyeon’s Twin Swords burst into flames when he tried to subdue her. At that time, she seemed to have perfect control over her special Aura.
However, this time…
‘How could she be more stressed at this moment than during the hunt?’
Yoo-seong couldn’t wrap his head around it. Biyeon got up from her seat and repeatedly bowed to apologize.
As she did, Yoo-seong smelled something burning.
“Ah!” he yelled in shock.
Smoke was rising from the front of Yang Biyeon’s baggy sweatshirt. If they couldn’t stop the flames, she would be placed in an indecent situation.
“Uh, what do I do, what can I do?”
In an instant, the smoke that was rising from Biyeon’s chest turned into embers. Soon, her chest burst into flames.

When the hunt concluded, Yang Biyeon’s mental state was at its lowest. She blamed herself for the great loss in the Red Dragon Society.
Of course, no one was asking her to take responsibility. In the Chinese industry, the perception of the casualties was that their death was due to their lack of strength and experience. Organizations were never blamed for lack of preparedness and support.
On top of that, the recent hunt had the deadliest monster appearance to date. No one could have blamed her for losing men against one of the Four Perils.
However, she was being too hard on herself.
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‘I had to do something for the Red Dragon Society,’ she thought.
That ‘something’ she was thinking of turned out to be Yoo-seong.
She couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was an excellent hunter, and was someone the Red Dragon members would be elated to have.
In fact, all they had talked about after the hunt was Yoo-seong’s performance, not the death of their colleagues.
‘I will bring Oh Yoo-seong into the Red Dragon Society by whatever means,’ Yang Biyeon decided.
Being a stubborn woman, she acted immediately. Over the past three days, she practiced reading and writing Korean with all her effort and passion.
Before she visited him, she searched through magazines to see what an average woman’s casual attire would look like. Being an Ignition Psy heir, she had always worn fireproof clothing customized for her. She had to shop before she visited Yoo-seong.
‘It’s no different from hunting,’ she assured herself. ’Just stay calm.’
It had been so easy in her mind. She had it all planned out. However, now, she realized that it was way harder than fighting against a monster.
Immediately after making her proposal, she lost her composure. An accidental moment of their hands meeting sent her into agitation. Now, she had to face the result.
Flames covered the whole of her upper body.
‘Soon,’ she thought, ’the sprinkler would be triggered.’
It would be a terrible way to end the visit. Suddenly, Yoo-seong swung his arm.
He grabbed a water kettle and poured its contents onto her. Of course, it would only be a temporary measure. The flames within her were powerful enough to make water evaporate. It would only take a few moments before she started burning.
Yoo-seong’s hand danced on her body, with fingers filled with Aura.
His hands tapped her nape and made their way down to Biyeon’s lower abdomen, where her core was located.
In an instant, the flames were out. However, another problem soon came up.
They both realized it at the same time.
Her sweatshirt had burned off entirely, her smooth, white skin and exquisite figure exposed to his eyes.
“Ahh-!” Yang Biyeon screamed, but Yoo-seong cupped a hand on her mouth.
“Shh..” he calmed her.
In time, Biyeon quieted down as she realized why Yoo-seong stopped her from screaming.
If anyone heard her, people would be rushing to their room. Her body would be exposed to everyone.
Of course, Yang Biyeon was a respected public figure in Shanghai. She couldn’t afford such a scandal.
After making sure that Yang Biyeon was calm, Yoo-seong turned around and rummaged under his bed.
Then, from his bag, he took out a T-shirt and a sweatsuit. With his back turned to her, he offered her the garments.
He waited for her to get dressed without looking. After some time, he turned around and caught her secretly trying to leave.
Biyeon turned red again as they made eye contact. Yoo-seong pondered for a moment, then grabbed her wrist.
“Meal,” he said.
Yang Biyeon was in a state of panic and could not speak.
“Lunch? Together?” Yoo-seong repeated while making the gesture of putting a spoon in his mouth.
Yang Biyeon looked at the clock, away from Yoo-seong.
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It took her a while to answer, but finally, she managed to utter:

-We’ll go for lunch.
Seoyu read the message Yoo-seong typed on the screen. She watched him steady himself on his crutches and typed her response with a smirk on her face.
-Looks like things went well.
As Seoyu waited outside the hospital room, she heard a small scream from the inside.
She also observed that Yang Biyeon had different clothes on when she went out. It was definitely the clothes Seoyu brought Yoo-seong earlier.
-You need me to come with you?
-No, it’s okay.
Yang Biyeon waited for him outside the door. Even if Yoo-seong’s movements on crutches was slow, she still walked patiently behind him.
‘I should have brought Seoyu,’ Yoo-seong thought as they walked towards the elevator.
Strange things seem to happen when he was alone with Yang Biyeon.
They slowly make their way into the elevator.
Yoo-seong tried to press the button for the second floor, where the hospital cafeteria was.
However, Yang Biyeon’s hand was already on the basement floor button.
The parking lot.
Yoo-seong had a curious look on his face. Yang Biyeon typed in on her phone to explain.
-We’ll eat outside.
Yoo-seong nodded. It wasn’t a bad idea after eating hospital food in bed for days. Soon, the elevator arrived, and Yang Biyeon led the way to her car.
Yoo-seong was astonished when he saw it.
“……Se, Selvago?”
He wasn’t interested in cars, but he was knowledgeable enough to recognize Lamborghini’s latest limited production model. Yang Biyeon casually nodded her confirmation and began barking words into her phone with the Aura of a commander.
‘Does she make a restaurant reservation in that tone?’ Yoo-seong wondered.
Biyeon hung up the phone and pressed the car key.
The door on the passenger’s side opened up, and Biyeon held her palms out, shyly gesturing him inside.
Yoo-seong slowly made his way in and couldn’t help but look around the supercar’s interior as Biyeon took her place behind the wheel. Suddenly, it was as if thunder erupted in the parking lot.
The engine’s sound was comparable to that of any giant monster. Yoo-seong grabbed the handle by the car door instinctively.
‘Well, with her personality, she wasn’t someone who would drive recklessly,’ he assured himself.
This time, Yoo-seong was wrong. Yang Biyeon revved up the supercar and flew along the Shanghai traffic. He could hardly keep his eyes open as they went.
He didn’t dare look at the dashboard. He knew they were over the speed limit.
‘This girl…’
As soon as the car halted, Yoo-seong staggered out of it breathlessly.
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It took a few seconds before he was aware of where they were – and it was a traditional Chinese mansion.
The parking lot was filled with several supercars comparable to the Selvago they were just on.
“Vice Lord…”
Eight people were waiting for them by the parking lot.
They all bowed down to greet Yang Biyeon and her guest.
Biyeon didn’t pay them any attention and casually threw her keys at an employee in front of her. Yoo-seong’s eyes wandered, taking in the view. The mansion and its grounds seemed to stretch out farther than his eyes could reach.
Shanghai’s skyscrapers were barely visible in the distance. Yang Biyeon must have driven him kilometers away from the city in such a short time.
She showed him her phone screen as they walked.
-We’ll have lunch here.
Yoo-seong was of common people and had been barely introduced to the wealth of a corporate-level hunting organization.
But this level is something that he had never seen before.
Yang Biyeon caught his attention with a shy expression on her face. She typed in a message.
-I will change clothes.
Several employees escorted Yoo-seong as he and Yang Biyeon parted ways.
After walking for a while, they finally entered a building.
Yoo-seong’s mouth was open as he admired the interior.
It looked and felt like he was inside an Imperial Palace in a historical drama.
The employees guided him to a table where three seats were set up.
There was a seat on one side of the table, and two seats close together on the other side.
Yoo-seong didn’t think about it. Of course, he would be sitting across Yang Biyeon, he thought, as he made his way towards the single seat. Just as he was about to settle in…
“That’s not where you are supposed to sit,” he heard a voice.
Yoo-seong turned his head, surprised that he could now hear.
He was even more surprised to hear someone speak Korean in this unfamiliar place.
Yoo-seong turned his head and saw an old man walking towards the table.
“You are younger than I thought. Very, very young,” the old man said. He sounded confident with the language.
Jin Wei-baek never looked like a Chinese Master to Yoo-seong. His fashion choices were closer to Western-style. However, the old man in front of him now was different. He wore the same clothes characters in martial arts movies wore. Long, white eyebrows and beard flowed down, making a pleasant contrast against his bright red attire.
Yoo-seong bowed deeply to greet the man. “Hello.”
“Hello, and go take your seat. Why do you keep standing? Your seat is over there,” the old man pointed at one of the chairs placed side by side.
‘Wow,’ Yoo-seong thought. ’Even the way he speaks seems to be right out of a historical drama.’
He didn’t know who the man exactly was, but he admired him already. However, the man in front of him was more powerful than he thought.
Yang Jeong-cheon.
Ranked second in the Ship Zone.
Yang Jeong-cheon smiled at the man whom he thought was going to be his son-in-law.
‘The man who will inherit the Red Dragon’s flag.’
He looked at the younger man’s body up and down. Then, Yoo-seong heard a familiar line.
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“By the way… can I touch your body?”
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